2001 General Session

After January, to determine the status of a bill please contact the BILL STATUS HOTLINE at 1-800-342-9570. This toll-free number should be called by in-state callers to obtain only the status of a bill within the legislative process. Out-of-state callers should call (307)777-6185 to obtain status.

Please note: 
No messages will be taken at these numbers and no information can be provided about the contents of a bill. However, for information about the voter hotline, look under General Session Press Releases.

For additional information, see the Citizen's Guide to the Wyoming Legislature.

* Tentative Schedule of Key Events
* Committee Meeting Schedules
* House and Senate Calendars
* Membership: Leadership


Senate Committees

 Under Wyoming Constitution, Article 3, Section 12, each house in the legislature has the power to prescribe its own rules. Each legislature generally adopts the rules of the preceding legislature as its temporary rules, and then shortly thereafter, adopts its own rules. Joint rules are applicable to both houses.

* Rules:

House Rules

Senate Rules

Joint Rules

* Bill Information for the 2001 Session

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