2001 General Session
56th Legislature

House Bills Chaptered

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Every effort has been made to make the bill text located on the Web site look the same as the actual bill. There may be some bills with minor differences in format, but the text is accurate.
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Introduced Version



[document] HB0001 - General government appropriations-1.  

CH0139 02/2/01

[document] HB0002 - Insurance agent appointments.

[document] HB0003 - Public records-right of inspection.

CH0037 02/16/01

[document] HB0004 - School finance-foundation program.

CH0020 07/01/01
[document] HB0005 - Schools-major maintenance payments. CH0191 07/01/01

[document] HB0006 - Tobacco product tax.

CH0016 07/01/01
[document] HB0007 - Property tax amendments. CH0206 01/01/02
[document] HB0008 - Game and fish-watercraft. CH0085 01/01/02
[document] HB0009 - Common school land income account.
[document] HB0010 - Agricultural lands-classification. VETOED
[document] HB0011 - Introduction of species.
[document] HB0012 - Brand laws-amendments. CH0026 07/01/01
[document] HB0013 - Transportation of carcasses. CH0003 07/01/01
[document] HB0014 - Volunteer firemen's pension fund-COLA. CH0028 07/01/01
[document] HB0015 - School finance-external cost adjustment.
[document] HB0016 - Public schools-student performance standards.
[document] HB0017 - State parks-amendments.
[document] HB0018 - Election districts. CH0029 07/01/01

[document] HB0019 - Pari-mutuel commission-amendments.

[document] HB0020 - Revisor's bill-2. CH0177 03/01/01
[document] HB0021 - Cooperative marketing associations. (Sub #1) CH0144 07/01/01
[document] HB0022 - State park fees. CH0004 01/01/02
[document] HB0023 - Preschool special education program grants. CH0143 03/01/01
[document] HB0024 - Prepaid legal services-payroll check-off.
[document] HB0025 - Regional air quality-review of state plan.
[document] HB0026 - Health insurance-cancer screenings. CH0141 07/01/01
[document] HB0027 - Civil liability for criminal use of property.
[document] HB0028 - Pesticides in schools. CH0056 07/01/01
[document] HB0029 - School finance-teacher seniority adjustment.
[document] HB0030 - Employee compensation commission membership.
[document] HB0031 - Common school permanent fund reserve account. CH0039 02/16/01
[document] HB0032 - Emergency Management Assistance Compact.
[document] HB0033 - Underground facilities-notification.
[document] HB0034 - Amendment to licensure and certification of counselors. CH0111 02/22/01
[document] HB0035 - School capital construction-emergency assistance. CH0159 03/01/01
[document] HB0036 - Posting of restrictions on roads & lands.
[document] HB0037 - State budgeting process. CH0017 07/01/01
[document] HB0038 - Recreating on state lands.
[document] HB0039 - High water marking-boating.
[document] HB0040 - Senior program vehicle licensing. CH0018 07/01/01
[document] HB0041 - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act amendments. CH0005 07/01/01
[document] HB0042 - Election assistance. CH0019 07/01/01
[document] HB0043 - Small mine permits and exemption.
[document] HB0044 - Simulcasting of dog racing.
[document] HB0045 - Former state employees-contract employment.
[document] HB0046 - Special license plates for firefighters.
[document] HB0047 - Carbon storage. CH0173 03/01/01
[document] HB0048 - Fishing privileges-nursing home residents. CH0021 02/16/01
[document] HB0049 - Motor vehicles-open container law.
[document] HB0050 - Baiting of big game animals. CH0027 07/01/01
[document] HB0051 - Regulation of directory services.
[document] HB0052 - Wireless telecommunications-universal service fund. CH0178 03/01/01
[document] HB0053 - Resident Assistance Tuition Act.
[document] HB0054 - University cooperative extension services.
[document] HB0055 - Data connectivity grant program.
[document] HB0056 - Medical records release of information.
[document] HB0057 - Fire mitigation appropriation.
[document] HB0058 - Genetic testing to establish paternity-amendments. CH0082 02/20/01
[document] HB0059 - Mental health insurance parity.
[document] HB0060 - Health insurance pool-sunset date. CH0022 02/16/01
[document] HB0061 - Motor vehicle franchises-amendments. CH0024 07/01/01
[document] HB0062 - Port-of-entry officer citation authority. CH0025 02/16/01
[document] HB0063 - Longevity pay increase.
[document] HB0064 - State employees-COLA.
[document] HB0065 - Injuring law enforcement and emergency animals-felony. CH0205 07/01/01
[document] HB0066 - Producer's lien law. (Sub #1) CH0126 07/01/01
[document] HB0067 - State boxing commissioner.
[document] HB0068 - Minimum wage repeal.
[document] HB0069 - Consolidation of services-civil service.
[document] HB0070 - Circuit courts-jurisdiction. CH0040 02/16/01
[document] HB0071 - Volunteer firemen's pension fund-benefits. CH0030 07/01/01
[document] HB0072 - Attorney general-senate confirmation. CH0152 03/01/01
[document] HB0073 - Sales and use tax-farm implements.
[document] HB0074 - Retirement system-amendments. CH0031 07/01/01
[document] HB0075 - Plan A firemen's pension fund-amendments. CH0036 07/01/01
[document] HB0076 - Retirement-warden, patrol, DCI amendments. CH0032 07/01/01
[document] HB0077 - Game and fish-game damage amendments. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0078 - Public  employee mileage allowance. CH0023 07/01/01
[document] HB0079 - Sex offender registration-sexual exploitation of children.
[document] HB0080 - Sexual battery. CH0041 07/01/01
[document] HB0081 - Omnibus water bill-planning. CH0086 02/21/01
[document] HB0082 - Drug courts. CH0150 07/01/01
[document] HB0083 - Substance abuse control plan. CH0151 03/01/01
[document] HB0084 - UW technology transfer program-sunset date. CH0042 02/16/01
[document] HB0085 - Statewide mill levy.
[document] HB0086 - Regulation of cooperative electrical associations.
[document] HB0087 - Prisoners-payment of medical expenses. CH0153 07/01/01
[document] HB0088 - National guard educational assistance. CH0114 07/01/01
[document] HB0089 - Alimony-termination.
[document] HB0090 - Compact-adult offenders. CH0071 **
[document] HB0091 - Telephone solicitation. CH0163 07/01/01
[document] HB0092 - School immunizations-religious objection.
[document] HB0093 - Mayoral pay.
[document] HB0094 - Department of workforce services. CH0187 03/02/01
[document] HB0095 - Workers' compensation-boards and commissions. (Sub #1) CH0132 04/01/01
[document] HB0096 - Motor vehicles-salvage titles. CH0072 01/01/02
[document] HB0097 - Mobile machinery fees. CH0044 01/01/02
[document] HB0098 - Removing bodies from graves.
[document] HB0099 - Disabled veterans license plates.
[document] HB0100 - Juvenile delinquency-recordkeeping. CH0118 07/01/01
[document] HB0101 - Jackalope-official mythical creature.
[document] HB0102 - Sex offenses-age of victim.
[document] HB0103 - Controlled Substance Act-registrations. CH0087 07/01/01
[document] HB0104 - Water development appropriation.
[document] HB0105 - Municipal traffic violation penalties-school fund.
[document] HB0106 - Prescription drugs in jails.
[document] HB0107 - Antique motor vehicle license plates.
[document] HB0108 - Adult day care facilities.
[document] HB0109 - Legislative pay.
[document] HB0110 - Safe Drinking Water Act.
[document] HB0111 - UCC-9 revisions. CH0137 07/01/01
[document] HB0112 - Mineral severance taxes-distribution.
[document] HB0113 - Regional developmental preschool teachers. CH0123 07/01/01
[document] HB0114 - Public health services-fees. (Sub #1) CH0127 02/28/01
[document] HB0115 - Beginning agricultural producer development bonds.
[document] HB0116 - Payroll check-off amendments.
[document] HB0117 - Advanced nurse practitioners-writing prescriptions. CH0121 07/01/01
[document] HB0118 - Geological survey board membership. CH0033 02/16/01
[document] HB0119 - Local government finances.
[document] HB0120 - School board trustee residence areas.
[document] HB0121 - Speed limits on two-lane roads.
[document] HB0122 - Driver's education.
[document] HB0123 - Motor vehicle chain law.
[document] HB0124 - Special event alcohol permit.
[document] HB0125 - Judgment transcript-filing. CH0069 07/01/01
[document] HB0126 - Judgment index-maintenance. CH0070 07/01/01
[document] HB0127 - Sex offender registration-administration. CH0081 07/01/01
[document] HB0128 - De-earmarking of state revenues-repeal.
[document] HB0129 - Controlled Substance Act-amendments. CH0088 07/01/01
[document] HB0130 - Theft of services-prima facie evidence.
[document] HB0131 - Medicaid reimbursement-youth services.
[document] HB0132 - Direct shipment of wine-2. CH0084 07/01/01
[document] HB0133 - Severance tax-offsetting credit. CH0043 07/01/01
[document] HB0134 - Excise tax-tangible personal property services.
[document] HB0135 - Excise tax amendments.
[document] HB0136 - Sales tax-motor vehicles. CH0124 07/01/01
[document] HB0137 - Biennial municipal budgeting. CH0194 03/02/01
[document] HB0138 - State employee pay period.
[document] HB0139 - Intensive supervision-domestic violence offenders. CH0089 02/21/01
[document] HB0140 - Motor vehicle sales tax-time for payment. CH0203 07/01/01
[document] HB0141 - Prohibition on sale of school district employee information.
[document] HB0142 - Seed laboratory.
[document] HB0143 - Lodging tax.
[document] HB0144 - Law enforcement mutual aid.
[document] HB0145 - Collective bargaining contract period. CH0120 07/01/01
[document] HB0146 - Real estate subdivisions-2. CH0169 07/01/01
[document] HB0147 - Real estate appraisers-insurance.
[document] HB0148 - State board of equalization examination powers. CH0074 07/01/01
[document] HB0149 - Dental hygienist amendments.
[document] HB0150 - State employees-payroll schedule. CH0154 07/01/01
[document] HB0151 - Severance tax distribution-de-earmarking.
[document] HB0152 - Municipal salaries.
[document] HB0153 - Radiologic technologist-exemption.
[document] HB0154 - Underground storage of explosives. CH0080 07/01/01
[document] HB0155 - Minor in possession-license suspension.
[document] HB0156 - State employee travel expenses-amendments. CH0101 04/01/01
[document] HB0157 - State employees group insurance-retirees. CH0102 07/01/01
[document] HB0158 - Tobacco sales to minors.
[document] HB0159 - Lawful fencing.
[document] HB0160 - Wyoming wildlife/livestock disease partnership. CH0179 07/01/01
[document] HB0161 - Motor vehicles sales tax adjustment.
[document] HB0162 - Rental or leased property-registration. CH0090 07/01/01
[document] HB0163 - Animal euthanasia technicians board.
[document] HB0164 - Investigators as peace officers.
[document] HB0165 - State parking garage appropriation.
[document] HB0166 - Prescription drug division.
[document] HB0167 - Predator control fees.
[document] HB0168 - Sales & use tax distribution.
[document] HB0169 - Off-road recreational vehicles. CH0182 01/01/02
[document] HB0170 - Theft detection shielding devices. CH0168 07/01/01
[document] HB0171 - Outfitters and guides-nonresident hunters.
[document] HB0172 - Sales tax on food-repeal.
[document] HB0173 - DUI-penalty for multiple offenses.
[document] HB0174 - State fair dates.
[document] HB0175 - Insurance-investments. CH0079 07/01/01
[document] HB0176 - Circuit court magistrates-reorganization. CH0164 03/01/01
[document] HB0177 - Mining council membership. CH0078 07/01/01
[document] HB0178 - Minor drivers-alcohol. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0179 - Consumer health provisions.
[document] HB0180 - Earmarking-water development.
[document] HB0181 - Hospitalization of mentally ill-examiners. CH0155 07/01/01
[document] HB0182 - Aeronautics commission-amended authority.
[document] HB0183 - Unlawful killing of wild horses. CH0167 07/01/01
[document] HB0184 - Public meetings-executive session minutes.
[document] HB0185 - Insurance coverage for diabetes. CH0142 07/01/01
[document] HB0186 - Retirement-law enforcement.
[document] HB0187 - Careless driving.
[document] HB0188 - Capital facilities tax-optional procedure.
[document] HB0189 - Low income energy assistance program-eligibility.
[document] HB0190 - Veteran's sticker on license plates. CH0183 01/01/02
[document] HB0191 - State officials salary.
[document] HB0192 - Rule against perpetuities-applicability.
[document] HB0193 - State lands-lease terms and purposes.
[document] HB0194 - County regulation of fireworks-penalties. CH0097 02/22/01
[document] HB0195 - Net metering-renewable energy systems. CH0095 07/01/01
[document] HB0196 - Policemen's pension fund contributions. CH0034 02/16/01
[document] HB0197 - School finance-model reevaluation. CH0176 03/01/01
[document] HB0198 - Contesting presidential elections.
[document] HB0199 - Nuisance dogs.
[document] HB0200 - Game and fish-trapping license-4. CH0077 07/01/01
[document] HB0201 - Board of coroner standards-background checks. CH0165 07/01/01
[document] HB0202 - Retirement-reemployment of retiree. CH0038 02/16/01
[document] HB0203 - Special event liquor permit.
[document] HB0204 - State bar license fees. CH0112 07/01/01
[document] HB0205 - Wyoming teacher employment law-service credit.
[document] HB0206 - Retirement-dual firemen's pension restriction. CH0035 02/16/01
[document] HB0207 - Mine inspector reports. CH0091 07/01/01
[document] HB0208 - Physician assistants. CH0166 07/01/01
[document] HB0209 - Certified Public Accountancy Act.
[document] HB0210 - Game and fish-hunting permission repeal.
[document] HB0211 - State lottery-2.HB0212 - Capitol police.
[document] HB0212 - Capitol police. CH0045 02/16/01
[document] HB0213 - Renovation of game and fish laboratory.
[document] HB0214 - National historic trails center-appropriation.
[document] HB0215 - Sales tax-exemptions. CH0119 07/01/01
[document] HB0216 - Bank holding companies-amendments. CH0073 07/01/01
[document] HB0217 - Corporal punishment in schools-repeal.
[document] HB0218 - Department of corrections warrants-2. CH0160 03/01/01
[document] HB0219 - Medicaid-provision of services.
[document] HB0220 - Electrical generation tax.
[document] HB0221 - High risk insurance pool-limits on benefits.
[document] HB0222 - Business corporations-dissolutions.
[document] HB0223 - Invalidity of same sex marriages.
[document] HB0224 - Mineral enhancement study.
[document] HB0225 - Confidentiality of juvenile information-youth councils.
[document] HB0226 - Cigarette tax.
[document] HB0227 - Lifetime conservation stamp fee.
[document] HB0228 - School buses-required safety belts.
[document] HB0229 - Fire safety code amendments.
[document] HB0230 - Detoxification commitment.
[document] HB0231 - Operation of vehicles when emergency vehicle parked. CH0083 07/01/01
[document] HB0232 - Adult acquired brain injury program appropriation.
[document] HB0233 - End stage renal disease program. CH0128 07/01/01
[document] HB0234 - Uniform Health Care Decisions Act.
[document] HB0235 - Insurance proceeds-creditor's rights. CH0113 07/01/01
[document] HB0236 - Prevailing wages. CH0145 07/01/01
[document] HB0237 - Off road vehicles-fuel tax-2.
[document] HB0238 - BOCES-amendments. CH0161 07/01/01
[document] HB0239 - Relating to employment. CH0162 07/01/01
[document] HB0240 - Tax exemption-rolling stock.
[document] HB0241 - Eluding a peace officer-penalty.
[document] HB0242 - Lobbyist reporting.
[document] HB0243 - Prescription drug advisory committee.
[document] HB0244 - Boat dealers and manufacturers-warranty repairs.
[document] HB0245 - Home owner's tax credit.
[document] HB0246 - Wyoming Professional Boxing Safety Act.
[document] HB0247 - Wyoming geological survey board-filing of reports.
[document] HB0248 - Tobacco purchases-acceptable identification.
[document] HB0249 - Mobile home warranties.
[document] HB0250 - Shallow gas wells-tax distribution.
[document] HB0251 - Transfer of development rights.
[document] HB0252 - Special districts-resort districts.
[document] HB0253 - Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Act. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0254 - Pharmacy technicians-amendments. CH0110 07/01/01
[document] HB0255 - Workers' compensation-lump sum payments.
[document] HB0256 - Workers' compensation-reopening of cases.
[document] HB0257 - Workers' compensation-time for filing claims.
[document] HB0258 - Workers' compensation-recovery of benefits.
[document] HB0259 - Uniform Sales & Use Tax Administration Act. CH0147 03/01/01
[document] HB0260 - State revenue diversions-2.
[document] HB0261 - Ethics act-amendments.
[document] HB0262 - Financial institutions-deposit of regulatory fees. CH0156 07/01/01
[document] HB0263 - Election code revisions.
[document] HB0264 - Property Condition Disclosure Act.
[document] HB0265 - Public recreation facilities sales tax exemption repeal.
[document] HB0266 - Refund of LUST tax. CH0129 07/01/01
[document] HB0267 - Use of mobile communication while driving.
[document] HB0268 - Law enforcement academy instructors.
[document] HB0269 - Real estate transfer tax.
[document] HB0270 - Wyoming Probate Code-summary procedure.
[document] HB0271 - Cosmetology act amendments.
[document] HB0272 - Real estate subdivision amendments.
[document] HB0273 - Telemedicine infrastructure. CH0186 07/01/01
[document] HB0274 - Elections-nomination application forms.
[document] HB0275 - School capital construction-amendments. CH0192 03/02/01
[document] HB0276 - Information technology oversight panel.
[document] HB0277 - Controlled substances-enforcement. CH0092 02/21/01
[document] HB0278 - Aeronautics and transportation commissions-merger.
[document] HB0279 - Billboard reductions.
[document] HB0280 - Qualified resource eligibility tax refund. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0281 - Regulation of commercial vehicle noise.
[document] HB0282 - Volunteer health care professionals-immunity from liability.
[document] HB0283 - Coalbed methane-gathering line.
[document] HB0284 - Special districts-enlargement and annexation. CH0130 07/01/01
[document] HB0285 - Adoption amendments.
[document] HB0286 - State lands-transfer to Guernsey State Park. CH0181 07/01/01
[document] HB0287 - Educational programs for schools.
[document] HB0288 - Beautification of Wyoming.
[document] HB0289 - Pari-mutuel wagering-amendments.
[document] HB0290 - Posting of access to public lands.
[document] HB0291 - Billboard moratorium.
[document] HB0292 - Mineral interests-abandoned.
[document] HB0293 - Permanent Wyoming mineral trust fund-3.
[document] HB0294 - 2002 Olympics Commission.
[document] HB0295 - Unemployment insurance-apprenticeships.
[document] HB0296 - State fair-entry fees. CH0131 07/01/01
[document] HB0297 - UCCC-credit card rates.
[document] HB0298 - Ethics act-household income.
[document] HB0299 - DUI-penalty for multiple offenses-2.
[document] HB0300 - Criminal conspiracy.
[document] HB0301 - State investments-economic development. CH0136 02/28/01
[document] HB0302 - Unclaimed Utility Deposit Act.
[document] HB0303 - Telecommunications policy.
[document] HB0304 - State employee drug testing-2.
[document]  HB0305 - Court reporter fees. CH0157 07/01/01
[document]  HB0306 - Crude oil and natural gas education act.
[document]  HB0307 - Industrial development and siting act-exemptions.
[document]  HB0308 - Outdoor lighting-2.
[document]  HB0309 - Property tax-assessment of affordable housing.
[document]  HB0310 - Brand investigator retirement.
[document]  HB0311 - DUI-blood alcohol content.
[document]  HB0312 - Health insurance coverage for childhood immunizations.
[document]  HB0313 - Registration of securities-exemptions. CH0122 07/01/01
[document]  HB0314 - Comparative fault-amendments.
[document]  HB0315 - Conservation easements.
[document]  HB0316 - Abuse reporting.
[document]  HB0317 - University of Wyoming police department-mutual aid.
[document]  HB0318 - Self-regulation of cooperative electrical associations.
[document]  HB0319 - Privileged communications.
[document]  HB0320 - Search and rescue operations-council. CH0146 07/01/01
[document]  HB0321 - Parole eligibility.
[document]  HB0322 - Energy assistance fund.
[document]  HB0323 - Civil service-filling of officer vacancies.
[document]  HB0324 - Schools-safe storage of chemicals. CH0158 07/01/01
[document]  HB0325 - School buses-stopping to receive or discharge students. CH0125 02/28/01
[document]  HB0326 - Penitentiary construction.
[document]  HB0327 - Retirement system-salary definition.
[document]  HB0328 - Animal euthanasia technicians board-2.
[document]  HB0329 - Sales tax distributions to school foundation program.
[document]  HB0330 - Child support limitation of actions.
[document]  HB0331 - Fire vehicles-exemption from license fees.
[document]  HB0332 - State lands-surface damage payments-3.
[document]  HB0333 - Education-one time bonus payments.
[document]  HB0334 - Energy assistance for the elderly and disabled.
[document]  HB0335 - Child health insurance program amendments.
[document]  HB0336 - Teachers-performance based pay plan.
[document]  HB0337 - Transfer of state funds.

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