Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations-2.
HB0003-Campaign finance reporting-electronic filing.
HB0004-Federal grazing permits.
HB0005-Fuel tax-distributions.
HB0006-State veterans' museum.
HB0007-Real estate commission-authority.
HB0008-Election code revisions.
HB0009-Campaign finance reporting.
HB0010-State parks and historic sites-fees.
HB0011-Wyoming homemade products.
HB0012-Veterans' mental health appropriations.
HB0013-Psychologist licensure.
HB0014-Nursery stock.
HB0015-Property taxation-limitation on amount collected.
HB0016-Special districts-elections.
HB0017-Community college commission-duties.
HB0018-State engineer rulemaking authority.
HB0019-Sales & use tax on food-exemption.
HB0020-Street rods and custom vehicles.
HB0021-Commercial vehicle fees.
HB0022-Failure to observe road closure.
HB0023-Tax exemptions and distribution of tax revenues.
HB0024-Criminal investigations and repeal of grand jury.
HB0025-School building plan review exception.
HB0026-School finance-maintenance-operations.
HB0027-Resident contractor preference law.
HB0028-Workforce training appropriation.
HB0029-Fuel tax.
HB0030-Modernization of court procedures.
HB0031-Medical safety event reporting.
HB0032-Vehicle sales and use tax.
HB0033-Veteran's property tax exemption.
HB0035-Underage drinking.
HB0036-Uniform law on notarial acts.
HB0037-Senior citizen property tax relief program.
HB0038-Medicaid-provider reimbursements.
HB0039-Workers compensation amendments.
HB0040-Schools-compulsory attendance.
HB0041-Cigarette wholesalers.
HB0042-Constituent service allowance.
HB0043-Penalties for domestic violence.
HB0044-Crime victims' compensation.
HB0045-Film incentive program-authority.
HB0046-Abuse of animals.
HB0047-Long term care access.
HB0048-State loan and investment board loans.
HB0050-Restoration of rights.
HB0051-Multiple special handicapped license plates.
HB0052-Developmental programs-cost based reimbursements.
HB0053-Garnishees' administrative fees.
HB0054-Natural gas valuation.
HB0055-Water well drilling and pump installation licensure.
HB0056-Real estate disclosure-methamphetamine laboratories.
HB0057-Emergency powers-right to bear arms.
HB0058-Safety belt violations.
HB0059-TANF amendments.
HB0060-State legal action-NEPA and ESA.
HB0061-Election judges.
HB0062-Illegal immigration.
HB0063-Driver services fees.
HB0064-State auditor employee criminal background checks.
HB0065-Economic development account.
HB0066-Revolving loan fund accounts.
HB0067-Intertribal education and community center.
HB0068-Drug Court Accountability and Treatment Act.
HB0069-Revisor's bill.
HB0070-Distracted driving.
HB0071-Emergency fire suppression account.
HB0072-Unemployment benefits restriction.
HB0074-Veterinarian loan repayment program.
HB0075-Legislative per diem.
HB0076-Criminal street gangs.
HB0077-Tuition-dependents of disabled firefighters and EMTs-2.
HB0078-County road fund.
HB0079-Fuel tax-2.
HB0081-Community colleges-capital construction.
HB0082-Trauma care services.
HB0083-District court judge increase.
HB0085-Brucellosis testing program.
HB0086-Reverse 911 emergency systems.
HB0087-Smoke free-enclosed public places.
HB0088-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0089-Ownership of subsurface pore space.
HB0090-Carbon capture and sequestration.
HB0091-Streamlined sales and use tax.
HB0092-Property tax refund program.
HB0093-Universal health insurance.
HB0094-Use of wireless communications devices while driving.
HB0095-Costs of emergency detention and hospitalization.
HB0097-Juvenile hearings-timelines.
HB0098-Speech pathologists licensing.
HB0099-Community colleges-statewide levy-2.
HB0100-State funds-investment management review.
HB0101-Vehicle sales and use tax-2.
HB0102-Quality child care.
HB0103-Game and fish-pioneer licenses.
HB0104-Home owner's tax credit.
HB0105-Encampment area watersheds study.
HB0106-Sheep feedlot exportation permit.
HB0107-Property tax relief-2.
HB0108-Railroad quiet zones.
HB0109-Telecommunications-switched access.
HB0110-Property taxes-appeals.
HB0111-Board of land commissioners-conservation easements.
HB0112-Educational support personnel.
HB0113-School finance-minimum teacher resources.
HB0114-Community colleges-tuition rates.
HB0115-Subdivisions-homeowners' associations.
HB0117-Developmental preschool funding.
HB0118-Loss of chance doctrine abrogated.
HB0119-National animal identification system.
HB0121-Agriculture production innovations.
HB0122-Game wardens-enforcement of littering provisions.
HB0124-Wildlife and natural resource trust-funding.
HB0125-Insurance-use of credit information.
HB0126-Homestead exemption amendments.
HB0127-Prescription drugs-physician shopping.
HB0128-Central registry of child protection cases.
HB0129-Property tax-college foundation.
HB0130-Establishment of public roads.
HB0131-Homeowner's tax credit-county option.
HB0132-Surveyors and engineers.
HB0133-Taxation of helium.
HB0134-School district immunity and liability insurance.
HB0135-Fuel disclosure.
HB0136-Dyed fuel-enforcement.
HB0137-Castle doctrine.
HB0138-Denturists licensing board.
HB0139-Reduction of state government through attrition.
HB0141-Forcible entry and detainer amendments.
HB0142-Driver services fees 2.
HB0143-Memorial hospital districts-use of levy.
HB0144-Speech pathologists-national certification.
HB0145-Professional and commercial licenses-lawful residents.
HB0148-National guard medical recruitment and retention program.
HB0150-Governmental immunity-vanpools.
HB0151-Tax relief program amendments.
HB0152-State board of public charter schools.
HB0153-Economic development account 2.
HB0155-Recruitment of physicians and dentists.
HB0157-Loss of support restitution.
HB0160-Cooperative electric utilities-rate regulation-2.
HB0162-Property tax assessed value increase limitations.
HB0163-Popular vote compact.
HB0166-Minimum wage.
HB0167-Child fatality review.
HB0168-Bed and breakfast establishments.
HB0169-Contracts for public improvements-bid requirements.
HB0170-Local government infrastructure commission.
HB0172-Homicide during pregnancy.
HB0173-Aggravated assault and battery penalties.
HJ0001-Initiative and referendum requirements.
HJ0002-Senior citizen property tax relief.
HJ0003-Residential property-uniformity of assessment.
HJ0004-Designation of disabilities.
HJ0005-Real ID Act repeal.
HJ0006-Statewide satellite carriage of Wyoming PBS.
HJ0007-Property tax limits.
HJ0009-Property tax relief-tax freeze.
HJ0010-Radio stations.
HJ0011-Prohibition on transfer taxes.