Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations.
HB0002-Street rods & custom vehicles.
HB0003-Coroners-archaeological burials.
HB0004-Game and fish-immunocontraceptives.
HB0005-Interstate compact for supervision of parolees-repeal.
HB0006-Game and fish-trapping.
HB0008-Certified public accountants-revisions.
HB0009-Subdivisions-cluster developments.
HB0011-Dogs chasing wildlife.
HB0012-Brand inspection fees.
HB0013-Subdivision fences-2.
HB0016-Cottage food industry.
HB0018-Voting rights.
HB0019-Criminal procedure-mental evaluations.
HB0020-Criminal procedure-administration of antipsychotic drugs.
HB0022-Qualification for veterans tax exemption.
HB0023-Game and fish-penalties.
HB0024-Game and fish violations-penalties.
HB0025-Special license plate retention by spouse.
HB0026-Circuit court magistrate jurisdiction.
HB0029-Tribal participation in community facilities program.
HB0031-Smoking in enclosed public places.
HB0032-Gray wolf management.
HB0033-Expanded opportunity pilot program.
HB0034-Liquor licensees-industry representatives.
HB0035-Election judges.
HB0038-Fiscal year for governmental entities.
HB0039-Population determinations-use of federal census.
HB0041-Cremation expenses.
HB0042-Burial arrangements.
HB0043-Military department leasing fees.
HB0044-Surveyors and engineers.
HB0046-National guard medical professional retention program.
HB0047-Commercial signage on highways.
HB0048-Game bird farms raising sage grouse.
HB0049-Marriage licenses.
HB0050-Tax sales-costs.
HB0051-Handicapped motorcycle plates.
HB0053-Unfair employment practices.
HB0054-Workers' compensation amendments.
HB0055-Judicial vacancies.
HB0056-Sequestration-recoverable hydrocarbons.
HB0057-Ownership of pore space-dominance of mineral estate.
HB0058-Responsibilities of injectors and pore space owners.
HB0059-Liquor licenses-golf clubs.
HB0060-Sex offenses by corrections personnel.
HB0061-Revisor's bill.
HB0062-Charter school law-amendments.
HB0067-Tobacco excise tax.
HB0068-Property tax-homestead exemption.
HB0069-Driver's education program funding.
HB0070-Landowner flexibility & fisheries protection & restoration.
HB0071-Film industry financial incentives.
HB0072-County jails-release of information.
HB0073-Victims of crimes-reporting and notification.
HB0074-Water and sewer districts-maps.
HB0075-Subdivisions-water supply study.
HB0076-Election Code-revisions.
HB0077-Seat belts-evidence in civil actions.
HB0078-Improvement and service districts.
HB0079-Mortgages-redemption period.
HB0080-Sequestration site unitization.
HB0083-Governmental immunity-public transportation.
HB0084-Economic development-property tax exemption.
HB0085-Motor vehicle chain law.
HB0087-Property tax-assessment rate 2.
HB0088-Game and fish-pioneer licenses.
HB0090-Wind river reservation education programs.
HB0091-Public building fire and electrical plan review.
HB0092-Long-term care partnership program.
HB0093-Complimentary hunting licenses.
HB0094-Attorneys-requirements for admission to bar.
HB0096-Railroad quiet zones.
HB0097-Weights and measures.
HB0098-Mandatory minimum sentence for sex abuse of a minor.
HB0100-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0101-Excise tax-manufacturing exemption.
HB0102-Excise tax-vendor compensation.
HB0104-Special district elections-polling place requirement.
HB0105-Notification of blood borne pathogens.
HB0106-Firearm ownership-domestic violence offenses.
HB0107-Stopped school bus.
HB0108-Student activities participation fees.
HB0109-Wyoming community facilities program.
HB0110-Wyoming business ready community program.
HB0111-Clean coal task force.
HB0112-Workforce housing program.
HB0113-Careless driving.
HB0114-Community colleges-amendments.
HB0117-Campaign finance.
HB0118-Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.
HB0119-Genetic and metabolic disease programs.
HB0125-Establishment of highways.
HB0127-Obsolete laws-general revisions.
HB0130-State parks matching account.
HB0133-Hunting-use of electronic sights.
HB0134-Natural resource large project funding.
HB0135-Recreational Safety Act-amendments.
HB0136-State legal action-NEPA and ESA.
HB0137-Videotape depositions-minors.
HB0138-Property tax refund program.
HB0140-Annuity premium tax.
HB0141-Impaired driving prevention amendments.
HB0144-Transparency in government.
HB0145-Rural health care districts-mill levy.
HB0146-Emergency medical services sustainability trust.
HB0150-Peace officer definition.
HB0152-Athletic trainers-licensing.
HB0155-Higher education matching funds.
HB0156-Energy performance contracting-2.
HB0157-Child fatality review.
HB0160-Constituent service allowance.
HB0161-Serve Wyoming.
HB0162-State employees retirement-military credit.
HB0163-Physician assistant school.
HB0164-Prescription drug fraud-felony.
HB0165-Adult adoption.
HB0168-Motor vehicle financial responsibility.
HB0169-Mortgage loan originators.
HB0170-Wyoming lottery for education.
HB0173-Teacher shortage loan repayment program.
HB0174-Provisional opportunity Hathaway scholarship.
HB0176-Bee x-ray equipment appropriation.
HB0177-Board of dental examiners-revisions.
HB0179-Phase two study-I-80 tolling.
HB0180-Public transit account funding.
HB0182-Low profit limited liability companies.
HB0183-Military tuition assistance.
HB0184-Mineral taxes-audit and refund.
HB0186-Gasoline tax-agricultural exemption-2.
HB0190-Driver's license suspensions-child support.
HB0191-Motor carrier transportation contracts.
HB0195-Real estate act-amendments.
HB0197-Breast cancer license plate.
HB0198-Wheat marketing commission assessments.
HB0204-Excess tax collections.
HB0207-Internet hunting.
HB0211-Veteran's license plates.
HB0213-Rangeland monitoring.
HB0215-Tax exemption for renewable resources.
HB0218-Hathaway success curriculum.
HB0219-BOCES-expanded cooperative educational services.
HB0221-Property tax-appeals 2.
HB0222-Establishment of private roads.
HB0223-Bullying prevention.
HB0225-Bighorn sheep ewe and lamb licenses.
HB0226-State lands grazing leases.
HB0229-Court security reimbursement.
HB0230-Vehicle sales and use tax-2.
HB0231-Motor vehicle accidents-serious bodily injury or death.
HB0234-Property tax-assessed value.
HB0235-Child protection-case planning.
HB0236-School finance-instructional facilitator program.
HB0237-Name changes-sealed.
HB0239-Big Horn basin discovery center.
HB0240-Elected state officials-benefits.
HB0241-Criminal background checks-retirement system.
HB0242-Off-road vehicle definition.
HB0243-District attorneys-salary.
HB0244-Uncompensated trauma care.
HB0248-School facilities-remedy criteria.
HB0249-Public education accountability.
HB0250-Classification of fire chiefs after end of term.
HB0251-Trusts-retirement funds accounting.
HB0252-Wyoming retirement system-hospital participation.
HB0253-Health care commission.
HB0255-School districts-kindergarten programs.
HB0258-Charter schools-funding.
HB0261-Mandatory savings accounts for inmates.
HB0262-Very rare and uncommon areas.
HB0267-Commercial motor vehicles-definitions.
HB0269-School finance-at-risk funding.
HB0271-Medicaid-speech and audiology services.
HB0274-Underage drinking.
HB0279-Statements of consideration-review.
HB0281-Telemedicine-state system.
HB0283-Taxation and revenue-digital products.
HB0285-Mandatory minimum sentences for sexual abuse of a minor-2.
HB0286-Federal natural resources policy account.
HB0287-Helium-property tax.
HB0288-Certificate of authority-high voltage transmission lines.
HB0289-Child protection hearings.
HB0291-Small business investment credit.
HB0294-Prescription drug database.
HB0295-Western states energy and environment symposium.
HB0297-Simple assault.
HB0298-Medical Practice Act revisions.
HB0299-School facilities-budget process.
HB0301-Wyoming Industry Partnership Act-2.
HB0302-Game and fish-pioneer fishing license.
HB0313-Licensing of employer day care facilities.
HJ0002-Adequate funding for I-80 as a critical freight route.
HJ0003-Legislators-terms of office.
HJ0007-U.S. constitutional convention-repeal.
HJ0008-Equine resources.
HJ0009-Wind energy
HJ0015-Education funding amendments.
HJ0016-Immigration reform.
HJ0017-Defense of marriage.