Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations.
HB0003-County clerks-fees for mailing lien statement.
HB0004-Criminal procedure-time limits for competency evaluations.
HB0005-Insurance-risk based capital revisions.
HB0006-County officials-administrative and fiscal duties.
HB0007-Election code-revisions.
HB0008-Peace officers-court security officer.
HB0009-Illegal stocking of fish.
HB0010-Electrical safety-low voltage licensing.
HB0011-Cancer Control Act amendment.
HB0012-Juvenile detention facilities-admissions criteria.
HB0013-Underage drinking.
HB0014-ATM transaction fees.
HB0015-Electrical safety and fire prevention-revisions.
HB0016-Private school licensing-exemption.
HB0017-Carbon sequestration-financial assurances and regulation.
HB0018-Aquatic invasive species-2.
HB0019-Mandatory savings accounts for inmates.
HB0020-Criminal street gangs.
HB0021-Minimum wage.
HB0022-Streamlined sales/use tax-amendments.
HB0023-Business entities-reinstatement fees.
HB0024-Insurance requirements for newly purchased vehicles.
HB0025-Child care development fund.
HB0026-Medical review panel.
HB0027-Armed forces license plate fees and distribution.
HB0028-Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act.
HB0029-Taxation of specified digital products.
HB0030-Transportation department authority.
HB0031-Property tax appeals-county process.
HB0032-Board of nursing-continuing jurisdiction.
HB0033-Property tax-levy date.
HB0034-Referendum on adopted ordinance-petitions.
HB0035-Lobbying restrictions.
HB0037-Mandatory judicial retirement-2.
HB0038-Driving under the influence amendments.
HB0039-Insurance benefits-usual, customary and reasonable.
HB0040-Tax increment financing.
HB0041-School finance-distance education.
HB0042-Collection agencies.
HB0043-Child support-adjustments.
HB0044-Taxation of property used for economic development.
HB0046-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0047-NEPA and ESA review.
HB0048-School finance audits-amendment.
HB0049-Manufacturing sales & use tax exemption.
HB0050-Hospital mill levies-use of funds.
HB0052-Campaign funds-personal use restrictions.
HB0053-Women's right to information.
HB0054-Wyoming Food Freedom Act.
HB0055-Elementary foreign language instruction.
HB0056-Bonded indebtedness mill levy supplement.
HB0057-Damage to underground public utilities.
HB0058-Homestead exemption-county option.
HB0059-Workforce services amendments.
HB0060-UPMIFA-expenditure limitation.
HB0061-Legal services funding.
HB0062-Reading assessment reporting.
HB0063-Tanning salons-minors.
HB0064-Mandatory minimum sentence for sexual abuse of a minor.
HB0065-Revisor's bill.
HB0066-Governmental Claims Act-process.
HB0067-Data processing center-sales/use tax exemption.
HB0068-Campaign finance-organizations.
HB0069-Secretary of state-directives authority.
HB0070-Vacant land.
HB0071-Workers' compensation appeals.
HB0072-Regulation of wind energy facilities.
HB0073-Safety on railroads.
HB0075-Loss of parental rights-homicide of spouse.
HB0076-School finance-advance foundation distributions.
HB0077-Youth archery licenses.
HB0078-Natural gas-taxation.
HB0079-Eminent domain-wind power collector lines.
HB0080-Peace officers, detention officers and dispatchers.
HB0081-Safe transportation of railroad employees.
HB0082-Gambling-antique slot machines.
HB0083-Crimes and offenses-restrictions for adult sex offenders.
HB0084-Gold star license plates.
HB0085-Economic development reporting.
HB0086-Medicaid-elderly care.
HB0088-Public retirement plans-qualified plan status.
HB0089-Resident contractor preferences.
HB0090-Insurance-service contracts.
HB0091-Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital whistleblowers.
HB0092-Predatory lending.
HB0093-OSHA penalties.
HB0094-Real property easements.
HB0095-Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act-2.
HB0096-Sales/use tax railroad rolling stock-repeal.
HB0097-Nuclear energy production study.
HB0099-Public records-wolf hunting licenses.
HB0100-Ethanol tax credit.
HB0101-Electricity generated from wind-taxation.
HB0102-Livestock and brands.
HB0103-Cancer prevention and awareness-special license plates.
HB0105-Bar and grill licenses-catering permits.
HB0106-Small business investment credit.
HB0108-Health insurance reform.
HB0109-Compulsory school attendance-3.
HB0110-Higher education endowment challenge programs.
HB0111-Electric transmission-consideration of regional issues.
HB0112-Intermediate battery.
HB0113-Concealed weapon authority.
HB0114-Partition fences.
HB0115-Specific purpose excise tax-voter petition.
HB0116-Insurance-coverage of phenylketonuria.
HB0117-Apprenticeship training program.
HB0118-Taxation of public buildings.
HB0119-Public health nurses.
HB0120-Student assessment measures.
HB0122-Disposal of livestock.
HB0123-Charter school-appeals.
HB0124-Lien statement-notice.
HB0125-Subdivisions-separately acquired properties.
HB0126-Zero based budget process.
HB0127-Medicaid applications-2.
HB0128-Health insurance-interstate purchase.
HB0129-University of Wyoming athletics hall of fame scholarship.
HB0130-Impact assistance for wind energy facilities.
HB0131-Community colleges-statewide levy.
HB0132-Homicide during pregnancy-2.
HJ0002-Resolution-assertion of states' rights.
HJ0003-Resolution-U.S. constitution requiring a balanced budget.
HJ0004-Mandatory judicial retirement.
HJ0005-Assertion of state sovereignty.
HJ0006-Noneconomic damages-constitutional amendment.
HJ0007-Repeal of 17th amendment.
HJ0008-Opposition to Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
HJ0009-Resolution to amend United States Constitution.
HJ0010-Resolution-primacy of Wyoming's water rights.
HJ0011-Property tax increase-limitation.
HJ0012-Health freedom of choice-2.