Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations-2.
HB0002-Wyoming health insurance pool-sunset.
HB0003-Liquor license transfers.
HB0004-Department of insurance-background checks.
HB0005-University revenue bond supplemental coverage.
HB0006-Packaging, labeling and advertising of honey-repeal.
HB0007-Wyoming Veterinary Medical Practice Act-2.
HB0008-Wyoming Traditional Food Act.
HB0009-Department of insurance-licensure revisions.
HB0013-Hathaway success curriculum-2.
HB0015-Weed and pest control.
HB0016-Wyoming beef council-fee collections.
HB0018-Quarantine of animals.
HB0019-Assignment of retired circuit court judges.
HB0020-Medicaid-reimbursement of services.
HB0021-Battery against a family member.
HB0022-Phased in fuel tax increase.
HB0023-Sex offender registration amendments.
HB0024-Voting rights.
HB0027-School year-required contact hours.
HB0028-Child protection shelter care and initial hearings.
HB0029-DUI-elimination of right to refuse test.
HB0030-Execution of judgment liens.
HB0031-Pari-mutuel regulation.
HB0033-Exceeding speed limit while passing.
HB0034-Sales and use tax distributions.
HB0035-Health Care Choice and Protection Act.
HB0036-Cancer Control Act amendments.
HB0037-State archives-storage study.
HB0039-Health litigation fund.
HB0040-Compensation for persons exonerated based on DNA.
HB0041-Driving within a single lane.
HB0042-Coroner record confidentiality.
HB0044-Annuity premium tax repeal.
HB0046-Campaign funds-personal use.
HB0049-Primary care support program.
HB0050-Health insurance exchanges.
HB0052-Charter school restriction.
HB0057-Feral livestock.
HB0058-Animals running at large.
HB0060-Taxation of oil and gas field services.
HB0061-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0062-Wyoming Controlled Substances Act-amendments.
HB0063-Subdivisions-water study.
HB0066-Water development projects-funding.
HB0068-Violent felony definition expansion.
HB0069-Prescriptions for marihuana invalid.
HB0072-Teacher merit pay.
HB0073-Dental services freedom bill.
HB0074-Validity of marriages.
HB0075-Victim notification amendments.
HB0076-Game and fish-turkey pioneer licenses.
HB0079-Establishment of private roads.
HB0080-Service of process in family violence and stalking cases.
HB0081-Vacant land.
HB0082-Unfair employment practices.
HB0085-Teacher suspensions.
HB0086-Compulsory school attendance.
HB0087-Obsolete laws-general revisions.
HB0088-Guides and outfitters.
HB0090-Vehicle restoration.
HB0092-Impersonation through electronic means.
HB0093-School unification student count deletion.
HB0095-Involuntary commitment examiners.
HB0096-Motor vehicles passing bicycles.
HB0098-Bar and grill liquor licenses.
HB0099-Substance abuse treatment funding awards.
HB0100-Game & fish-land acquisition.
HB0101-Vicious animals-interference with game wardens.
HB0103-WICHE-repayment program.
HB0105-Temporary military duty-child custody and visitation.
HB0106-Departments of employment and workforce services-merger.
HB0107-Municipal court jury trials.
HB0108-Collection agencies.
HB0109-Wyoming infrastructure authority.
HB0110-Successor Corporation Asbestos-Related Liability Act-2.
HB0111-Public works and contracts-2.
HB0112-Mining permits.
HB0113-Wyoming pipeline authority.
HB0114-Insurance premiums-failure to pay.
HB0115-Charter schools-application.
HB0117-Data processing services centers-tax exemptions.
HB0118-Abortion-available information for decision.
HB0120-Public meetings.
HB0121-Public records.
HB0122-No duty to retreat.
HB0123-Circuit court surety bonds-repeal.
HB0124-National guard-emergency deployment professional licensing.
HB0127-School finance recalibration.
HB0129-Nuclear energy production study.
HB0131-Tip sharing.
HB0133-Special limited fishing permits.
HB0135-State lands-improvements-2.
HB0136-Appointments to county commissioner vacancy.
HB0137-Private transfer fee obligations.
HB0138-Public funds-time deposit open accounts interest rate.
HB0139-Wyoming Veterans Memorial Highway.
HB0140-Governmental immunity–public transportation.
HB0141-Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital employees.
HB0143-Manufacturing tax exemption.
HB0144-School district bonds.
HB0145-Vehicle registration-timing.
HB0146-Vehicle sales and use tax.
HB0147-Excise tax-vendor compensation.
HB0151-Hydro-power development.
HB0152-Very rare or uncommon area designations.
HB0153-Agricultural gas tax refund program.
HB0154-Multiple special handicapped license plates.
HB0155-Student assessment-amendments.
HB0156-Grand Teton National Park-transfer of state lands.
HB0157-Abolition of worthier title doctrine.
HB0158-Rule against perpetuities.
HB0159-Uniform Trust Code amendments.
HB0160-Management audit committee subpoena power.
HB0161-Interstate compact on students of military families.
HB0162-OSHA rule review.
HB0163-Water produced from geologic sequestration.
HB0167-Castle doctrine modifications.
HB0174-Designated transfer of state lands.
HB0176-Nuclear energy as carbon free renewable energy.
HB0177-Vietnam and veterans welcome home and thank you day.
HB0178-Vaults, crypts and mausoleums-perpetual trust funds.
HB0179-Energy improvement program.
HB0182-Student assessment measures.
HB0184-Minimum wage statutes repeal.
HB0186-Wyoming lottery.
HB0187-Administrative subpoenas.
HB0189-Foreclosure and redemption revisions.
HB0190-Electronic fine submittal.
HB0191-Wind power taxation.
HB0193-Nursing care facility assessment.
HB0194-Next of kin-driver's license option.
HB0197-Nuisance abatement.
HB0198-Admissibility of evidence in sex offense cases.
HB0202-Railroads-fence repairs.
HB0203-Child support-orders.
HB0204-Patriotism in the classroom.
HB0206-Emergency response-incidents.
HB0207-Protection of activities in private vehicles.
HB0208-Off-road vehicle registration-exemption.
HB0209-Emergency medical review organizations.
HB0210-Landlord/tenant-return of deposits.
HB0211-County memorial hospital board members-removal.
HB0214-Hathaway scholarship-college attendance.
HB0215-Department of health reorganization.
HB0216-Misdemeanors-maximum fine.
HB0217-Production states agreement.
HB0223-Property disclosure statement-wind estate.
HB0224-Platted plots-requirement.
HB0225-Charter school appeal process-2.
HB0226-Raw agricultural commodity inspection exemptions.
HB0227-Education-constitution instruction.
HB0230-Eminent domain-wind energy collector systems-2.
HB0232-Workers' compensation impairment ratings.
HB0235-Natural gas vehicles.
HB0241-School districts-assessments.
HB0242-Insurance-surplus lines.
HB0243-Human remains-training of search and rescue dogs.
HB0244-Unemployment insurance amendments.
HB0246-National guard-disposal of land.
HB0248-Unlawful protesting at a funeral-amendments.
HB0249-Acceptance of citation.
HB0251-Abortion-ultrasound information.
HB0252-Review of state executive department positions.
HB0253-Wyoming Nurse Practice Act amendment.
HB0254-Property taxation-appeals.
HB0255-Veteran's tax exemption.
HB0256-Wyoming Safe Homes Act-2.
HB0259-Ethanol producer tax credit.
HB0260-Industrial siting-financial resources.
HB0264-Hathaway scholarships-school notifications.
HJ0001-District court commissioners-authority.
HJ0002-Resolution-U.S. constitution requiring a balanced budget.
HJ0003-Resolution to Congress and the United States Supreme Court.
HJ0005-County/city consolidation.
HJ0006-Private property protection.
HJ0007-Distribution of excess funds.