Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations-2.
HB0002-Service of process fees.
HB0003-State vehicle registration fee.
HB0004-Ignition interlock program fees.
HB0005-Life and health insurance guarantee association-limitations.
HB0006-Change of use for irrigation districts.
HB0007-Voluntary livestock identification program.
HB0008-Department of workforce services consolidation.
HB0009-Unemployment insurance compliance.
HB0010-Game and fish-additional elk licenses.
HB0011-Business entities-revisions.
HB0012-Marketable title act-conservation easements.
HB0013-Wind estate disclosure.
HB0014-Wrongful death representative.
HB0015-Insurance-surplus lines.
HB0016-Insurance code-revisions.
HB0017-Budget hearings.
HB0018-Notification of public land tenants-water rights changes.
HB0019-Cultural trust fund board-membership.
HB0020-Health insurance trusts-fiscal policy.
HB0021-Exceeding speed limit while passing.
HB0022-Gold star license plates-expanded eligibility.
HB0025-Private transfer fee obligations.
HB0026-Contractor residency provisions.
HB0027-Extension of energy producing states coalition.
HB0028-Environmental quality council-executive secretary.
HB0029-Uranium research center funds extension.
HB0030-Sex offenders-residence near child care facilities.
HB0031-Obsolete laws.
HB0032-Redistricting of the legislature.
HB0034-Subdivisions-consideration of schools.
HB0035-Notarial certification of business entity instrument.
HB0036-Pari-mutuel permits.
HB0037-Irrigation districts-power projects.
HB0038-Coal valuation-industry factors.
HB0039-High school graduation requirements.
HB0040-Optional sales/use tax-uses.
HB0041-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0042-Reverse mortgages-study.
HB0043-Liquor licenses-dispensing rooms.
HB0044-Portable electronic device insurance.
HB0045-Roofing contractors.
HB0046-Handicapped parking-space size and marking.
HB0047-School finance.
HB0048-Eighty miles per hour speed limit.
HB0049-Yellowstone infrastructure.
HB0050-Insurance fraud prevention.
HB0051-Industrial siting impact payments.
HB0052-Private road actions-appraisal costs.
HB0053-Liquor licenses.
HB0054-Crime victim service providers-reporting.
HB0055-Perfection of security interests-titled personal property.
HB0056-Penalties for misdemeanor offenses.
HB0057-Clinical trial coverage.
HB0058-Public sector bargaining.
HB0059-Insurance adjusters.
HB0060-Firearm and ammunition regulation.
HB0061-Low voltage electrical installation.
HB0062-Investigative subpoenas.
HB0063-Child custody modification after military service.
HB0064-Credit Card Fairness Act.
HB0065-Banks-authorized investments.
HB0066-Industrial siting-financial resources.
HB0067-Limited alcoholic beverage permit.
HB0068-Severance tax distributions.
HB0069-Vehicle registration fees.
HB0070-Wyoming Court Security Act of 2012.
HB0071-State coordinator.
HB0072-Juvenile detention facility placements.
HB0073-Interfund borrowing for school foundation account.
HB0074-Kindergarten readiness programs.
HB0075-Physicians' orders for life sustaining treatment.
HB0076-Resort liquor licenses.
HB0077-Charter schools-average daily membership.
HB0078-Executive orders.
HB0079-Renewable resources electricity generation exemption.
HB0080-Remediation for Hathaway recipients.
HB0081-Bonds for certificates of title.
HB0082-Public assistance-drug testing.
HB0083-Wind River Reservation-enforcement of traffic violations.
HB0085-Government continuity.
HB0086-Appraisal management regulation.
HB0087-Mixed martial arts.
HB0089-Workplace safety-employer assistance.
HB0090-Baseline scientific assessments.
HB0091-Wyoming Retirement Act.
HB0092-911 services-eligible entities.
HB0093-Day care facilities-certification exemption.
HB0094-Unemployment insurance-exclusions.
HB0095-Student to teacher ratio waiver.
HB0096-OSHA penalties.
HB0097-Protection of activities in private vehicles.
HB0098-Voting rights.
HB0099-Credit card transaction fees.
HB0100-Wyoming Sound Money Act.
HB0101-Veterans tax exemption-requalification.
HB0103-School finance-amendments-2.
HB0104-Ethanol tax credit-2.
HB0105-Property tax exemption-improvement and service districts.
HB0106-Local option tax-municipalities.
HB0107-Agriculture commission study.
HB0108-Professional teaching standards board-teacher certification.
HB0109-Natural gas vehicles.
HB0110-Workers' compensation-attorney fees.
HB0111-Alcoholic beverages-direct shipment.
HB0112-Battery against a family member.
HB0113-Critical access endowment challenge program.
HB0115-Eminent domain.
HB0116-Impact assistance to local governments.
HB0117-REAL I.D.-repeal.
HB0118-Deferred compensation program-state contribution.
HB0119-Health insurance-sale of out-of-state policies.
HB0121-Abandoned mine land funds.
HB0122-Mental health parity.
HJ0001-Resolution in support of ANWR energy development.
HJ0002-Constitutional assignment of general fines and penalties.
HJ0003-Resolution-parents' rights.
HJ0004-Emergency financial managers' powers.
HJ0005-Education funding amendments.
HJ0006-Post office closures.
HJ0007-Resolution-conscience rights.
HJ0008-National day of the cowboy.
HJ0009-Mandatory judicial retirement.
HJ0010-Rural long distance phone service.
HJ0011-State superintendent of public instruction.
HJ0012-United States government deficits.
HJ0013-Resolution in support of Central Park wilderness.