Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations.
HB0002-Election code-revisions.
HB0003-Effective financing statements-duration.
HB0006-Solid waste disposal district board terms.
HB0007-Sanitary facilities for motion picture operators.
HB0008-Child abuse-reporting requirements.
HB0009-Election code-revisions 2.
HB0010-Certificates of insurance.
HB0011-Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act.
HB0012-Contagious and infectious diseases among livestock.
HB0013-Livestock revisions.
HB0014-Crime victims compensation and restitution.
HB0015-Violent injuries-reporting requirements.
HB0017-School capital construction-enrollment methodology.
HB0018-Telecommunications-internet protocol enabled services.
HB0020-Child support guideline tables.
HB0021-Peace officer immunity.
HB0022-Serious bodily injury.
HB0023-Juvenile parole eligibility.
HB0024-Probate amendments.
HB0025-Simulcasting of pari-mutuel events.
HB0026-Appraisal management company regulation.
HB0028-Disabled hunter programs.
HB0029-Game licenses-landowner coupons.
HB0031-Printing of state directory and constitution.
HB0032-Elections-vacancy appointment process.
HB0033-Roofing contractors.
HB0035-Search and rescue operations.
HB0036-Property offenses.
HB0037-Hunting license raffle.
HB0038-Use of water outside the state.
HB0039-Penalties for misdemeanor offenses.
HB0040-Eminent domain-wind energy collector systems.
HB0041-Wild bison licenses.
HB0042-Land use planning.
HB0043-Failure to extinguish or contain a fire.
HB0046-Unfair employment practices.
HB0047-Confidential student disciplinary hearing.
HB0049-Legislature-certificates of attendance.
HB0050-Distribution of bills.
HB0051-Probate-objections to appointment.
HB0052-Workplace safety initiatives.
HB0053-State land violations.
HB0054-High school equivalency certificate.
HB0055-Surface mining operations-exemptions.
HB0056-Wyoming pollution discharge elimination system.
HB0057-Constituent service allowance.
HB0058-Community infrastructure program amendments-2.
HB0059-Banking act amendments.
HB0060-Money Transmitters Act amendments.
HB0061-Banking division-nationwide licensing system.
HB0062-Innocent landowner amendments.
HB0063-State primacy on greenhouse gas regulation.
HB0064-Data center co-location tax exemption.
HB0065-Municipal solid waste landfill remediation.
HB0066-Municipal solid waste facilities.
HB0068-Life resource center.
HB0069-Highway funding.
HB0071-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0072-Statewide education accountability-phase II.
HB0076-Investigative subpoenas.
HB0077-Wyoming lottery.
HB0078-Budget review process.
HB0079-Collection of unpaid wages.
HB0080-Healthcare provider retention program-sunset date.
HB0081-Large project funding.
HB0082-Interstate sales of health insurance.
HB0084-Livestock fence repairs.
HB0085-Municipal jurisdiction-extraterritorial authority.
HB0086-Child placement orders.
HB0090-Recreation liability-activities.
HB0091-Statewide education accountability-phase I.
HB0092-Interference with emergency calls.
HB0093-Medication administration by pharmacists.
HB0094-Immunization by pharmacists.
HB0095-Railroad crossings-on-track vehicles.
HB0098-County fees.
HB0099-Campaign funds-disposal.
HB0100-Vehicle registration fees-assistive devices.
HB0101-Workers' compensation appeals.
HB0102-Hospitalization of mentally ill persons.
HB0103-Regulation of firearms-state preemption.
HB0104-Firearm Protection Act.
HB0105-Citizens' and Students' Self-Defense Act.
HB0107-Unlawful use of liquefied gas containers.
HB0108-Food Freedom Act.
HB0109-Interstate shipment of state inspected meats.
HB0110-Off-road vehicle gasoline tax distribution-sunset.
HB0111-Tips and gratuities–sales tax.
HB0112-Tip distribution policies.
HB0115-Wrongful death-tolling of statutes of limitation.
HB0116-Select federal natural resource management committee.
HB0117-Administrative rules-takings assessment.
HB0119-Department of family services programs.
HB0120-Game and fish violations-restitution.
HB0122-Alcoholic beverages purchases-acceptable identification.
HB0123-Restaurant liquor licensees-dispensing rooms.
HB0126-Agriculture operations.
HB0127-Driver's licenses-veterans designation.
HB0128-Illegal possession of wildlife parts.
HB0129-Voting rights.
HB0130-Education-elective academic bible study.
HB0131-Game fish-definition.
HB0132-Chiropractor licensure-amendments.
HB0133-Human trafficking.
HB0134-Private roads.
HB0139-Uniform Trust Code.
HB0143-Game road kill.
HB0144-Kindergarten readiness programs.
HB0145-Insurance-coverage of inherited enzymatic disorders.
HB0146-Athletic trainers-licensure.
HB0147-Vehicle registration fees-purple heart exemption.
HB0149-State mythical critter.
HB0150-Bonds for certificates of title.
HB0151-Uniform trust code-notice of claims.
HB0152-Vehicle accident reporting.
HB0153-Representation of children in compact proceedings.
HB0154-Representation of children in CHINS proceedings.
HB0155-Burn order violations-restitution.
HB0156-Movement of livestock in emergency situations.
HB0158-Vehicle registration timing.
HB0160-Vehicle sales and use tax.
HB0161-Outdoor advertising-fees.
HB0163-Adjunct professor incentives.
HB0164-Alternative schools.
HB0166-Hathaway student scholarship program.
HB0167-Judicial retirement age.
HB0168-Domestic partnerships-rights and responsibilities.
HB0170-Streamlined sales tax-direct mail.
HB0171-Fuel tax-gasoline definition.
HB0172-School districts-leasing of capital assets.
HB0173-Community college police officer retirement.
HB0175-Juvenile citations-notification by law enforcement.
HB0176-School district-natural gas fueling facilities.
HB0177-Hathaway success curriculum.
HB0178-Sexual assault-disclosure.
HB0179-Failure to observe closed roads.
HB0181-County officer authority to retain outside counsel.
HB0182-Determination of highway rights-of-way on federal lands.
HB0186-Tax exemption for natural gas filling stations equipment.
HB0187-Campaign finance.
HB0188-Investment of public funds-interest bearing deposits.
HB0190-Public defender-fee schedule and indigency standard.
HB0191-Emergency child placement background checks.
HB0192-Cancer awareness license plates.
HB0195-Rail tax exemption.
HB0197-Summary procedure for distribution of decedent's property.
HB0199-Cigarette taxes.
HB0200-Concealed weapons-government meetings.
HB0201-Transfer on death deed.
HB0203-Health benefit exchange study and select committee.
HB0205-Motor vehicle weight restrictions-exceptions.
HB0206-Exemption–water utilities.
HB0208-Veterans-resident tuition provisions.
HB0209-Remediation for Hathaway recipients.
HB0212-Impact assistance to local governments.
HB0215-State investments for a public purpose.
HB0216-Deadly weapons in a courtroom.
HB0217-Atomic Energy Act agreement state study.
HB0219-Campaign finance reporting.
HB0221-State Government Fraud Reduction Act-reporting requirements.
HB0223-Public records-institutions of higher education.
HB0224-State miners' hospital-eligibility.
HB0225-Transfer of ownership of livestock and brands.
HB0228-Transfer of federal lands-study.
HB0229-Regulation of natural gas as a transportation fuel.
HB0230-School safety and security.
HB0234-Home energy assistance program.
HB0235-Firefighters' license plates.
HB0237-Unemployment insurance-worker misconduct.
HB0243-Felony burglary.
HB0245-State parks peace officer-retirement.
HB0248-State building commission staffing.
HB0249-Budget reduction implementation.
HB0250-Public employee retirement plans.
HB0255-Year round school calendar incentive.
HB0259-State elected officials-board votes and chairmanship.
HB0260-Game and fish license fees-3.
HJ0001-Mandatory judicial retirement.
HJ0003-Private property protection.
HJ0004-Foreign law prohibition.