Page 1-line 2      After "abuse;" insert "defining who must report child abuse;".


Page 1-line 7      Delete "and" insert ","; after "(d)" insert "and by creating a new subsection (e)".


Page 1-line 17     Strike "shall" insert "may".


Page 2-line 2      Delete "Any person who knowingly fails to".


page 2-line 3      Delete "make a report required by this subsection" insert "Mandated reporters, as defined by subsection (e) of this section, shall be required to report or cause a report to be made.  Any mandated reporter who knowingly fails to report or cause a report to be made under this subsection".


Page 2-After line 14    Insert:


"(e)  A person is a mandated reporter for the purposes of this section if the person gains the knowledge or reasonable cause defined in subsection (a) of this section while acting within the scope of their duties as an employee of the state, its political subdivision or a local government and the person is:


(i)  Acting as a peace officer or law enforcement officer;


(ii)  Acting in any capacity in a facility providing pre-elementary, elementary, secondary or post-secondary education;


(iii)  Acting to provide medical or health-related services, including mental health services;


(iv)  Acting to provide legal services;


(v)  Providing child protective or other social services;


(vi)  Providing child care services.".  SCHIFFER, CHAIRMAN