Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations.
HB0002-Bonded indebtedness mill levy supplement.
HB0003-Alternative schools.
HB0004-Pest control compact.
HB0005-Education-required school bus video equipment-2.
HB0006-Domestic assault and battery.
HB0007-Unlawful entry into occupied structure.
HB0008-Court reporter fee elimination.
HB0009-Bodily injury and serious bodily injury.
HB0010-Water well permits.
HB0011-Controlled substances.
HB0012-Eighty miles per hour speed limit.
HB0013-UCC liens-electronic filing.
HB0014-Business entities-revisions.
HB0015-Business entities-enforcement and penalties.
HB0016-Misclassification of employees-penalties.
HB0017-Exterior residential storm damage repair contracts.
HB0018-Coroners' standards-enforcement.
HB0019-Notary fees.
HB0020-Fire prevention and electrical safety-fees.
HB0021-Property tax exemption-charity.
HB0022-Mineral tax-audit interest rate.
HB0023-Landowner's duty to a trespasser-2.
HB0024-Registration fees-house trailers.
HB0025-Funeral Service Practitioners Act.
HB0026-Education-early childhood programs.
HB0027-Article V constitutional convention.
HB0028-State education accountability and assessment.
HB0029-Nonconsensual towing-rotation lists.
HB0030-Prohibited harassment of wildlife.
HB0031-Game and fish-fees.
HB0032-Snowmobile permit and registration fees.
HB0033-Jury pool selection-archaic language.
HB0034-Solid waste cease and transfer eligibility.
HB0035-Select committee on the transfer of public land.
HB0036-Constituent service allowance.
HB0037-Revisor's bill.
HB0038-Taxidermy licenses.
HB0039-Financial advisory council membership.
HB0040-State employees' and officials' group insurance-membership.
HB0041-Emergency medical technician pension plan.
HB0042-School facilities appropriations.
HB0043-Children in need of supervision-age.
HB0044-Credit card fraud.
HB0045-Minimum wage.
HB0046-Public employee pension plans-contributions.
HB0047-Government royalty revenues-definition.
HB0048-Fishing with artificial light.
HB0049-Marihuana possession.
HB0050-District court filing fee.
HB0051-Firemen's pension plan benefits.
HB0052-National guard funding-maintenance.
HB0053-Wyoming lottery-definition.
HB0054-Lottery board.
HB0055-Funding for substance abuse.
HB0056-Temporary licensing-insurance producers.
HB0057-Collection of unpaid wages.
HB0058-Failure to attend school.
HB0059-Authorized motor vehicle lights.
HB0060-Light trailer titles.
HB0061-Failure to extinguish or contain fire.
HB0062-General procedures for licensure boards.
HB0063-Railroad rolling stock tax exemption.
HB0064-Mining and mineral contracts-professional services.
HB0065-Sales and use tax-exemptions.
HB0066-Severance tax.
HB0067-School zone traffic control device.
HB0068-State cookie.
HB0069-Fuel tax natural gas.
HB0070-State parks peace officer-benefits.
HB0071-Leasing of equipment.
HB0072-Omnibus water bill-planning.
HB0073-Persons with disabilities.
HB0074-Elections-ballot access.
HB0075-Motorcycles-passage through intersections.
HB0076-Property forfeitures and seizures.
HB0077-Student religious liberties.
HB0078-Environmental protection agency actions.
HB0079-Critical access hospital endowment challenge program.
HB0080-Medicaid waiver-tribal health programs-2.
HB0083-Insurance-coverage of inherited enzymatic disorders.
HB0084-Medicaid expansion-limited benefits.
HB0086-Rural health care districts-authority.
HB0087-Marriage definition.
HB0088-Post-dated checks.
HB0089-Constituent allowance-large legislative districts.
HB0090-Release of juveniles to responsible adult.
HB0091-Real estate loans-limitations.
HB0092-Public schools-crisis management plans.
HB0093-Shipment of wine.
HB0094-Restoring constitutional governance act.
HB0095-Diabetes care planning.
HB0096-Professional assistance programs.
HB0097-Education-state administration.
HB0098-State investment services.
HB0099-Worker's compensation for special education teachers.
HB0100-Investigative subpoenas.
HB0101-Elections-vote centers and electronic pollbooks.
HB0102-Sage grouse implementation team.
HB0103-Lifetime archery licenses.
HB0104-Education-release of student information.
HB0105-Unmanned aerial surveillance.
HB0106-County fireworks bans.
HB0107-Forfeiture of property for criminal offenses.
HB0108-Validity of marriages.
HB0109-Attorney general-elected official.
HB0110-Superintendent of public instruction duties.
HB0111-School safety and security.
HB0113-Government contracts-labor organizations.
HB0114-State board of education-members.
HB0115-Determination of highway rights-of-way on federal lands.
HB0116-Towing company regulation.
HB0117-School finance-school resource officers.
HB0118-State miner's hospital legislative oversight committee.
HB0119-Repeal gun free zones in schools.
HB0120-Employee drug testing-vulnerable adults.
HB0121-Admissibility of evidence in sex offense cases.
HB0122-Cigarette certification.
HB0123-Unified administrative code and data base.
HB0124-Education-content and performance standards.
HB0125-Local option tax-municipalities.
HB0126-Restoration of rights after felony conviction.
HB0127-Disclosure of juvenile probation information.
HB0128-Juvenile courts-sanctions.
HB0129-Game and fish-lifetime license elimination.
HB0130-Cigarette taxes.
HB0133-Attorney general-removal process.
HB0134-Death penalty repeal.
HB0135-Small business investment credit-number of employees.
HB0136-Remedial classes.
HB0137-County road construction-competitive bidding.
HB0138-Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital employees.
HB0139-Workers' compensation-mental injury.
HB0140-Complimentary hunting licenses-persons with disabilities.
HB0141-Collection costs for debts owed to the state.
HB0142-Firefighter collective bargaining-nonbinding arbitration.
HB0143-Health information study.
HB0144-Shopping cart stowage obligations.
HB0145-Streamlined sales tax amendments.
HB0146-Study of state human resource positions.
HB0147-Infrastructure authority-energy transmission.
HB0148-Limited partnership-certificates.
HB0149-Correctional industries.
HB0151-Malt beverage tax increase.
HB0152-Water research.
HB0153-Special nonresident hunting license draw.
HB0154-Exemption for gratuities.
HB0155-Electronic citation fees.
HB0156-Brewery and microbrewery licenses-definition.
HB0157-Tourism promotion.
HB0159-Workplace safety grant program.
HB0160-Commission on federalism.
HB0161-Medicaid expansion-2.
HB0162-Education-content and performance standards.
HB0163-Game and fish-restitution values.
HB0164-Wind River Reservation boundaries.
HB0165-Game road kill.
HB0166-Federal health care reform-prohibition.
HB0167-Lifesaver program.
HB0168-Stop common core initiatives in Wyoming.
HB0169-Medicaid waiver programs-case management system.
HB0170-State agricultural fuel tax refund.
HB0171-Automobile title loans.
HB0172-Impact assistance to local governments.
HB0173-Schools-administration of epinephrine.
HB0174-Merit career-technical scholarships.
HB0175-Transfer on death deed.
HB0176-Vacancies in office.
HB0177-Federal lands-tax lien.
HB0178-Computer trespass.
HB0179-Privacy in education.
HJ0001-Support of Taiwan.
HJ0002-Support of Azerbaijan.
HJ0003-Pledge of Allegiance-commemoration.
HJ0005-Moose-Wilson roadway.