House and Senate Floor Calendars

Days 1-40

2015 General Session

1st Tuesday 1/13/2015
2nd Wednesday 1/14/2015 House Senate
3rd Thursday 1/15/2015 House Senate
4th Friday 1/16/2015 House Senate
5th Monday 1/19/2015 House Senate
6th Tuesday 1/20/2015 House Senate
7th Wednesday 1/21/2015 House Senate
8th Thursday 1/22/2015 House Senate
9th Friday 1/23/2015 House Senate
10th Monday 1/24/2015 House Senate
11th Tuesday 1/27/2015 House Senate
12th Wednesday 1/28/2015 House Senate
13th Thursday 1/29/2015 House Senate
14th Friday 1/30/2015 House Senate
15th Monday 2/02/2015 House Senate
16th Tuesday 2/03/2015 House Senate
17th Wednesday 2/04/2015 House Senate
18th Thursday 2/05/2015 House Senate
19th Friday 2/06/2015 House Senate
20th Monday 2/09/2015 House Senate
21st Tuesday 2/10/2015 House Senate
22nd Wednesday 2/11/2015 House Senate
23rd Thursday 2/12/2015 House Senate
Friday 2/13/2015 Holiday Break Holiday Break
Monday 2/16/2015 Holiday Break Holiday Break
24th Tuesday 2/17/2015 House Senate
25th Wednesday 2/18/2015 House Senate
26th Thursday 2/19/2015 House Senate
27th Friday 2/20/2015 House Senate
28th Monday 2/23/2015 House Senate
29th Tuesday 2/24/2015 House Senate
30th Wednesday 2/25/2015 House Senate
31st Thursday 2/26/2015 House Senate
32nd Friday 2/27/2015 House Senate
33rd Monday 3/02/2015 House Senate
34th Tuesday 3/03/2015 House Senate
35th Wednesday 3/04/2015 House Senate
36th Thursday 3/05/2015 House Senate
37th Friday 3/06/2015 House Senate
38th Monday 3/09/2015
39th Tuesday 3/10/2015
40th Wednesday 3/11/2015

The day-to-day work of the Legislature takes place both in the Standing Committees (where bills receive a public hearing and discussion by members of the Committee) and on the "floor" of the House and Senate. "Floor action" may consist of Committee of the Whole debate, 2nd reading, or 3rd reading and final passage of bills.


The House and Senate typically convene at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. each morning, recess at mid-day from 12 Noon until 1:30 or 2:00 p.m., and adjourn for the day around 4:00 p.m.  This schedule allows time for the Standing Committees to meet and work on bills assigned for their initial consideration (Committee meetings are usually scheduled prior to convening each morning, over  the noon hour or following afternoon adjournment, see "Committee Meeting Calendars" on this Website).


The standard order of business for the House and Senate while in session each day is set out in House Rule 2-1 and Senate Rule 4-1.  The House and Senate "Floor Calendars" at the left provide the daily convening time for the House and Senate and set out the list of bills scheduled for consideration that day on 2nd and 3rd reading (these readings normally take place during the morning session) and bills on "General File" which is simply a list of bills that are awaiting debate by the full House or Senate sitting as the Committee of the Whole (Committee of the Whole debate is typically scheduled for the afternoon session.)