2015 General Session Votes

 Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations-2.
HB0003-Department of insurance-fine schedules.
HB0005-Property tax refund program-extension.
HB0006-Airline companies-assessment.
HB0007-Game road kill.
HB0008-Landowner indemnification.
HB0009-Alternative fuel taxation.
HB0010-Education-state authorization reciprocity agreement.
HB0011-Distance education task force.
HB0012-Game and fish violations-restitutions.
HB0013-State parks-use of fees.
HB0014-Electronic citations.
HB0015-Restoration of voting rights by department of corrections.
HB0016-Offenses against public administration.
HB0017-Sexual assault protection orders.
HB0018-Drone Protection Act.
HB0019-Registered investment advisers.
HB0020-Clarification of duties of treasurer''s office.
HB0021-Intestate succession-adopted children.
HB0022-Disabled veteran license plates.
HB0023-Next generation science standards-2.
HB0025-Railroad rolling stock tax exemption-sunset.
HB0027-NRC agreement state authorization.
HB0028-Investigative subpoenas.
HB0029-Marihuana possession.
HB0030-Deposits and depositories.
HB0031-Exemption-water utilities.
HB0032-Hemp extract regulation.
HB0033-Workers'' compensation premiums-experience modification.
HB0035-Boards and commissions-removal of appointed members.
HB0036-Emergency 911 providers-immunity.
HB0037-Telephone assistance program-repeal.
HB0038-PAC-campaign limits and funding.
HB0039-Aggregate campaign contribution limits-repeal.
HB0040-Insurance adjusters-portable electronic devices.
HB0041-Barbering license requirements.
HB0042-Unclaimed property-merchant stored value cards.
HB0044-Emergency 911 fees-prepaid wireless.
HB0045-Health care sharing ministry.
HB0046-Nyx''s law.
HB0047-Shipment of wine.
HB0049-Confidentiality of participants involved in execution.
HB0050-Microbeads prohibition.
HB0051-Excise tax-well site.
HB0052-Sales tax exclusion-related business entities.
HB0053-Minerals to value added products program.
HB0054-Corrective action account distribution.
HB0055-Solid waste program amendments.
HB0056-Wyoming Food Freedom Act.
HB0057-Health insurance-medical necessity reviews.
HB0058-Developmental disability services transition grants.
HB0060-Trust company amendments.
HB0061-Wyoming Chartered Family Trust Company Act.
HB0062-Property tax exemption for religious education camps.
HB0063-Unclaimed property-advertising.
HB0064-UCC-title I and VII revisions.
HB0065-State employees'' group insurance-county employees.
HB0066-State legendary critter.
HB0067-Wyoming retirement system amendments.
HB0070-Omnibus water bill-construction.
HB0071-Nursing education programs.
HB0072-Volunteer firefighter and EMT pension account.
HB0073-Development of education standards.
HB0074-Front license plate requirement.
HB0075-Balanced Budget Compact.
HB0076-Public library endowment challenge program amendments.
HB0077-Wyoming retirement system-veteran''s service credit.
HB0081-Wyoming lottery distributions.
HB0082-Brewery and microbrewery licenses-definition.
HB0083-Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
HB0084-Conservation district levy.
HB0085-Motor vehicle passing bicycles.
HB0086-Board of cooperative educational services meetings.
HB0087-Content and performance standards.
HB0088-Health provider recruiting programs.
HB0089-Wyoming Legal Tender Act.
HB0090-Student religious liberties.
HB0092-Motorcycles-passage through intersections.
HB0093-Public Service Commission-authority.
HB0094-Parental rights.
HB0096-Catering permit limitation.
HB0099-Statutes-gender neutral terms.
HB0100-Highway funding.
HB0102-Property tax sales-highest bidder.
HB0103-Merit career-technical scholarships.
HB0104-Big and trophy game licenses-reservation.
HB0105-Next generation 911-task force.
HB0106-Nonconsensual towing services.
HB0107-Interstate medical licensure compact.
HB0108-Trespass-landowner liability.
HB0109-Felony unlawful possession of controlled substances.
HB0111-Resort liquor licenses.
HB0112-Capital construction grant eligibility.
HB0113-Cigarette certification.
HB0114-Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act (Sub. #1).
HB0115-Vehicle registration timing.
HB0118-Education-community college commission budget request.
HB0120-Tribal license plates.
HB0121-Article V convention limitations.
HB0122-Workers compensation permanent disability.
HB0123-Juvenile records-expungement.
HB0124-Determination of highway rights-of-way on federal lands.
HB0126-Candidate filing requirements.
HB0127-Termination of employment-wages.
HB0128-Notice requirements special district elections.
HB0130-Firemen''s pension account-benefit adjustment.
HB0132-Juvenile confidentiality in court proceedings.
HB0134-Seized property.
HB0135-Lifetime archery licenses.
HB0136-Interstate game tag exemption-meat processors.
HB0137-Child custody.
HB0138-Worker''s compensation for special education teachers.
HB0139-Unemployment compensation protests-time limit.
HB0141-Malt beverage tax-repeal.
HB0143-Motor vehicle registration fees.
HB0144-Education-school safety and security.
HB0145-Principal and income act amendments.
HB0146-Uniform Trust Code.
HB0147-Wyoming council for education.
HB0149-Special nonresident hunting license draw.
HB0150-Arrests for violation of probation.
HB0151-Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital employees.
HB0152-Industrial siting impact payments.
HB0153-Local sales and use tax revisions.
HB0154-Complimentary hunting licenses-persons with disabilities.
HB0155-Hunters who use wheelchairs-donated licenses.
HB0157-Pioneer hunting and fishing license.
HB0158-Sexual assault-custody rights.
HB0159-Education-writing assessment.
HB0160-Special warranty deeds.
HB0161-Retirement account exemption from execution.
HB0162-Providers'' orders for life sustaining treatment.
HB0163-Critical access hospital endowment challenge program.
HB0166-Electrical safety and fire prevention-amendments.
HB0168-Water and sewer districts-assessments.
HB0172-Disability placard-designation.
HB0174-Nicotine products regulation.
HB0177-Collection costs for debts owed to the state.
HB0180-Child interviews-neglect and abuse cases.
HB0181-Speeding penalties in 80 mile per hour zone.
HB0182-Public assistance-eligibility.
HB0183-Insurance coverage-early refills of prescription eye drops.
HB0186-Human trafficking-forfeiture of property.
HB0187-Marihuana impact study.
HB0192-Education-Hathaway scholarship program.
HB0193-Veteran burial teams.
HB0197-Emergency vehicles-tow trucks and wreckers.
HB0198-Education-compulsory attendance.
HB0201-Deposits by political subdivisions.
HB0203-Livestock brands-reciprocity.
HB0205-Revisor''s bill.
HB0208-Hard to draw hunting licenses.
HB0209-Transfer of federal lands.
HB0210-Guardian ad litem division.
HB0211-Post-conviction actual innocence.
HB0212-Workers compensation-claim apportionment.
HB0214-Practice of law-amendments.
HB0215-Community juvenile services boards-creation.
HB0216-Veterans skilled nursing center.
HB0219-Decorated combat veterans-license plates.
HB0220-Wyoming coal-specialty license plate.
HB0222-Sibling visitation rights.
HB0224-Burn order violations.
HB0225-Highway patrol security duties.
HB0228-Subdivision-family exception.
HB0231-Hathaway scholarships-exceptions from requirements.
HB0233-Branch bank license expiration.
HB0235-Foreign business entities-reinstatement.
HB0237-Water and sewer district contracts.
HB0243-Child abuse.
HJ0001-Regulation freedom.
HJ0003-Free-roaming feral horses.
HJ0004-Balanced budget amendment resolution.
HJ0005-Mandatory judicial retirement.
HJ0006-Wyoming local food production.
HJ0007-Bear lodge project.
HJ0008-Longer combination vehicles-compact agreement.
HJ0009-Repeal 17th Amendment-2.
HJ0010-Magna Carta.