2016 Budget Session Amendment List

NOTE: Amendments listed below have been released to the floor but may be withdrawn at any time. For the most recent list of amendments on this bill, please hit the refresh icon on your Internet browser. This list may include both amendments that have been acted on and those that are pending action. For an explanation of the amendment coding, please see Amendment Naming Pattern
SF0068H2001H2nd Reading001Adopted
SF0068H2002H2nd Reading002Failed
SF0068H2003H2nd Reading003Withdrawn
SF0068H3001H3rd Reading001Corrected, Failed
SF0068H3002H3rd Reading002Adopted
SF0068H3003H3rd Reading003Adopted
SF0068HS001HStanding Committee001Divided
SF0068HS001.01HStanding Committee001Corrected, Adopted
SF0068HS001.02HStanding Committee001Corrected, Failed
SF0068HW001HCommittee of the Whole001Adopted
SF0068HW002HCommittee of the Whole002Adopted
SF0068S2001S2nd Reading001Adopted
SF0068SS001SStanding Committee001Adopted
SF0068SW001SCommittee of the Whole001Withdrawn
SF0068SW002SCommittee of the Whole002Adopted
SF0068SW003SCommittee of the Whole003Corrected, Adopted