2016 Budget Session Votes

 Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations-2.
HB0002-Electric vehicle decal.
HB0003-Marihuana possession.
HB0004-Minimum wage.
HB0005-Prohibited question on job applications.
HB0006-Return of victim's property held as evidence.
HB0007-Medical marihuana reciprocity.
HB0008-Property assessment test rules.
HB0009-Tribal license plates.
HB0010-Clean water revolving fund amendments.
HB0011-Energy producing states coalition extension.
HB0012-Mountain lion trapping.
HB0013-Public records-student communications.
HB0014-Asset forfeiture-3.
HB0015-Education-school safety and security.
HB0016-Federal funds reduction contingency planning.
HB0017-Collection of antlers and horns.
HB0018-Wolves and grizzly bears-limited state action.
HB0019-Statewide student assessment.
HB0020-State public purpose investments-reporting.
HB0021-State public purpose investments-revisions.
HB0025-County resolution-feeding wildlife.
HB0026-Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-investments.
HB0027-Legislative oversight.
HB0028-Cease and transfer program local government funding.
HB0029-Revisor's bill.
HB0030-Obsolete laws.
HB0031-Uniform Securities Act.
HB0032-Insurance regulation parity.
HB0033-Insurance-audited annual financial reports.
HB0034-Insurance-corporate governance annual disclosure.
HB0035-Pharmacy benefit manager regulation.
HB0036-Livestock dealers.
HB0037-Controlled substances.
HB0038-Property offenses.
HB0039-Enhanced speeding fines-amendments.
HB0040-Operation of watercraft under influence of alcohol.
HB0041-Omnibus water bill-construction.
HB0042-Fuel tax revenue-restriction.
HB0043-Concealed weapons-military applicant.
HB0044-E911 task force.
HB0046-Investment of worker's compensation account.
HB0047-Refugee resettlement plan accountability.
HB0048-State spending and revenues-public reports.
HB0049-Abandoned vehicles-2.
HB0050-Appropriation for the legislature.
HB0051-Local government distributions.
HB0052-School facilities appropriations-3.
HB0053-Special districts task force.
HB0054-Treasury offset program statutory reference amendments.
HB0055-Nurse Licensure Compact-1.
HB0056-Advanced Practice Nurse Licensure Compact.
HB0057-Upper payment limit program-private hospitals.
HB0058-Human trafficking-forfeiture of property.
HB0059-Health care-statutory compliance.
HB0060-State health facility missions-statutory compliance.
HB0061-Small business innovation research-matching funds.
HB0062-Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-digital currency amendments.
HB0063-Health Care Facility Receivership Act.
HB0065-Fiscal information in legislation.
HB0066-Retired firefighter's license plates renewal.
HB0067-Senior center meal sales tax exemption.
HB0069-Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.
HB0071-Governmental claims-circuit court.
HB0072-Student assessments-optional participation.
HB0073-Suspension or dismissal of teachers for felony prosecution.
HB0074-Upper payment limit program-public nursing homes.
HB0075-Professional licensure boards.
HB0076-Designated caregiver.
HB0077-Electronic assessment forms.
HB0078-Involuntary commitment-detention options.
HB0079-Recall of elected officials-commission run municipalities.
HB0080-Community college budget request recalibration.
HB0081-Drug court surcharge.
HB0082-Termination of employment wages-time limits.
HB0083-Property tax catastrophic event.
HB0084-Catering permits.
HB0085-Medical education funding.
HB0086-Wyoming repeal Gun Free Zones Act.
HB0087-School finance-nonresident attendance.
HB0088-ETS-zero based budget sunset.
HB0089-Driver's license endorsements-revisions.
HB0090-School finance-transportation.
HB0091-School finance-average daily membership.
HB0092-School finance-regional cost adjustment.
HB0093-Housing authority.
HB0094-Wine at public auditoriums and events centers.
HB0095-Abandoned gift certificates and value cards-sunset repeal.
HB0096-Abandoned mine land funds-2.
HB0097-Wolf depredation compensation.
HB0098-Government Nondiscrimination Act.
HB0099-Article V convention limitations.
HB0100-Felony unlawful possession of controlled substances.
HB0101-Approved depositories for public funds.
HB0102-Big game animals-harassment and disturbance.
HB0103-Recording legislative and other meetings.
HB0104-Food freedom cooked meat products.
HB0105-ABLE Act.
HB0106-State lands-camping.
HB0107-Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act.
HB0108-Foreign LLC-operation in Wyoming.
HB0109-Sentencing enhancement-bias motivated crimes.
HB0110-Cannabidiol medication.
HB0111-Wage transparency.
HB0112-Resident hunting and fishing-vehicle registration.
HB0113-Governmental immunity-waiver for health care facilities.
HB0114-Public assistance-eligibility.
HB0115-Death penalty repeal.
HB0116-Health care access improvement grants.
HB0117-Pesticide applicator certification program funding.
HB0118-Foster care and permanency-additional requirements.
HB0119-Campaign finance reporting-time limits.
HB0120-Capitol building rehabilitation.
HB0123-State funded capital construction-2.
HB0126-Public land access.
HB0128-Livestock investigations.
HB0129-Controlled substances-2.
HB0130-Juvenile detention facility-definition.
HB0131-Optional sales tax on food.
HB0132-Strangulation of a household member.
HB0133-Essential and emergency medication task force.
HB0134-Involuntary commitment-gatekeeper pilot program.
HB0135-Restrictions on public benefits.
HB0136-Lauren's law.
HB0137-Controlled substances-disposal.
HB0138-Child health insurance program amendments.
HB0139-Protection orders-service.
HB0140-Attorneys at law amendments.
HB0141-Attorney liens.
HB0145-State obligation recovery.
HB0146-Solid and hazardous waste management rulemaking.
HB0149-Supplemental assistance-school food service operations.
HB0152-Definition of marihuana.
HB0153-Sales tax on automobiles.
HB0157-Sales tax exemption-rodeo tickets.
HB0158-Hathaway scholarship eligibility for noncitizens.
HJ0001-Labeling for genetically engineered items.
HJ0002-Kenny Sailors-Naismith Hall of Fame.
HJ0003-Balanced budget amendment resolution.
HJ0004-Gray wolves and grizzly bears.
HJ0005-Sovereign authority against federal action.
HJ0006-Constitutional term limits.
HJ0007-Constitutional amendment-overturn supreme court decisions.
HJ0008-Wyoming and the federal union.