2017 General Session Votes

 Session Votes

 The votes listed here are unofficial and are subject to change by the House and Senate when checked at the end of  the day.

  Vote Type:     Legislation Type:
HB0001-General government appropriations.
HB0002-Storage tanks.
HB0003-Cease and transfer priority list.
HB0004-NRC agreement state amendments.
HB0006-Principle based reserving.
HB0007-Credit for reinsurance.
HB0008-Student data privacy, security and transparency.
HB0009-Student ownership and privacy rights.
HB0011-Discounted cash flow implementation process.
HB0013-Investment of public funds.
HB0014-Insurance Code-amendments.
HB0015-Sex offender registration fees and penalties.
HB0016-Small claims appearance fee.
HB0017-Adult protective orders-time limit extension.
HB0018-Child abuse or neglect in military families.
HB0019-Sales from remote sellers.
HB0020-Honor and remember flag.
HB0021-Secretary of state-certificates of authentication.
HB0022-Business entities-communications contact.
HB0023-Secretary of state's office-amendments.
HB0024-Water commission duties.
HB0025-Dry bean commission member terms.
HB0026-Bark beetle-program funding.
HB0027-School facility property insurance.
HB0028-Approved depositories for public funds.
HB0029-Deposits by political subdivisions.
HB0030-State parks and sites-fees.
HB0031-State parks accounts.
HB0032-Ski Safety Act.
HB0033-Nonresident motorboats-gasoline tax distribution.
HB0035-Sponsorship of legislation.
HB0036-Obsolete laws.
HB0037-Teacher accountability.
HB0038-School finance-interfund borrowing.
HB0039-Education-resident tuition reimbursement.
HB0040-Education accountability.
HB0041-Court ordered placements-age restrictions.
HB0042-Education-state board of education membership.
HB0043-Board of insurance examiners-repeal.
HB0044-Board of professional engineers and land surveyors.
HB0045-Judicial branch budget processes.
HB0046-Permanent absentee voter status.
HB0047-Water rights procedures.
HB0050-Limitations on delegates-constitution amendment conventions.
HB0051-Borrowing authority for department of transportation.
HB0052-Governmental immunity-cooperative public transportation.
HB0054-Taxable value of agricultural land.
HB0055-Spending policy amendments-2.
HB0056-Mobile homes-title status upon permanent foundation.
HB0058-School facilities appropriations.
HB0059-Higher education fiscal procedure amendments.
HB0060-State investment policy.
HB0061-Collection of antlers and horns.
HB0062-Immunity for drug overdose reporting.
HB0063-Game animal licenses-limitations.
HB0064-Move over requirement.
HB0065-Public safety communications reorganization.
HB0066-Yellowstone license plates.
HB0068-Election ballots.
HB0070-Occupational safety and health administration actions.
HB0071-Unemployment insurance-electronic communications.
HB0073-Interference with emergency services.
HB0074-Agent Orange Health Awareness Month.
HB0075-Automatic restoration of the right to vote.
HB0076-American Indian education program.
HB0077-In-state tuition-AmeriCorps service.
HB0078-Salvage title-updates.
HB0079-State funds equity investments pool.
HB0080-Transportation network companies.
HB0082-Local optional sales and use taxes.
HB0083-Health care facility licensing/bed count limit-exemption.
HB0084-Worker's compensation-delinquent employers.
HB0086-Omnibus water bill-construction.
HB0087-Return of victim's property held as evidence.
HB0088-Background checks-enterprise technology services.
HB0089-Judges of first class cities-retention elections.
HB0090-Concealed weapons-military family applicants.
HB0091-Alimony termination.
HB0092-Payment of wages upon termination-time limits.
HB0093-WICHE repayment program-veterinary medicine students.
HB0094-Criminal justice reform.
HB0096-Microbrewery permits.
HB0097-Wyoming Uniform Transfers to Minors Act-amendments.
HB0098-LLC-dissolution distributions.
HB0101-School districts-veterans employment preference.
HB0103-Housing authority.
HB0106-Change in party affiliation.
HB0111-County collective accounts.
HB0112-EMS licensure-interstate compact.
HB0113-Medicaid waiver program-military personnel.
HB0114-Service and assistance animals.
HB0116-Abortion amendments.
HB0117-Operation of motorboat while intoxicated.
HB0118-Purchase of water rights and facilities.
HB0119-Senior citizen districts-use of revenues.
HB0120-Maximum speed limit petition.
HB0121-Fishing licenses.
HB0123-Probate-estates of nonresidents.
HB0124-Uniform Trust Code amendments.
HB0125-Sealing of trust documents.
HB0126-Elementary school foreign language requirement.
HB0128-Tribal license plates.
HB0129-Food freedom act-amendments.
HB0130-Harvest of trophy game and furbearing animals.
HB0131-Disposition of lottery proceeds.
HB0135-Government Nondiscrimination Act.
HB0136-Campus carry.
HB0137-Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act.
HB0139-School finance-court ordered placement.
HB0140-Minimum wage.
HB0142-Governmental immunity-waiver for health care facilities.
HB0144-New trial based on actual innocence.
HB0147-Release of arrested persons under the influence.
HB0151-Cigarette tax.
HB0152-Search and rescue operations.
HB0153-Parental rights.
HB0156-Involuntary commitment-emergency detention amendments.
HB0159-Homeless minors.
HB0163-Elections-recount deposits.
HB0164-Professional licensing boards-telemedicine/telehealth.
HB0165-Acupuncture Practice Act.
HB0166-Alcohol taxation-school funding.
HB0171-Unemployment insurance-delinquency contributions.
HB0173-Pari-mutuel events-distribution of fees.
HB0174-Game road kill.
HB0176-Veterans tuition waiver program requirements.
HB0180-Vital records fees.
HB0182-Abortion–ultrasound information.
HB0183-Security for on deposit public funds.
HB0185-Safety restraints-violations.
HB0186-Improvement and service districts-services.
HB0188-District court filing fees-2.
HB0189-Higher education-nonresident tuition.
HB0190-Hathaway reserve account.
HB0191-Hathaway expand Wyoming scholarships.
HB0192-Court automation fee-2.
HB0194-School safety and security.
HB0195-Quebec 1 transfer.
HB0197-Marihuana and THC products policy reform act.
HB0200-Beef check-off penalty-repeal.
HB0202-Motor vehicle insurance-penalties.
HB0209-Disparity in wages and benefits between men and women.
HB0211-Developmental preschool payment calculations-amendments.
HB0213-Water and sewer district assessments.
HB0215-Drug induced infant endangerment.
HB0218-Motor vehicles-registration fees.
HB0219-Driver's licenses-fees.
HB0220-Ad valorem taxation-liens on mineral production.
HB0221-Nonresident employer bonding requirements.
HB0222-Background checks-access to federal tax information.
HB0223-Concealed weapons permit issuance.
HB0225-Select committee on education funding.
HB0227-Automatic renewal of consumer contracts.
HB0229-Game animals-hunt consultation services.
HB0230-Hemp farming.
HB0231-Firearm possession-allow felons antique firearms.
HB0235-Mentor small game and game bird hunting.
HB0236-School finance-omnibus education funding.
HB0237-Community college capital construction.
HB0238-Nude image of a minor disseminated or possessed by a minor.
HB0241-Background checks-interstate compacts.
HB0242-Ad valorem tax liens on mineral production.
HB0250-Public health statutory amendments.
HB0252-Management council membership.
HB0253-Economic development account funding.
HB0254-Public purpose investments.
HB0262-Penitentiary savings fund.
HB0263-Senior citizen district elections.
HB0266-Study on evaluation requirements for small cities and towns.
HB0267-LLC and corporation license fees.
HB0270-Gray wolf damage compensation eligiblity.
HB0271-Game bird farms-greater sage grouse.
HB0275-Driver's licenses-revisions.
HB0276-Recording legislative and other meetings.
HB0278-Special nonresident hunting license draw.
HB0280-Vehicle registration requirements.
HB0288-Game and fish fees.
HB0291-Department of health facilities.
HJ0001-Convention for proposing constitutional amendments.
HJ0002-Balanced budget amendment-resolution.
HJ0003-Single subject amendment resolution.
HJ0008-Federal responsibility for American Indian health care.
HJ0009-National speech and debate education day.