Explanation of Bill Status

Bill Title

A Brief description of the content of the bill.

Introduced Version

The bill as prepared for introduction.

Substitute Bill

When a bill has been heavily amended by a standing committee to which it is referred, the standing committee's report to the Committee of the Whole may recommend that a new bill incorporating all the standing committee's amendments be substituted for the original bill. If approved by the Committee of the Whole, all future amendments will be to this new "Substitute" bill. The bill will thereafter bear the designator "Substitute No. 1" or abbreviated "SUB 1".

Fiscal Note Disclaimer

Fiscal notes are prepared for all bills and resolutions that LSO staff determines have a significant fiscal impact at the state level. Fiscal notes provide an estimate of the financial impact of legislation to the state. The fiscal note relates only to the introduced version of the bill. No changes are made to the fiscal notes in response to amendments made to the bill or other subsequent events that may affect the accuracy of the fiscal note at the time it was prepared.

Bill Journal Digest

Record of all action taken on the bill.


(Rewritten) to incorporate all amendments adopted from the original house.


After the passage by both houses the bill is again revised to incorporate all amendments adopted of both bodies. The revised text is referred to as the Enrolled Act which is then presented to the governor for action.