ORIGINAL SENATE                                    ENGROSSED
FILE NO. 0037

                        1999 SESSION

AN ACT relating to newborn screening; requiring screening
for hearing defects in newborns as specified; authorizing
exemption from examinations as specified; requiring
promulgation of rules and regulations for implementation of
a newborn screening program; requiring report by the
department of health on the newborn screening program; and
providing for an effective date.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming:

     Section 1.  W.S. 35-4-801(a) and (c) and
35-4-802(a)(ii) are amended to read:
                          ARTICLE 8
                      NEWBORN SCREENING
     35-4-801.  Screening required for detection of
metabolic diseases and hearing defects in newborn children;
conduct of screening; exceptions.
     (a)  Every child born in the state of Wyoming, within
three    (3)   to   five   (5)   days   for   normalfull term children and
five (5) to eight (8) days for premature children following
birthunless   a  different  time  period   is   medically indicated,
shall be given medical examinations for detection of
remedial inborn errors of metabolism and for detection of
major  hearing  defects.   The  screening  shall   be conducted in
accordance with accepted medical practices and in the manner
prescribed by the state department of health.
     (c)  Informed consent of parents shall be obtained and
if  any parent or guardian of a child objects to thea
mandatory examination the child is exempt from subsection
(a) of this section.
     35-4-802.  Rules and regulations.
     (a)  The state department of health shall make all
rules and regulations necessary for:
          (ii)   Implementation  of  W.S.  35-4-801,   as amended,
not later than July 1, 1980 1999.
     Section 2.
     (a)  By November 1, 2000, the department of health
shall provide the joint labor, health and social services
interim committee a report on the implementation of the
newborn hearing screening program.  The state health officer
may require reporting as necessary for this report from
health care providers.  The report shall include:
          (i)  The number of screenings conducted compared
to the number of live births;
          (ii)  The number of serious defects detected;

          (iii)  The number of cases of serious defects
where an effective remedial program was started within six
(6) months of birth.

     (b)  If either the number of screenings is
significantly less than the number of live births without
good medical cause or there are cases where an effective
remedial program was not started within six (6) months of
birth without good medical cause, the report shall include a
recommendation for any corrective action needed, including
any legislative action.

     Section 3.  This act is effective April 1, 1999.


Speaker of the House               President of the Senate


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I hereby certify that this act originated in the Senate.

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