Wyoming's Legislators
Back to School Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wyoming's Legislators Back to School Program?

Throughout the school year, state legislators from Wyoming visit local classrooms to bring civics alive for students with the Wyoming Legislators Back to School Program, a national program with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) that seeks to instill values of representative democracy and encourages youth to play an active role in their government.

The purpose of this program is not to teach about the three branches of government or how a bill becomes a law, but rather to help students understand the pressures, conflicts, and difficulties that legislators deal with in trying to solve public problems. Students need to have a more realistic sense of what their political system is about, how it works, and what they can and cannot expect from it.

By entering the classroom and listening to students' perspectives, legislators initiate a dialogue while letting Wyoming youth know their ideas matter and inspire their involvement in the democratic process.

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When does the Wyoming's Legislators Back to School Program Take Place?

The program kicks off annually during the third week of September and lasts through May.

Please note: legislators typically are unavailable for classroom visits January-March because of the legislative sessions.

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Is the Program Geared to a Specific Grade Level?

LSO has materials for second grade through high school. Please note, legislators are encouraged to visit an individual classrooms, rather than addressing large assemblies, so students have a more direct connection with the legislators.

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What Materials are Available During a Classroom Visit?

Materials are produced both in hard copy and electronic format to maximize distribution. Some materials are available in Spanish. You can download the materials below or contact LSO Legislative Information Officers, Anthony Sara or Riana Davidson, at (307) 777-7881 for hard copies.

High School

Middle School


Online Classroom Lesson Plans from NCSL

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How Do I Participate in the Legislators Back to School Program?

Contact LSO's Legislative Information Officers Anthony Sara or Riana Davidson for assistance in arranging a school visit in your district. If you know a legislator who you’d like to have visit your classroom, teachers are welcome to contact members directly as well.

Anthony Sara, Legislative Information Officer: Anthony.Sara@WYOLEG.GOV

Riana Davidson, Associate Legislative Information Officer: Riana.Davidson@WYOLEG.GOV

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