Select Water Committee



Senator Gerald Geis and Representative Rodney “Pete” Anderson, Co-chairmen of the Select Water Committee, have announced the Committee will meet:


June 3 & 4, 2009

8:30 a.m.

Water Development Office

6920 Yellowtail Road

Cheyenne, Wyoming




The purpose of the meeting is to begin the approved interim work including review of proposed water projects.  A tentative agenda for the meeting is included with this meeting notice.     


Please direct questions about this meeting to Legislative Service Office Committee staff Mark Quiner at:  (307) 777-7881.


Individuals who plan to provide written information to the Committee during the meeting should bring sufficient copies of the information for members of the Committee, Committee staff, and interested members of the audience.  In addition, please provide an electronic copy of the materials to Committee staff at the meeting. 


All materials provided to the Committee in written form will be part of the official record of the Committee’s meeting and will be on file at the Legislative Service Office.  Minutes of the meeting will be available on the legislative Web site at: 


Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations to attend this meeting should contact the Legislative Service Office at: (307) 777-7881, or by e-mail at:, for assistance. 



Members of the Select Water Committee:

Senators: Gerald Geis, Stan Cooper, John Hines, Marty Martin, Chuck Townsend, Bill Vasey

Representatives: Rodney “Pete” Anderson, Stan Blake, Frank Philp, Lorraine Quarberg, Jim Roscoe, Mark Semlek