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The Fiscal Profile ("Goldenrod Report") is published periodically by the LSO budget/fiscal section. The report presents a fiscal summary for selected expendable funds and accounts including the General Fund, Budget Reserve Account, Legislative Royalty Impact Assistance Account, School Foundation Program, School Capital Construction Account, Water Development Account I and II, and any other relevant accounts.

The profiles are updated several times during the session as appropriations and transfers are made, and are updated at other times of the year as expected revenues and expenditures change.

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The Wyoming Legislature provides live audio streaming of budget hearings. Please note that staff cannot guarantee that a live stream will always be available during the hearings. In addition, if you do not hear any sound, or get an error message, the Joint Appropriations Committee may not be meeting or may be on a break. If JAC is meeting in a location other than Room 204 there will be no live streaming audio of this meeting.