Online Media Room

Welcome to the Wyoming Legislature’s Online Media Room. The Legislature provides many resources to help members of the media cover the legislative process on behalf of Wyoming residents. Below you will find a variety of information for your use. Please contact Legislative Information Officer Riana Davidson in the Legislative Service Office (LSO) if you have any questions about media protocols or the legislative process. She can be reached by telephone at 307-777-7881 or by e-mail at

News Releases

Date Media Release Audio Photos
11/29/2017 Wyoming Legislature to Provide Live Audio of 2019-2020 Agency Budget Hearings
10/13/2017 Evan Simpson Appointed to Represent House District 21 Photos
9/20/2017 Rep. Hunt Replaces Rep. McKim as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee
8/7/2017 Education Stakeholders’ Meeting on School Finance Recalibration Model Scheduled
6/20/2017 Clark Stith Appointed to Represent House District 48 Audio Photos
2/15/2017 Wyoming Legislature Scheduled to Recess Friday and Monday
2/7/2017 2017 General Session Reaches Bill Crossover Period
2/2/2017 Wyoming Legislature Set to Tackle 2017 Budget Bill Next Week
1/26/2017 House Education Committee Meeting Set to Discuss Omnibus Education Bill
1/25/2017 Legislative House Education Committee Releases Omnibus Education Bill
1/12/2017 Wyoming Legislature Scheduled to Convene on Martin Luther King Jr. Equality Day
1/9/2017 Wyoming Legislative Website Provides Up-to-Date Information on 2017 General Session
1/6/2017 2017 Joint Session
1/4/2017 Joe MacGuire Appointed to Represent House District 35

All News Releases

Media Credentialing

All members of the media who plan to provide coverage of the legislative session need to register with the LSO. LSO will provide each registered member of the media with an identification badge, which allows admission to designated areas in both the Senate and House Chambers when the Legislature is in session. The media identification badge must be worn and visible to access the Chambers during session. Registration and credentialing are not required to cover legislative committee meetings during the interim. This credentialing process is outlined in the Management Council Credentialing Conditions and Criteria Policy below.

Management Council Credentialing Conditions and Criteria Policy (PDF)

Dress Code in the Chambers During Session (PDF)

Legislative Session Media Credentialing Form (PDF)

Session Dress Requirements

All individuals admitted to the Chambers during session are required to wear business attire, including photographers and television camera crews. Men are not allowed to enter the House and Senate Chambers without a coat, tie and slacks. Comparable dress is required for women. The Sergeant-at-Arms and Doormen of each Chamber are responsible for ensuring individuals are dressed in professional attire.

Use of Official Logo

Members of the media have ongoing permission to use the trademarked copy of the official legislative logo when reporting on activities of the Wyoming Legislature. This permission is not transferable to any other user. For an electronic version of the logo, please contact Riana Davidson at the LSO.

Official Photographs of Wyoming Legislators

Official photographs of members of the Wyoming Legislature are available from the LSO in a high-resolution, digital format. Please contact Riana Davidson at the LSO to request photographs on a case-by-case basis or for a disk of all members. The photographs may only be used for coverage of the Wyoming Legislature and the images may not be used for other purposes. (Photo credit: Photo credit: Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photography.)

Audio Feeds in House and Senate Galleries and Room L54

Audio jacks are located in the galleries of the House and Senate and are available for media use. Eight Senate feeds are located on the northeast side of the gallery. In the House gallery, eight feeds are located on the southeast side of the gallery. Audio jacks are also located in the cabinet in Room L54 for media use during committee meetings and news conferences.

Use of Media Rooms in the Jonah Building

During the legislative session, a media room is located in the Jonah building. Room L53, which is located near the center of the building, is available to members of the media covering the Wyoming Legislature. Seating in the room is first-come, first-served.