Committee Work Plan

In November 1999, the Management Audit Committee adopted a formal planning process to bring a more strategic approach to its work and to make more effective use of staff resources. The Committee developed a systematic way to select report topics, identify Committee options for action on report recommendations, and ensure effective monitoring of agency actions in response to report recommendations and Committee actions.

Using a strategic planning approach, each new Committee creates a work plan that charts a direction for the biennium. The plan identifies a body of work that the Committee wants to accomplish and communicates to the entire Legislature its intention to address that work. The plan also conveys the Committee's purpose to other legislators and demonstrates Committee staff productivity over time.

Included in the work plan are the new topics the Committee has approved, as well as structured expectations for the Committee's follow-through actions on completed reports. This provides staff with guidance for an extended period of time and allows for an efficient assignment of staff to task.

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