Program Evaluation Process

Once the Management Audit Committee  assigns a topic to LSO program evaluation staff, evaluators independently conduct the research, analysis, and report writing. The evaluation process is organized into five phases:

Survey Phase

This initial research phase helps familiarize evaluators with the report topic through collecting and reviewing information from document review and interviews. During this phase, evaluators also identify major themes to be evaluated during fieldwork.

Planning Phase

After completing the survey phase, staff develop a written work plan that further defines evaluation objectives and scope and organizes the remainder of the project research.

Fieldwork Phase

During the third phase of research, staff conduct the fieldwork steps indicated by the work plan. These steps may include file and data reviews, in-depth interviews, survey questionnaires, and other methods of gathering sufficient, competent, and relevant evidence. This evidence provides the basis for report findings.

Data Analysis Phase

During the fourth phase, staff quantify and analyze information gathered during fieldwork.

Report Writing Phase

During the final phase of the process, staff define and develop findings, conclusions and recommendations, draft the report, obtain internal review of the contents, and revise and finalize the draft report.

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