Summary of Committee Sponsored Bills for the 2016 Budget Session

The following, except as specifically noted, have been approved for introduction by a Committee. Not all drafts are in final form. Nor have all been assigned a House Bill or Senate File number at this time. If a House or Senate designation appears without a number, the draft has been approved for introduction in that body, but a number has not yet been assigned. For those House Bills and Senate Files and for drafts still under consideration, the number referenced is the 2017 LSO draft number and some changes may be made to the referenced draft depending on the latest Committee action. One caveat – this summary has been prepared solely to provide a very quick overview of bills being sponsored by the various committees. In order to keep the overview short, the summaries are acknowledged to be incomplete and make no attempt to address all aspects of the bills. The entire bill must be read if a person wishes to know its full contents and effect.

SF0046-16LSO-0009 Asset forfeiture-1.
This bill would require additional protections and procedures for the seizure and forfeiture of assets involved in a controlled substance violation. The bill sets additional standards and requirements for asset seizure and requires notice, hearings and reviews prior to asset forfeiture. The bill establishes and modifies time limits applicable to asset forfeitures. The bill also provides procedural protections for third parties who have an interest in seized property, requires proportionality between the seriousness of a controlled substance offense and the value of the property subjet to forfeiture, and details the immunity provided to governmental entities against claims of improper seizure.
HB0058-16LSO-0012 Human trafficking-forfeiture of property.
This bill would provide for the seizure and forfeiture of assets involved in the crime of human trafficking. The bill establishes standards, time lines and procedures related to the asset seizure and forfeiture and specifies how the proceeds of a forfeiture are to be distributed.
HB0037-16LSO-0013 Controlled substances.
This bill amends law related to the unlawful possession of controlled substances. It specifies that possession of edibles and drinkables containing marihuana or tetrahydrocannabinols exceeding one pound constitutes a crime. The bill also specifies the weight necessary for the illegal possession of other controlled substances. Except as provided in other portions of the law not being amended by this bill, that weight is set at three grams.
SF0047-16LSO-0109 Juvenile sex offender-risk assessment.
This bill creates new law which requires a court, upon motion by a district attorney, to review the risk of reoffense for a juvenile sex offender and, depending on the level of risk, provides different levels of disclosure regarding the offender.
SF0048-16LSO-0110 Criminal justice-reform.
This bill would amend laws related to probation, parole and credits for behavior. The bill amends provisions relating to sentencing, probation and parole, provides probation for certain first time felony offenses, provides for intensive substance abuse treatment as a condition of probation or suspension of sentence, creates alternative procedures for parole, probation and suspension of sentence violations, and amends provisions relating to rewards and sanctions as an alternative to probation or parole revocations. The bill also amends the membership, powers and duties of the corrections board.
HB0038-16LSO-0111 Property offenses.
This bill would increase the threshold monetary values applicable to certain property offenses. Specifically, every reference to a $1,000 threshold is amended to $2,500. This increase is made applicable to the crimes of property destruction and defacement, wrongful taking or disposition of property, shoplifting, defrauding an innkeeper, obtaining property by false pretenses, theft of services, defrauding creditors, fraud by check, unlawful use of a credit card and unlawful use of personal identifying information.
HB0001 and SF0001 General Appropriations Bill.
The budget bill will be introduced as a mirror bill in the House and Senate.
SF0019-16LSO-0035 Public funds investing.
This bill authorizes local governments to invest public funds in specified authorized investements. The bill also provides for the operation of a pooled fund by the State Treasurer with longer term redemption options.
SF0017-16LSO-0084 Notice of mineral property transfer.
This bill requires notice to the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the transfer of ownership of oil or gas wells. The bill also requires the Commission to provide the notice of transfer to the county where the well is located.
HB0002-16LSO-0150 Electric vehicle decal.
This bill specifies that the decal required for the operation of electric vechicles in Wyoming is an annual requirement.
SF0021-16LSO-0184 Mineral tax archaic provisions.
This bill removes archaic language and obsolete provisions from statutes related to mineral taxation. The amendments do not change substantive law and typically involve the deletion of obsolete dates.
HB0064-16LSO-0200 Monthly payment of ad valorem tax on mineral production.
This bill changes the payment of ad valorem taxes on mineral production to a monthly payment to coincide with the payment of severance taxes. The monthly payment of ad valorem taxes is effective with mineral production beginning January 1, 2019. The bill includes a transition period providing for a delay of the first monthly payment until September 2019 with double monthly payments beginning in January 2020 until all unpaid taxes are paid.
HB0015-16LSO-0048 Education-school safety and security.
This bill would create a comprehensive statewide school safety program for all K-12 Wyoming public schools within the Attorney General's Division of Criminal Investigation. The program would include a tip line, coordination of school personnel and emergency response teams and development of crisis management plans. The bill would transfer federal funds and positions within Homeland Security to the Division of Criminal Investigation.
HB0013-16LSO-0144 Public records-student communications.
This bill would amend the definition of a public record to exclude electronic communications between students attending a Wyoming school and between those students and a person utilizing a non-school user address. The exclusion would apply to students attending the University of Wyoming, community colleges or a K-12 public school located in Wyoming.
SF0014-16LSO-0183 Student data privacy and transparency.
This bill will prohibit school districts from accessing students’ personal digital information accounts by requiring or requesting a student to disclose the student's username or password, requiring the student to access the account in the presence of school officials or compel the student to add anyone to the student's list of contacts associated with the account. The bill would provide limited exceptions, including for investigatory purposes as specified. A penalty for violation by school district personnel would be established. It will also require the State Superintendent to establish guidelines for school district data plans and will require school districts to implement data security plans.
SF0025-16LSO-0211 Hathaway scholarship program-award increase.
This bill would increase the Hathaway Scholarship's per semester awards by 10% as follows: Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity to $925 (currently $840); Performance to $1,385 (currently $1,250); Honor to $1,850 (currently $1,680); Need based minimum to $115 with a maximum of $1,735 (currently $105 and $1,575).
SF0024-16LSO-0244 Supplemental at-risk funding for early childhood education.
This bill would allow school districts to utilize summer school and extended day categorical grant funds for early childhood education programs administered by school districts.
SF0005-16LSO-0034 Pesticide education funding.
This bill increases the fee paid to the Department of Agriculture for registration of pesticides and dedicates a portion of the fee for the pesticide applicator certification program.
HJ0001-16LSO-0053 Labeling for genetically engineered items.
This joint resolution requests that Congress reaffirm the United States Food and Drug Administration as the primary authority for food labeling related to genetic engineering.
SF0008-16LSO-0079 Bicycle and pedestrian system task force.
This bill would require the Governor to appoint a bicycle and pedestrian system task force to study the benefits of and opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian pathways and natural surface trails in Wyoming. The bill specifies task force membership, requires the Wyoming Business Council to staff the task force and requires reporting from the task force.
HB0024-16LSO-0167 Game and fish-special management permits.
This bill would authorize the Game and Fish Commission to establish fees and time periods for special management permits. The bill specifies that the fees collected for a permit must be expended solely on the special management program for which the permit was issued.
HB0025-16LSO-0169 County resolution-feeding wildlife.
This bill would grant counties the authority to adopt resolutions regulating the feeding of wildlife on property within the boundaries of the county, exclusive of the municipalities therein. The bill grants exceptions and provides penalties for a failure to comply with a county's resolutions.
SJ0001-16LSO-0044 Right of privacy and right to know.
This joint resolution proposes to amend the Wyoming Constitution to provide for the right of individual privacy which, according to the amendment, shall not be construed to deprive a person of any right provided by law to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of any agency or political subdivision of the state, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.
SF0038-16LSO-0078 Data management policies.
This bill would require state agencies to adopt policies on the collection, access, security and use of data. This bill would also require the State Chief Information Officer to develop guidelines for the collection, access, security and use of data by counties, cities, towns and other political subdivisions of the state.
HB0034-16LSO-0090 Insurance-corporate governance annual disclosure.
This bill would require insurance companies, fraternal benefit societies and health maintenance organizations to submit an annual report outlining their corporate governance structure, policies and practices to the Department of Insurance. The bill establishes requirements for the contents of the report, requires that the reports be kept confidential and provides sanctions for entities that do not submit a report.
HB0033-16LSO-0091 Insurance-audited annual financial reports.
This bill amends Wyoming's annual audited financial reports law to conform to model regulations and requires insurance companies to maintain an internal audit function which provides independent, objective and reasonable assurance to an internal audit committee concerning the insurer’s governance, risk management and internal controls. Exceptions are provided for insurance companies that have annual direct written and unaffiliated assumed premiums below specified amounts.
HB0032-16LSO-0092 Insurance regulation parity.
This bill extends the annual audited financial reports law and the Wyoming Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act to domestic health maintenance organizations and extends the annual audited financial reports law to fraternal benefit societies. The bill also increases the threshold amount over which a voucher must be filed and extends that requirement to health maintenance organizations. The bill makes other amendments necessary to provide regulatory parity between insurance companies, health maintenance organizations and fraternal benefit societies.
SF0036-16LSO-0097 LLC member and manager liability.
This bill would prohibit courts from considering a limited liability company's ("LLC") decision to be treated as a disregarded or pass-through entity for tax purposes when determining whether the LLC's members and managers can be held individually liable for the LLC's liabilities.
SF0034-16LSO-0141 Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
This bill would adopt the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. The Act allows a fiduciary to manage digital assets and electronic communications. The Act allows the person owning the digital assets and electronic communications to specify the use of those assets and communications through online tools. Choices specified in an online tool are given controlling authority over the provisions of a will, trust or other like document. The Act would apply to the following fiduciaries: trustees, conservators, personal representatives and agents acting pursuant to a power of attorney.
HB0031-16LSO-0154 Uniform Securities Act.
This bill would adopt the Uniform Securities Act which regulates securities and the individuals dealing with securities. The bill establishes requirements for the registration of securities, exemptions to securities registration, filing requirements and procedures for the Secretary of State to administer the Act. The bill would require registration by broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, investment adviser representatives and federal covered investment advisors. The bill prohibits fraudulent activity concerning securities transactions and investment advice and establishes criminal penalties, civil liability and a process for judicial review. The bill establishes a transition procedure for transition from existing law to the new Act and makes conforming amendments throughout the Wyoming statutes.
SF0037-16LSO-0155 Boards and commissions party affiliation.
This bill amends the membership requirements of most boards and commissions that previously required a specific party affiliation split. Most boards and commissions are amended to require that not more than seventy-five percent of the members be from the same political party. The bill also removes a party split requirement from six boards or commissions.
HB0035-16LSO-0191 Pharmacy benefit manager regulation.
This bill would regulate pharmacy benefit managers whose job it is to manage and monitor prescription drug benefits, generally on behalf of insurance companies. The bill establishes procedures for licensing pharmacy benefit managers by the Department of Insurance. The bill would regulate audits performed by pharmacy benefit managers, set requirements for drug pricing and provide processes for pharmacies to appeal the actions of pharmacy benefit managers.
SF0042-16LSO-0193 Occupational Therapy Practice Act.
This bill makes numerous revisions to the Occupation Therapy Practice Act. The bill amends provisions related to the definition of unprofessional conduct, the scope of practice, licensure and temporary licensure standards, standards for reentry into the profession, foreign license applicants, continuing education requirements, licensure waiver and the role of unlicensed persons. The bill also amends the duties and procedures applicable to the Board of Occupation Therapy. Finally, the bill repeals archaic provisions and repeals criminal penalties.
HB0053-16LSO-0195 Special districts task force.
This bill would create a task force to study the operation of special districts in the state. It specifies task force membership, requires the Legislative Service Office to staff the task force and requires reporting from the task force.
SF0054-16LSO-0197 Appropriations to local governments-codification.
This bill would codify current funding formulas for local government appropriations, previously included in the Budget Bill. The created statutory sections sunset on July 1, 2025.
SF0035-16LSO-0198 Referendum-circulator payment.
This bill would repeal the pay-per-signature prohibition for referendum petition circulators.
HB0044-16LSO-0277 E911 task force.
This bill would create a task force to study the implementation, management, operation and development of next-generation 911 emergency communication services in Wyoming. The bill specifies task force membership, requires the Legislative Service Office to staff the task force and requires reporting from the task force.
SF0011-16LSO-0020 Youth challenge program.
This bill would extend the sunset date for the National Guard Youth Challenge Program and Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy to June 20, 2025. The bill would provide an appropriation to the Military Department and amend the authorized ratio of state funding and federal funding that can be expended on the program.
SF0004-16LSO-0021 Military service member protections.
This bill would amend the Military Service Relief Act to specify that members of the uniformed services of any state who work in Wyoming are eligible for the same employment rights as are members of the Wyoming uniformed services.
SF0003-16LSO-0022 Permissive preference for veterans in private employment.
This bill would specify that a private employer may grant employment preference to a veteran or to the spouse of a disabled or decreased veteran.
SF0009-16LSO-0023 Railroad quiet zones.
This bill establishes new matching fund requirements for counties who operate railroad quiet zone projects. The bill would reappropriate funds in the Railroad Quiet Zone Account and authorize use of those funds for railroad quiet zone projects until June 30, 2018.
HB0049-16LSO-0076 Abandoned vehicles-2.
This bill would amend provisions governing identification and disposal of abandoned vehicles. The bill would create a new junk vehicle certificate of title for abandoned vehicles for which towing and recovery carriers would be eligible to apply. The bill also would specify procedures for towing and disposing of an abandoned vehicle, increase the abandoned vehicle value threshold and increase permissible towing and storage expenses.
SF0033-16LSO-0123 Vehicle registration-shell businesses.
This bill would create a rebuttable presumption that a Wyoming resident operating a vehicle owned by a business entity that meets the definition of a "shell business" is the actual owner of the vehicle and is, therefore, required to register the vehicle in Wyoming and pay applicable Wyoming sales and use taxes.
SF0012-16LSO-0225 Vietnam War commemoration-2.
This bill would establish the Vietnam War Commemoration Account and the Vietnam War Commemoration Matching Account and authorize the Veterans' Commission to accept donations for the purpose of celebrating and honoring Wyoming Vietnam War era veterans. The bill would appropriate funding for the distribution of educational and commemorative information.
SF0028-16LSO-0057 Carbon capture, storage and sequestration permit.
This bill specifies criteria for when an enhanced oil and gas recovery carbon dioxide injection permit should be converted into a geological sequestration permit. The bill gives the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality the authority to determine whether an oil and gas recovery operation is injecting carbon dioxide for the purpose of long term storage based upon findings and recommendations by the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Supervisor. The bill also requires that affected operators be given notice of the Supervisor's findings and recommendations and provides an opportunity for a public hearing.
HB0010-16LSO-0073 Clean water revolving fund amendments.
This bill modifies the types of authorized projects for the State Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Account to include projects authorized by Title VI of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. The bill allows the State Loan and Investment Board to assess an administrative fee and expands the amount of time a loan made from the Account can be amortized from twenty years to the lesser of thirty years after a project's completion or the useful life of the project. The bill also provides for payments from the Corrective Action Account to the State Water Pollution Control Revolving Account for principal payments on loans made to the Department of Environmental Quality when taking corrective actions at solid waste landfill remediation sites.
HB0011-16LSO-0075 Energy producing states coalition extension.
This bill extends the participation of Wyoming legislators in the Energy Producing States Coalition. The bill specifies how legislators are appointed, provides compensation for legislators attending Coalition meetings and requires the submission of a report to Management Council each year.
SF0023-16LSO-0080 NRC agreement state amendments.
This bill implements an agreement between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the State of Wyoming for the State to regulate the recovery of source material and the by-product created by uranium mining and milling. The bill requires the Department of Environmental Quality to implement the program and develop rules and regulations to administer it. The bill requires the licensing of program participants and provides license requirements.
SF0007-16LSO-0082 Landfill remediation priority list.
This bill authorizes expenditure of previously appropriated funds for the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Remediation Program. The bill establishes a prioritized list of projects for the Program and provides the Department of Environmental Quality with limited discretionary authority to modify the list. The bill also repeals a previously approved remediation project prioritized list.
SF0039-16LSO-0083 Cease and transfer priority list.
This bill authorizes expenditure of previously appropriated funds for the Municipal Solid Waste Facilities Cease and Transfer Program and sets a limit on the amount to be expended. The bill establishes a prioritized list of projects for the program and authorizes the Department of Environmental Quality with limited discretionary authority to modify that prioritized list. The bill also repeals the previous authorized priority list of cease and transfer projects.
HB0028-16LSO-0105 Cease and transfer program local government funding.
This bill allows the State Loan and Investment Board to issue grants and loans totaling up to one hundred percent (100%) of total project costs under the Municipal Solid Waste Facilities Cease and Transfer Program for local operators who have exhausted other funding sources.
HB0061-16LSO-0177 Small business innovation research-matching funds.
This bill creates the Small Business Innovation Research Matching Funds Program to provide grants to Wyoming based technology startup companies. It requires that the Program be administered by the Wyoming Business Council in consultation with the University of Wyoming Research Office. The bill establishes eligibility requirements for the Program and requires repayment of funds if a recipient fails to maintain a significant relationship with the State. The bill also creates the Small Business Innovation Research Matching Funds Account. The bill appropriates the remaining balance (approximately $611,000.00) of the Science, Technology and Energy Authority Account to the Small Business Innovation Research Matching Funds Account.
SF0043-16LSO-0058 Workforce Investment Act statutory reference amendments.
This bill updates statutory references related to the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 to reflect Congress' passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
HB0054-16LSO-0059 Treasury offset program statutory reference amendments.
This bill would amend the permissible collection methods available to the Department of Workforce Services for improperly paid unemployment compensation benefits to include offset of federal tax refunds as allowed by the United States Treasury through its treasury offset program.
SF0044-16LSO-0060 Obsolete statutory language-health care.
This bill amends and repeals obsolete statutory language related to healthcare. The bill amends the duties of the Office of Rural Health, amends emergency medical technician licensing provisions, amends emergency medical technician licensing fees and the allocation of the fees, provides for temporary emergency medical technician licensure during emergencies and amends the newborn metabolic screening program. The bill also repeals the Department of Health's advisory council, repeals provisions related to the regulation of clinical laboratories and blood banks and repeals misplaced provisions regarding license restrictions.
HB0059-16LSO-0061 Health care-statutory compliance.
This bill would make a number of statutory amendments and repeals related to health care and administration of the Department of Health. The bill amends the child health insurance program, specifies that the Department of Health must administer a state supplemental security income program, provides clarifying definitions, specifies where an application for medical assistance must be filed, specifies that the Department of Health must administer claims against an estate for services provided through Medicaid and repeals provisions related to the qualification of parents and guardians for child health insurance program benefits.
SF0057-16LSO-0062 Freestanding emergency center.
This bill makes free standing emergency centers operated by a licensed hospital, special hospital district or rural health care district exempt from Department of Health licensure. The exemption for special hospital districts and rural health care districts requires that the districts have an agreement with a licensed hospital for the transfer of stabilized patients. The licensure exemption for hospital districts and rural health care districts expires on July 1, 2019.
SF0049-16LSO-0070 Direct primary care-insurance exemption.
This bill makes direct primary care agreements exempt from insurance regulation. Direct primary care agreements are written agreements between a patient and a health care provider which describe health care services to be provided in exchange for the payment of a periodic fee and without seeking reimbursement from the patient's insurance or other third parties.
HB0055-16LSO-0127 Nurse Licensure Compact-1.
This bill would adopt the Nurse Licensure Compact for Wyoming. Entering into the Compact would allow nurses licensed in one compact state, including Wyoming, to exercise a multistate licensure privilege in other states that are a party to the Compact. The Board of Nursing would be required to administer the Compact. This bill is similar to 16 LSO 157- Advanced Practice Nurse Licensure Compact and contains provisions which accommodate passage of 16 LSO 157.
HB0063-16LSO-0131 Health Care Facility Receivership Act.
This bill would create the Health Care Facility Receivership Act. The bill establishes procedures and standards for a court to appoint the Director of the Department of Health, or his designee, as the receiver of a Wyoming health care facility that is unlicensed or that presents an imminent danger to its patients. The bill establishes the powers and duties of the receiver, provides immunity and liability limits and provides for termination of the receivership. The bill also establishes a priority for the payment of claims made to the receiver.
SF0058-16LSO-0132 Involuntary hospitalization and treatment.
This bill provides a treatment alternative for mentally ill persons who qualify to be involuntarily committed under Title 25 of the Wyoming Statutes. The bill would create a directed outpatient treatment option for those patients which would avoid full commitment to the Wyoming State Hospital. The bill also amends procedures related to convalescent leave for involuntarily committed persons and clarifies provisions related to a county's obligations to pay for involuntary hospitalization and treatment.
SF0045-16LSO-0133 Rural health care districts-authority.
This bill would grant rural health care districts the same authority to generate revenues, including the ability to issue revenue bonds, as currently exists for special hospital districts. The bill also requires competitive bidding for rural health care district construction projects, requires rental and service charges for the use of facilities funded through district securities, specifies the authority of rural health care districts to own hospitals and related facilities, specifies duties of the district's trustees and revises the timing of the proposition to continue or change a mill levy.
HB0060-16LSO-0142 State health facility missions-statutory compliance.
This bill would amend statutes related to health care facilities operated by the Department of Health. The bill amends qualifications to receive services from state health care facilities, including the Wyoming Life Resource Center. The bill preserves the right of current residents at the Life Recourse Center to continue receiving care. The bill clarifies the mission of the Life Resource Center and Wyoming Veterans' Home, specifies applicable federal standards for rulemaking, updates obsolete language and exempts state operated health care facilities from limits on expansion.
HB0056-16LSO-0157 Advanced Practice Nurse Licensure Compact.
This bill would adopt the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact for Wyoming. Entering into the Compact would allow advanced practice registered nurses licensed in one Compact state, including Wyoming, to exercise a multistate licensure privilege in other states that are party to the Compact. The Board of Nursing would be required to administer the Compact. This bill is similar to 16 LSO 127-Nurse Licensure Compact-1 and contains provisions which accommodate passage of 16 LSO 127.
HB0074-16LSO-0158 Upper payment limit program-public nursing homes.
This bill would require the Department of Health to seek a state Medicaid plan amendment. The amendment would allow nursing care facilities who partner with government-owned health care facilities to pay into a state fund. Monies in the fund would be used to obtain reimbursements from Medicaid. Once received, the reimbursements would be combined with the original payments and distributed back to the nursing care facilities who paid into the fund. Distributions would be made in an amount necessary to compensate nursing care facilities up to the upper payment limit set by applicable federal law.
SF0056-16LSO-0165 Dietitian reimbursement.
This bill would amend Wyoming's Medical Assistance and Services Act to allow services rendered by a licensed dietician to qualify for Medicaid reimbursement.
SF0061-16LSO-0249 Occupational Health and Safety Act-civil penalties.
This bill removes existing civil penalty amounts for violations of the Wyoming Occupational Health and Safety Act and gives the Occupational Health and Safety Commission the authority to establish the penalties by rule in an amount not to exceed specified federal penalties.
HB0057-16LSO-0259 Upper payment limit program-private hospitals.
This bill would establish the Private Hospital Assessment Act. The Act would require the Department of Health to seek a state Medicaid plan amendment. The amendment would require all public hospitals to pay into a fund. Monies in the fund would be used to obtain reimbursements from Medicaid. Once received, the reimbursements would be combined with the original assessments and distributed back to the private hospitals. Distributions would be made in an amount necessary to compensate private hospitals up to an upper payment limit set by applicable federal law.
SF0060-16LSO-0278 Public health nursing.
This bill would repeal temporary statutes and enact permanent statutes allowing public health nursing cooperation between the state and the counties. The bill provides three options by which a county and the state can enter into agreements, depending on the option selected, to provide public health nursing services in the county. The bill allows counties two years in which to switch options and provides employment classification, employee benefit and budgeting details necessary for each available option.
HB0018-16LSO-0220 Wolves and grizzly bears-limited state action.
This bill would prohibit Game and Fish personnel and law enforcement officers from assisting federal officials in the investigation, arrest or prosecution of any person who kills or injures a Gray Wolf or Grizzly Bear, if the animal is listed as an experimental nonessential population, endangered species or threatened species under federal law.
HB0019-16LSO-0207 Statewide student assessment.
This bill would modify the statewide student assessment system in accordance with recommendations from the Assessment Taskforce. The modifications would include revisions to the statewide student summative assessment, the college placement assessment, the job skills assessment, the benchmark adaptive assessment and interim assessments.
SF0032-16LSO-0208 Alternative school accountability.
This bill would continue exemption of alternative schools from the school level accountability ratings (Phase I) and would continue the work of the Technical Advisory Committee to make a comprehensive recommendation for a school level accountability system appropriate for alternative schools.
SF0015-16LSO-0209 Hathaway scholarship eligibility.
This bill would replace specific ACT score requirements for Hathaway Scholarship Program awards with equivalent national percentile rankings.
SF0031-16LSO-0254 Omnibus water bill-planning.
This bill is the water planning bill. The bill authorizes specified level I and level II water project studies and provides appropriations from water account I and water account II.
HB0041-16LSO-0255 Omnibus water bill-construction.
This is the water construction bill. The bill authorizes new water construction projects and provides appropriations from water account I and water account II. The bill also makes amendments to existing projects and provides additional appropriations where required.
HB0075-16LSO-0064 Professional licensure boards.
This bill amends general procedures for professional licensing boards. It would permit the Department of Audit or an independent audit firm to audit Wyoming's licensing boards, amend audit criteria and specify how periodic audit intervals are to be determined. The bill also would apply uniform licensure board compensation to the Board of Funeral Service Practitioners.
HB0020-16LSO-0120 State public purpose investments-reporting.
This bill would require the State Treasurer, in consultation with other administering agencies, to annually report to the Select Committee on Capital Financing and Investments all public purpose investments. The bill also would impose a duty on the Select Committee on Capital Financing and Investments to monitor public purpose investments.
HB0021-16LSO-0121 State public purpose investments-revisions.
This bill would repeal the Guarantee Program for Local Government Bonds, the Area Redevelopment Program, the Lamb Processing Facility Loan Program and the Student Loan Standby Commitment Program. The bill also would sunset the University of Wyoming Advance Payment Contact Program and the School District Bond Guarantee Program on July 1, 2020. In addition, the bill would make conforming amendments and clarify terms for Hydro-Power Development Loans.
SF0063-16LSO-0181 Economic development programs-revisions.
This bill would amend the Large Project Economic Development Loan Program to authorize the State to make loans until June 30, 2019. The bill would require loan applicants to provide twenty-five percent of the total project cost from nonstate funding sources and would require applicants to pay the costs of employing experts to evaluate and negotiate loans or loan guarantees. The bill also amends the Industrial Development Bond Program and sunsets authority for the State to invest in Industrial Development Bonds on July 1, 2016.
SF0026-16LSO-0226 Lapsing of appropriated funds-amendments.
This bill would amend and clarify the process for the State Auditor and state agencies to identify and revert unexpended appropriations. The bill amends timelines for reverting and reporting unexpended appropriations.
HB0009-16LSO-0258 Tribal license plates.
This bill would authorize the issuance of distinctive Eastern Shoshone Indian tribe license plates and distinctive Northern Arapaho Indian tribe license plates. This bill specifies the design of the plates, the procedure for applying for the plates and provides for the termination of the plates if 500 sets are not issued before December 31, 2024.
SF0029-16LSO-0159 Legislator participation in state benefit plans.
This bill would explicitly authorize state legislators to participate in the state deferred compensation plan. Legislators would not receive the state contribution of $20 per month. The bill would also explicitly prohibit state legislator participation in the state retirement and group health plans (which is the current status). Participation in those plans by a state legislator in a different capacity (e.g. as a teacher) would not be affected.
SF0030-16LSO-0161 Initiative review process.
This bill provides that initiatives submitted to the Secretary of State must be in a form required by statutes for bills. If they are not in that form, the Secretary of State is to provide an example of the correct format and the governing statute. Failure of the final submittal to meet the format is stated as a reason to deny certification. The bill also abates the time period for review and holding a conference on an initiative if those actions fall due during a legislative session.
SF0002-16LSO-0187 Attorney general opinions-legislative request.
This bill specifies a process in seeking an Attorney General opinion by members of the legislative branch. Individual legislators could request opinions on specific factual ethical questions confronting the legislator personally. Requests during a legislative session would come from either house as provided by the rules of each body. Requests during the interim would come from the Management Council.
HB0029-16LSO-0227 Revisor's bill.
This bill addresses errors and omissions in previous legislation.
HB0030-16LSO-0228 Obsolete laws.
This bill amends or repeals provisions of law which have become obsolete, due to passage of time, changes in federal laws, etc.
HB0050-16LSO-0229 Appropriation for the legislature.
This bill contains appropriations for the legislature and the legislative service office for the 2017-2018 fiscal biennium.
HB0027-16LSO-0323 Legislative oversight.
This bill updates references in laws concerning the legislature and the capitol to make clear those laws apply when operating in a temporary facility. It also changes the due date for the annual report produced by the Legislative Service Office.