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The 2017 General Session adjourned March 3. The 2018 Budget Session will convene February 12.

Interim Calendar (Next Two Weeks)

October 23-24: Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee, Casper
October 25: Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee, Casper
October 26-27: Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee, Newcastle
October 27: Appropriations Committee, Casper
October 30: Select Committee on School Facilities, Casper
November 2-3: Select Water Committee, Casper
November 6-7: Revenue Committee, Cheyenne
November 6-7: Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee, Cheyenne
November 7: Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group, Cheyenne

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2017 Interim Committee Topics

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Legislative Editor - Budget/Fiscal

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