Information Technology Section

The Information Technology (IT) Section provides computer hardware and software support and development for the Wyoming legislative branch of government. Staff members are responsible for providing computer support for LSO staff, session staff, and legislators. This section is also responsible for maintaining the legislative website. The Select Technology Committee provides direction to the section regarding technology issues. Services provided by the staff include: purchase of equipment and software, maintenance of equipment, computer support and training for legislators and staff, maintenance of the bill drafting and tracking system, maintenance of the roll call voting system, maintenance of the legislative website and intranet, and development of new systems. These services are discussed in more detail in the sections below.

Equipment Maintenance

The section is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all hardware and software used by the Legislature. We maintain the Legislature’s Novell Network with about 30 full-time workstations attached. During the legislative sessions, we maintain an additional 40 workstations on the network. We also maintain the wireless network for legislator use. This wireless network allows legislators to have faster access to information while in the Capitol Building.

Computer Support

We provide computer support to LSO staff, session staff, and legislators. We also train staff and legislators to use the hardware and software systems maintained by the Legislature. Until the 2001 General Session, staff members only provided computer support to the LSO and to session staff. During that session, the Legislature appropriated money to buy laptop computers for all legislators and authorized additional positions within the section to provide support for the new computers.

System Maintenance

The major systems we maintain include the bill drafting/tracking system and the roll call vote system. The bill drafting/tracking system allows the LSO Legal Division to draft bills, amendments, joint conference committee reports, and bill summaries. The system is used by the Budget and Fiscal Division to prepare fiscal notes and is used to assign bill numbers to the bills. Session staff use this system to track the progress of bills as they work their way through the process. The system generates a variety of reports for the public including the purple sheet, the white sheet, the daily calendars, digest records and bill title reports. The roll call voting system allows the chief clerks to take roll call votes and transfers the votes automatically to the bill tracking system.

Website Maintenance

We are responsible for maintaining the legislative website ( Legislative information available on the website includes: Wyoming state statutes, House and Senate committee lists, information relating to current and previous sessions, information concerning interim legislative activities such as topics assigned for committee study, meeting schedules and minutes of meetings, and a variety of documents produced by LSO staff. We encourage the public to use this useful resource of legislative information.

Legislative Intranet

In addition to maintaining the regular website, the IT staff has established a legislative intranet site that allows legislators to access information in a way that will help you more effectively and efficiently accomplish you legislative duties. The intranet site allows legislators access to information associated with the legislative process including: bills, amendments, fiscal notes, statutes, votes, committee meeting notices, and committee meeting minutes. The site also offers legislators the ability to organize activities related to the legislative process and allows them to customize the site to fit personal preferences, to easily track certain bills, to access public and private calendars of events, to receive notification of significant events, to attach personal notes to each individual bill, and to communicate with other legislators electronically.