Audio Broadcasts Troubleshooting Suggestions

When you click on the link for MS Windows computer, the audio should begin playing after a brief delay.

If you do not hear the audio after awhile, you can try clicking on the Launch External Player link which will use the player your computer has been set to use for mp3 files. It is possible that the audio will load when you first click on the link, and then if you click on the Launch External Player link, you will actually hear two recordings at once.

If this is the case, close the external player and use the embedded player.

If you do not hear any sound, or get an error message, the House, Senate, or JAC may be adjourned (not in session), at recess (will return later in the day), or at ease for more than 15 minutes.

If you hear some background noise, but no voices, the bodies are likely at ease, but the system will remain on.

If you are having trouble hearing floor debate through the streaming audio link, there are a couple of troubleshooting hints you may try:

1. Make sure you have a program on your PC that is capable of playing MP3 files. Windows Media player can play these files, but you will have to check to make sure it is set as your default MP3 player.

2. Check to make sure the volume is not set to "Mute" on your PC and the volume is turned up on your speakers;

3. You may need to adjust your audio settings in Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Settings.

4. Check the settings for your media player program on your computer.