Legislator Information

2017 Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group
SenatorPartyDistrict Notes
Eli Bebout R S26 Chairman
Fred Emerich R S05
Drew Perkins R S29
Christopher Rothfuss D S09

RepresentativePartyDistrict Notes
Catherine Connolly D H13
Steve Harshman R H37
David Miller R H55
Robert Nicholas R H08
Statutory Authority: 2014 SF103 [Ch 40] 2017 SF77
Number of Members:
4 Members from the Senate; 4 Members from the House; Governor, State Treasurer and 2 persons appointed by the Governor from a list of 4 names submitted jointly by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House
Other Members:
Governor Mead - Chairman, State Treasurer Gordon, Tony Ross and Phil Nicholas