Legislator Information

2014 Management Audit Committee
SenatorPartyDistrict Notes
Stan Cooper R S14
Floyd Esquibel D S08
Wayne Johnson R S06
Phil Nicholas R S10
Tony Ross R S04
John Schiffer R S22 Deceased 6/19/2014
Charles Scott R S30 Effective 7/8/2014

RepresentativePartyDistrict Notes
David Miller R H55 Chairman
Catherine Connolly D H13
Dan Kirkbride R H04 Effective 2/12/2014
Thomas Lockhart R H57
Michael Madden R H40
Sue Wallis R H52 Deceased 1/29/2014
Statutory Authority: W.S. 28-8-107(a)
Number of Members:
11 members overall; 5 appointed by the President of the Senate; 5 appointed by Speaker of the House; 1 "wild card" selected by the other 10
No more than 4 of the 5 from the same political party