Legislator Information

2009 Management Council
SenatorPartyDistrict Notes
John Hines R S23 Chairman
Jim Anderson R S02
John Hastert D S13
Curtis Meier R S03
Tony Ross R S04
Kathryn Sessions D S07

RepresentativePartyDistrict Notes
Colin Simpson R H24 Vice Chair
Edward Buchanan R H04
W. Patrick Goggles D H33
Pete Jorgensen D H16
Tom Lubnau R H31
Erin Mercer R H53 Resigned Seat in House 8/12/2009
Saundra Meyer D S15 Removed after appointment to Senate 07/31/2009
Frank Philp R H34
Mary Throne D H11
Statutory Authority: W.S. 28-8-102
Number of Members:
13 members overall; 1 appointed by the management council (wild card)