Legislator Information

2009 Select Committee on Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
SenatorPartyDistrict Notes
Kenneth Decaria D S15 Resigned effective 07/31/09
Daniel Dockstader R S16
Rick Hunnicutt R S05
Austin "Kit" Jennings R S28
Mike Massie D S09
Saundra Meyer D S15 Assigned after appointment to Senate 07/31/2009
Ray Peterson R S19

RepresentativePartyDistrict Notes
Joseph Barbuto D H48 Assigned to committee 10/13/09
Robert Brechtel R H38
Keith Gingery R H23
W. Patrick Goggles D H33
Timothy Hallinan R H32
Jack Landon R H30
Saundra Meyer D S15 Removed after appointment to Senate 07/31/2009