2017 Committees & Interim Activities

 Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee

 Bill Drafts 
NOTE: Until bill drafts are approved by committee, they are considered Working Drafts. These bills are in Acrobat PDF format.
18LSO-0102-0.6 - Orphan site remediation funding. (Updated:10/9/2017)
18LSO-0101-0.3 - Cease and transfer priority list. (Updated:10/11/2017)
18LSO-0103-0.4 - Financial assurance-class I and V UIC wells. (Updated:10/11/2017)
18LSO-0176-0.3 - Large project account modifications. (Updated:10/12/2017)
18LSO-0178-0.5 - Commercial air service improvement plan and council. (Updated:10/16/2017)
18LSO-0179-0.5 - Limited and small mines-amendments. (Updated:10/10/2017)
18LSO-0180-0.5 - Public purpose infrastructure loans-political subdivsions. (Updated:10/9/2017)
18LSO-0181-0.6 - Biennial energy strategy. (Updated:10/10/2017)
18LSO-0207-0.7 - Investment of public funds-fixed interest bearing deposits. (Updated:10/12/2017)
18LSO-0234-0.4 - Limited and small mines-amendments-2. (Updated:10/9/2017)