2015 Committees & Interim Activities

 Each standing committee in each house is combined with its counterpart in the opposite house to form a joint interim committee which will study assigned topics during the interim between the sessions of the legislature.

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Leadership & Management
Management Council

Other Committees, Councils & Commissions
Advanced Conversion Technologies Task Force
Advisory Task Force on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration
Capitol Complex Art Advisory Committee
Department of Family Services Advisory Council
Department of Health Advisory Council
Education Commission of the States
Energy Council
Enhanced and Improved Oil Recovery Commission
Financial Advisory Council
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Interstate Compact on Students of Military Families
Joint Legislative and Executive Task Force on Department of Health Facilities
Joint Subcommittee on Economic Development
Joint Subcommittee to Review Title 25 Issues
Legislative Artwork Donation Program Committee
Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement Cooperating Committee
Sage Grouse Implementation Team
State Building Commission Liaison
State Employee Compensation Commission
State Land Exchange Advisory Panel
State Retirement Board Liaison
State Workforce Investment Board
UW Energy Resource Council
Wyoming Court Security Commission