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Revenue and Expenditure Information from Summer 2010 Presentations

December 2009 - January 2010  Budget Hearing Schedule

2011 - 2012 Budget Hearing Audio Files

2009 Interim Meeting Audio Files

2009 Supplemental Budget Hearings Audio Files

2009 Budget Fiscal Databook

2009-2010 Budget Hearing Audio Files

2007-2008 Supplemental Budget Hearing Audio Files


2005-2006 Budget Hearings Audio Files

Explanation of Budget Process

Wyoming Severance Taxes and Federal Mineral Royalties

Fiscal Profile
Explanation of Fiscal Profile
Fiscal Profile
Consensus Revenue Estimating Group (CREG)
Explanation of CREG
CREG Information(reports etc.)
Economic/Demographic Information
Link to Economic Analysis Division Website
Revenue Updates
April Update
July Update

Statutory Changes Affecting State Taxation

Mineral Tax History & Incentives
Significant Statutory Changes Affecting State Taxation


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