The  Legislature  of the  State  of  Wyoming


The Wyoming Legislature has relocated to the Jonah Business Center at 3001 E. Pershing Blvd: Driving Directions Building Map

The 2015 General Session adjourned March 6. The 2016 Budget Session will begin February 8 at the Jonah Business Center.

The Legislative Service Office will be closed November 26th for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Interim Calendar (Next Two Weeks)

November 30: Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group, Cheyenne
November 30: Joint Subcommittee to Review Title 25 Issues, Cheyenne
November 30-1: Select Committee on Tribal Relations, Lander
December 1: Capitol Building Restoration Oversight Group, Cheyenne
December 1: Joint Legislative and Executive Task Force on Department of Health Facilities, Cheyenne
December 2: Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee, Cheyenne
December 7-18: Appropriations Committee, Cheyenne
December 14: Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability, Jackson
December 14-15: Education Committee, Jackson

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