Summary of Committee Sponsored Bills for the 2017 General Session

The following, except as specifically noted, have been approved for introduction by a Committee. Not all drafts are in final form. Nor have all been assigned a House Bill or Senate File number at this time. If a House or Senate designation appears without a number, the draft has been approved for introduction in that body, but a number has not yet been assigned. For those House Bills and Senate Files and for drafts still under consideration, the number referenced is the 2017 LSO draft number and some changes may be made to the referenced draft depending on the latest Committee action. One caveat – this summary has been prepared solely to provide a very quick overview of bills being sponsored by the various committees. In order to keep the overview short, the summaries are acknowledged to be incomplete and make no attempt to address all aspects of the bills. The entire bill must be read if a person wishes to know its full contents and effect.

SF0042-17LSO-0003 Opiate overdose emergency treatment.
This bill authorizes pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe opiate antagonist medication to counteract drug overdoses. The bill also authorizes physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe opiate antagonist medication by standing order. The bill provides personal immunity from civil or criminal liability for persons who administer or prescribe opiate antagonist medication.
SF0030-17LSO-0004 Jail placement coordination.
This bill authorizes a sheriff, with the appoval of the board of county commissioners, to contract with other states or governmental entities in other states to house out-of-state prisoners in a Wyoming county jail.
HB0016-17LSO-0007 Small claims appearance fee.
This bill removes the requirement that a four dollar ($4.00) small claims appearance fee be deposited with the small claims court and taxed to the party against whom judgment is rendered.
SF0031-17LSO-0053 Genetic information privacy.
This bill prohibits a person conducting genetic analysis from collecting, retaining and disclosing genetic information about an individual without the informed consent of the individual or the individual's authorized representative. The bill provides exceptions. The bill also authorizes an individual or the individual's authorized representative to inspect, correct and obtain genetic information and provides for the destruction of genetic information. The bill specifies criminal penalties for violations and provides for a civil right of action.
SF0032-17LSO-0054 Peace officer recordings.
This bill limits access to information obtained through a peace officer audio or video recording under the Wyoming Public Records Act, except where there is a compelling public interest as determined by court order. The bill provides that the recorded information is available to law enforcement and public agencies for the purpose of conducting official business and to persons who are the subject of the recording.
SF0033-17LSO-0056 Computer extortion.
This bill creates the criminal offense of computer extortion. A person is guilty of computer extortion if he knowingly and without authorization introduces, or directs or induces another to introduce, any ransomware into a computer, computer system or computer network which requires the payment of money or other consideration for the removal of the ransomware or for the repair of any damage caused by the ransomware. The bill specifies the penalties for computer extortion and authorizes the Division of Criminal Investigation to investigate suspected violations of computer extortion and computer trespass.
HB0018-17LSO-0099 Child abuse or neglect in military families.
This bill requires the Department of Family Services and local protection agencies to inquire into the military status of a child or a person responsible for the welfare of a child in a suspected case of child abuse or neglect. The bill requires child abuse and neglect incidents to be reported to the state judge advocate for the Wyoming Military Department when a child in a suspected case is enrolled in the United States Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System or when the person responsible for the welfare of the child is a member of the armed forces.
HB0094-17LSO-0153 Criminal justice reform.
This bill amends statutory provisions related to sentencing, probation, parole, and credits for behavior. The bill provides alternative conditions for probation or sentence suspensions, authorizes alternative procedures to address violations of parole, probation and sentence suspension conditions, and amends provisions relating to rewards and sanctions. The bill also amends the powers and duties of a corrections board.
HB0015-17LSO-0193 Sex offender registration fees and penalties.
This bill authorizes the Division of Criminal Investigation to establish, by rules, initial fees for sex offender registration, not to exceed a state fee of eighty dollars ($80.00) and a county fee of twenty dollars ($20.00), in addition to annual, biannual and quarterly reporting fees, not to exceed a state fee of sixty dollars ($60.00) and a county fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00). The bill provides exemptions for offenders who are imprisoned or indigent. The failure to pay a required fee is a misdemeanor.
HB0017-17LSO-0218 Adult protective orders-time limit extension.
This bill extends the time period for which a court may order emergency protective services for a vulnerable adult from seventy-two (72) hours to thirty (30) days.
HB0001 and SF0001 General Appropriations Bill.
The budget bill will be introduced as a mirror bill in the House and Senate.
HB0058-17LSO-0147 School facilities appropriations.
This bill would appropriate an additional $80,366,889 for capital construction, land leases, unanticipated costs, charter school leases, demolition projects and emergency projects. Up to $300,000 would be expended for most cost effective remedy studies as approved by the School Facilities Commission. Of these funds, $80,000,000 is from LSRA. Section 2 of the bill requires the study of the allocation of funds for major maintenance under W.S. 21-15-109(c). This expenditure will be made from the existing 900 series money appropriated in the 2016 Budget Session to the Department.
HB0045-17LSO-0204 Judicial branch budget processes.
This bill requires the state courts to submit standard and supplemental budget requests to the legislature not later than November 1 of the year preceding the fiscal year in which the standard or supplemental budget is to take effect and requires the courts to prepare all personal services budget requests using the same methods and practices as the executive branch. This bill codifies a provision previously contained in the General Appropriations Bill.
SF0047-17LSO-0205 State institution revenue accounts.
This bill creates accounts for the support of specified state institutions. The funds from these accounts may come from any monies and incomes granted or generated for the support of the institution. This bill codifies a provision previously contained in the General Appropriations Bill.
SF0041-17LSO-0206 Enterprise technology services amendments.
This bill amends the procedures of the Department of Enterprise Technologies to include: requiring application to the federal universal service fund and deposit of those funds in the school foundation account; providing conditions for replacement of computers; providing conditions and limitations on a state government unified telecommunications network. This bill codifies a provision previously contained in the General Appropriations Bill.
SF0052-17LSO-0207 Fund balance definition.
This bill adopts a definition for the terms "fund balance," "unappropriated fund balance" or "unobligated, unencumbered fund balance” in Title 9, Chapter 2, Article 10, which controls the state budgeting process. This bill codifies a provision previously contained in the General Appropriations Bill.
HB0059-17LSO-0208 Higher education fiscal procedure amendments.
This bill amends specified higher education fiscal procedures, including: providing for submittal of an exception budget request for health insurance funding for the community college commission as specified; providing that state matching funds for specified higher education endowment accounts shall only be made available to the extent contributions are actually received by the higher education institution. This bill codifies a provision previously contained in the General Appropriations Bill.
SF0050-17LSO-0210 Civics educational programs.
This act allows the department of state parks and cultural resources to establish and support educational programs which promote or develop civics, Wyoming history and other aspects of Wyoming culture and natural resources as provided by the legislature.
SF0051-17LSO-0394 Approval of water funds transfer.
This act requires legislative approval prior to the Water Development Commission transferring funds between water accounts.
HB0079-17LSO-0413 State funds equity investments pool.
This bill is allowed under the new amendment to Article 16, Section 12 of the Wyoming Constitution. This bill: creates the statutory trust fund investment pool; specifies the maximum percentage of the pool which the state treasurer may invest in equities at not to exceed 60% of the monies in each fund comprising the pool; requires the state loan and investment pool to review the investment policy for each fund in the pool annually; and specifies the state funds to be included in the pool, including The Wyoming tobacco settlement trust fund, Wyoming wildlife and natural resource trust account, Wyoming cultural trust fund, the Wyoming public television matching funds account and trust account within the Wyoming game 17 and fish fund created by W.S. 23-1-501(f). This act requires a 2/3 majority vote of all members of both houses voting separately to pass the legislature.
SF0009-17LSO-0038 Certification of cases to state board of equalization.
This bill provides a method for county boards of equalization to certify cases directly to the state board of equalization.
SF0010-17LSO-0039 County boards of equalization.
This bill removes and updates obsolete language related to the operation of county boards of equalization.
SF0023-17LSO-0040 Fuel tax appeals.
This bill provides that appeals of fuel tax decisions from the Department of Transportation shall be made to the State Board of Equalization. The bill also specifies that appeals from a fuel tax decision made by the State Board shall be made to the Laramie County District Court.
SF0011-17LSO-0041 License revocation process.
This bill revises the process for liquor license suspension or revocation. The bill also revises the process for sales tax license revocation and designates the State Board of Equalization as the tribunal for appeals from both types of license revocations.
HB0012-17LSO-0044 Tax exemption repeals.
This bill repeals the following sales and use tax exemptions: sales of lodging services provided by a person known to the trade and public as a guide or outfitter; the sale of the service of transmitting radio waves to a one-way paging unit owned or rented by a service subscriber; the sale or lease of any aircraft used in a Federal Aviation Administration commercial operation; and the sale of equipment used to construct a new coal gasification or coal liquefaction facility.
HB0010-17LSO-0201 Oil and gas tax reporting.
This bill makes the operator of an oil or gas well or property responsible for reporting the production from that well or property for tax assessment purposes, instead of the owner of production. The bill requires the owner of production to report certain information to the operator. If the owner does not report the information to the operator, the production that they own would be assessed based on the information provided by the operator.
SF0022-17LSO-0202 Notice of valuation change reporting.
This bill authorizes the Department of Revenue to suspend the processing of amended oil and gas returns for the ad valorem tax on production if the amendment is ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or less, until all suspended returns from that taxpayer total one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) or more, or until December 31 of each calendar year.
HB0011-17LSO-0203 Discounted cash flow implementation process.
This bill requires the Department of Revenue to study the legal and regulatory changes necessary to implement the use of discounted cash flow valuation for the ad valorem tax on oil and gas production by 2020. The bill requires the Department to provide periodic reports on the results of the study with a final report due November 30, 2019.
HB0019-17LSO-0215 Sales from remote sellers.
This bill provides that a remote seller without a physical presence in Wyoming shall be required to remit sales tax as if the seller has a physical presence in the state if the seller in any year has Wyoming sales that total one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) or two hundred (200) separate transactions. The bill provides a process for the Department of Revenue to bring a declaratory judgment action against a remote seller and provides for an injunction against collection of the tax during the action.
HB0082-17LSO-0489 Local optional sales and use taxes.
This bill clarifies that local optional sales and use taxes may be imposed through separate propositions submitted to the voters.
SF0020-17LSO-0011 Student digital information privacy.
This bill prohibits an officer or employee of a school district from requiring access to a student’s digital information account. It provides exceptions for: conducting investigations to ensure compliance with applicable law or school policies against student misconduct; requesting or receiving consent from a student or an unemancipated minor student’s parent or guardian to observe account contents; viewing information about a student that is publicly available or self-reported; and obtaining a student's electronic device for information technology support. This bill also requires an officer or school district employee who gains access to a student's account to notify the student's parent or legal guardian under specified circumstances.
HB0008-17LSO-0012 Student data privacy, security and transparency.
This bill requires the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to: prohibit in the state data privacy and security plan the transfer of student data to private entities or organizations; include in the state data privacy and security plan standards and protocols to remove personally identifiable information to provide for data collection and analysis without disclosing the identity of the student whose data is being collected; and establish guidelines for the collection, access, privacy, security and use of student data by school districts. This bill also requires boards of trustees to adopt and enforce policies on the collection, access, privacy, security and use of student data in accordance with the guidelines established by the State Superintendent.
HB0009-17LSO-0051 Student ownership and privacy rights.
This bill specifies digital data ownership and privacy rights of University of Wyoming (UW) and community college students whose digital data is stored or transmitted on UW or community college devices or servers.
SF0034-17LSO-0052 Student Personal Digital Information Protection Act.
This bill prohibits an operator of a website, software, service or application used for preschool through grade twelve (12) purposes from: using student data to engage in behaviorally targeted advertising on the operator’s site, software, service or application; using information created or gathered by the operator’s site, software, service or application to amass a profile about a student; and selling, trading or disclosing student data. This bill provides exceptions for when an operator may disclose or use student data and specifies duties of an operator in creating or gathering student data.
HB0038-17LSO-0092 School finance-interfund borrowing.
This bill eliminates the interest charged for funds borrowed from the Common School Account within the Permanent Land Fund to provide cash flow for the School Foundation Program Account. It also requires districts to repay such funds by June 15 of the applicable school year.
SF0035-17LSO-0094 Virtual education.
This bill modifies requirements for the delivery of virtual education. It establishes an advisory committee that will recommend modifications to virtual education rules, policies, practices and procedures and advise districts on how to improve the delivery of virtual education. It also appropriates $250,000 to the Department of Education to establish a centralized learning management system (CLMS), which districts may use in providing virtual education. The Department is required to report expenditures of this appropriation to the Joint Education and Appropriations Interim Committees. The Department is also required to promulgate rules on the CMLS and professional development requirements for teachers who teach virtual education courses.
HB0039-17LSO-0129 Education-resident tuition reimbursement.
This bill concerns payments to a local district with resident students attending school out of state. The local district will be reimbursed from the school foundation program account for the full amount of tuition assessed by the out-of-state district. The local district must submit to the Department of Education a report verifying payments to and documenting the number of pupils attending the out-of-state district. The Department must distribute payments to eligible districts on or before May 15 of the applicable school year, together with the districts' foundation payments.
HB0041-17LSO-0214 Court ordered placements-age restrictions.
This bill modifies the age restrictions on provisions related to court-ordered placements of children in private residential treatment facilities, group homes, day treatment programs and juvenile detention facilities. The age restrictions are changed from six (6) years old through twenty (25) years old to five (5) years old through twenty-one (21) years old, unless otherwise provided by law. The bill also adds references related to children in need of supervision alongside existing references related to delinquent children.
HB0042-17LSO-0230 Education-state board of education membership.
This bill modifies the State Board of Education's membership to include the President of the University of Wyoming or his or her designee as a nonvoting, ex-officio member.
SF0037-17LSO-0270 Education-Hathaway scholarship program-2.
This bill modifies Hathaway Scholarship Success Curriculum requirements. It provides for the weighting of grade point averages to account for the academic rigor of high school courses in accordance with Department of Education rules and regulations for purposes of determining Hathaway Scholarship eligibility. It also requires the Department to study options to further incentivize completion of the Hathaway Scholarship Success Curriculum and to report recommendations derived from that study to the Joint Education Interim Committee.
HB0024-17LSO-0047 Water commission duties.
This bill clarifies that the Water Development Commission has the authority to delegate duties to the Water Development Office with the approval of the Office.
SF0003-17LSO-0057 Select water committee review of projects.
This bill provides that, when reviewing water projects, the Legislature's Select Water Committee may make recommendations to any interested party as determined necessary by the Committee.
HB0025-17LSO-0069 Dry bean commission member terms.
This bill specifies that, after the initial election of the Dry Bean Commission, all future elected members will serve four (4) year terms.
HB0026-17LSO-0071 Bark beetle-program funding.
This bill allows for expenditures by the State Forester from the Emergency Fire Suppression Account for bark beetle mitigation projects. Expenditures are subject to the availability of funds and approval by the Governor.
SF0004-17LSO-0103 Water projects-map and plat filing requirements.
This bill relocates filing requirements for small reservoir projects from Title 33 to Title 41 in the Wyoming Statutes and makes minor adjustments to those requirements. The bill also specifies filing requirements for other water appropriation projects.
SF0027-17LSO-0045 State archives-amendments.
This bill amends provisions related to the reproduction, storage, transfer and disposition of public records, including electronic public records. The bill authorizes State Archives and the Records Committee to establish standards and best practices on scanning and microfilming, transferring records, records management and digital preservation of public records.
SF0025-17LSO-0060 Wildlife location and research information-confidentiality.
This bill specifies that records, data and information of a proprietary nature obtained by the Game and Fish Department and not publicly released are not public records but may be disclosed as the Department director deems necessary. The bill also specifies that the director may deny the right of inspection of records, data or information collected or obtained by the Department concerning sensitive geospatial information upon a determination that the release would be detrimental to the public interest or to wildlife.
SF0026-17LSO-0061 Game and fish licenses-confidentiality.
This bill requires the Game and Fish Commission to establish a process by which an applicant for any game and fish license, permit or tag may designate as confidential specified personally identifiable information that is required for the applicant to purchase the license, permit or tag.
HB0034-17LSO-0062 Traps-removal of certain animals.
This bill exempts the release or removal of a nonfurbearing or nonpredatory animal from a trap or snare from the penalties relating to interfering with lawful trapping.
HB0033-17LSO-0064 Nonresident motorboats-gasoline tax distribution.
This bill relates to the distribution of fuel taxes collected on fuel used in motorboats to the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. The bill provides that the number of motorboats used in the computation shall be the greater of 5,000 nonresident motorboats or the number of nonresident motorboats for which aquatic invasive species fees have been paid during the immediately preceding fiscal year.
HB0032-17LSO-0065 Ski Safety Act.
This bill creates the Ski Safety Act and removes skiing in a ski area from the activities which constitute a sport or recreational opportunity under the Recreation Safety Act. The bill imposes duties on skiers and ski area operators. The bill establishes assumptions of risk for skiers and provides releases of liability for ski area operators. The bill also provides a statute of limitation on civil causes of action against ski area operators.
SF0024-17LSO-0123 Film industry financial incentive program.
This bill creates the Film Industry Financial Incentive Program. The bill authorizes the Wyoming Tourism Board to contract or enter into agreements or partnerships for reimbursements of qualified film expenditures, investments in branded entertainment and for the purposes of matching funds for local film production opportunities. The bill requires the Board to promulgate related rules.
HB0031-17LSO-0125 State parks accounts.
This bill provides for earnings to accrue to certain accounts for expenditure by the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. The accounts are the snowmobile trails account, the off-road recreational vehicle trails account and the accounts to which is credited fuel taxes for fuels used in snowmobiles and motorboats.
HB0030-17LSO-0178 State parks and sites-fees.
This bill authorizes the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to designate state parks, historic sites, archeological sites and recreation areas as fee areas and modifies fees for the use of such designated parks, sites and areas. The bill also authorizes voluntary fees and resident lifetime use permits.
SJ0001-17LSO-0010 Right of privacy and right to know.
This joint resolution amends the Wyoming Constitution to provide for a right of individual privacy which shall not be construed to deprive a person of any right provided by law to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of any agency or political subdivision of the state, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.
HB0006-17LSO-0019 Principle based reserving.
The bill modifies life insurance reserve requirements from a formula-based approach to a principle-based approach. It provides confidentiality over certain documents used to determine whether reserves are sufficient. It also specifies applicable mortality tables and nonforfeiture interest rates for certain life insurance policies and annuities.
HB0007-17LSO-0020 Credit for reinsurance.
This bill grants discretion to the Insurance Commissioner to allow domestic insurers to take credit for reinsurance purchased from reinsurers who the Commissioner determines meet certain eligibility criteria, without posting 100% collateral as required under current law.
HB0043-17LSO-0021 Board of insurance examiners-repeal.
This bill eliminates the State Board of Insurance Agent Examiners and creates a review panel to assist the Insurance Commissioner in reviewing licensing exam procedures for insurance producers and adjusters.
HB0014-17LSO-0022 Insurance Code-amendments.
This bill requires third party insurance administrators to register with the Insurance Department, amends continuing education requirements for insurance adjusters and producers, amends various insurance-related licensing provisions, and repeals obsolete language.
HB0028-17LSO-0023 Approved depositories for public funds.
This bill modifies the banks which qualify as depositories for public monies. The bill provides that public monies may be deposited in any bank chartered under the laws of the United States or under the law of any state if the bank is conducting business in Wyoming and has been approved by the Board of Deposits.
HB0029-17LSO-0024 Deposits by political subdivisions.
This bill provides that political subdivisions shall deposit public funds in institutions which qualify as depositories for state funds or, when not otherwise practicable and available within a ten (10) mile radius of the principle place of business of the political subdivision, an institution approved by the Board of Deposits.
HB0021-17LSO-0026 Secretary of state-certificates of authentication.
This bill authorizes the Secretary of State to issue certificates of authentication or an apostille which evidences the origin of a public document or the official seal or signature of a person that seals or signs the document. The bill also authorizes the Secretary of State to affix the great seal to a certificate or apostille, collect a specified fee for a certificate or apostille and promulgate rules relating to the certificates and apostilles.
HB0022-17LSO-0027 Business entities-communications contact.
This bill modifies the persons authorized to be a designated communications contact for business entities. The bill provides that the following persons may be a designated communications contact: the entity's director, officer, limited liability company member or manager, managing partner, trustee or the entity's employee under specified conditions. The bill also clarifies the address of the designated communications contact that is required to be maintained by the entity's registered agent.
SF0012-17LSO-0028 Recall of elected officials-commission run municipalities.
This bill repeals current law allowing the recall of elected officials in cities and towns operated under a commission form of government.
SF0013-17LSO-0030 Manufactured alcoholic beverages.
This bill modifies application requirements for alcoholic liquor manufacturing licenses. The bill specifies that holders of a manufacturer's license may only dispense samples or sell products at satellite locations which samples or products have been manufactured at the site identified on the manufacturer's license. The bill also specifies that a distiller is a person who has a still in operation at the site identified on the manufacturer's license.
SF0014-17LSO-0031 Inoperative liquor licenses.
This bill modifies the time allowed for a liquor licensee to demonstrate that his business or enterprise is operational or open for business from two (2) years to one (1) year. The bill also clarifies that once an enterprise is operational or open for business, a licensee is not eligible to repeat any grace periods without the consent of the local licensing authority and only when extraordinary circumstances exist.
SF0043-17LSO-0032 Alcoholic beverages revisions.
This bill authorizes the distribution of malt beverages outside designated territories under specified conditions. The bill modifies requirements for special malt beverage permits for public auditoriums, civic centers or events centers. The bill modifies provisions related to hours of operations, population formulas, and minimum purchase requirements for license and permit holders. The bill also repeals: specified requirements concerning the payment of license and permit fees; restrictions on license and permit holding by a mayor, city or town council member, county commissioner or law enforcement officer; specified preference rights; a limitation on issuance of restaurant licenses; and provisions related to prohibited acts in a licensed building or premises.
SF0044-17LSO-0096 Speech pathology and audiology.
This bill amends the practice act for speech-language pathologists and audiologists. The bill amends the persons eligible to serve on the Board of Examiners of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and modifies functions of the Board. The bill modifies requirements for licensure by the Board of Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists. The bill modifies provisions for licensure fees and the suspension, revocation, and renewal of such licenses.
HB0044-17LSO-0097 Board of professional engineers and land surveyors.
This bill modifies the number of members required for a quorum of the Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors and specifies the evidence that can be required by the Board in disciplinary proceedings. The bill also revises requirements for licensure of those professional engineers who have not graduated from a doctoral curriculum in engineering and for licensure of professional engineers and professional land surveyors on the basis of comity.
SF0015-17LSO-0110 Special district budget requirements.
This bill creates budget requirements for special districts similar to many of the requirements for municipalities in the Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act. The bill also restructures Title 16, Chapter 12 to accommodate additional articles related to special districts.
HB0023-17LSO-0124 Secretary of state's office-amendments.
This bill removes the requirement that the Secretary of State print hard copies of the State Directory and instead requires the Secretary of State to make the State Directory, as well as the Wyoming Constitution, available on its official website. The bill removes the requirement that the Secretary of State distribute copies of the Election Code to county clerks and accordingly repeals the requirement that county clerks distribute copies of the Election Code to election judges. The bill modifies time period, publication and notice requirements relating to the Secretary of State and specified business entities. The bill also appropriates $5,000 to the Secretary of State's Office for printing of the Wyoming Constitution.
SF0016-17LSO-0134 Special districts elections.
This bill modifies provisions related to how certain special districts conduct elections. The bill increases the time limits for county clerks to publish proclamations for special district elections. It also amends the procedures for establishing hospital and fire protection districts.
SF0017-17LSO-0143 Municipal jurisdiction.
This bill restricts a municipality's authority to exercise jurisdiction over an area beyond its corporate boundaries unless specified conditions are met by the municipality and the applicable board of county commissioners. The bill also modifies a municipality's authority within one-half (1/2) mile of its corporate boundaries for all matters excepting taxation, within its area of operation for urban renewal projects and within one (1) mile of its boundaries for approval of plats.
SF0018-17LSO-0159 Special district public records-BOCES.
This bill removes boards of cooperative educational services from the list of special districts in the Special Districts Public Records and Meetings Act, consistent with the treatment of other education-related districts.
SF0045-17LSO-0182 Liquor dispensing rooms.
This bill removes the restriction and fee on the number of dispensing rooms in which alcoholic and malt beverages may be sold by specified liquor licensees and provides for the sale of such beverages anywhere in a licensed building. The bill repeals the restriction on minors in dispensing rooms and creates an offense for underage persons who enter or remain in establishments that are primarily for off-premise sales of alcoholic or malt beverages. The bill also modifies where a club holding a limited retail license may sell alcoholic or malt beverages.
HB0046-17LSO-0244 Permanent absentee voter status.
This bill authorizes an elector to apply for permanent absentee voter status when applying for an absentee ballot in order to receive an absentee ballot for all subsequent elections conducted in the precinct in which the elector is eligible to vote. The bill requires county clerks to mail absentee ballots and address confirmation forms to electors who qualify for permanent absentee voter status and specifies when an elector's permanent absentee voter status terminates. The bill also authorizes an elector to apply for an absentee ballot electronically and modifies provisions related to absentee ballot applications.
SF0053-17LSO-0077 Veterans preference.
This bill amends the hiring preference in public employment for veterans and surviving spouses of veterans. The bill provides a hiring preference over equally qualified candidates for employment or appointment with a public department that does not use a numerical scoring system in its hiring process, a five percent (5%) hiring preference with a public department that uses a numerical scoring system in its hiring process, and a ten percent (10%) hiring preference for disabled veterans with a public department that uses a numerical scoring system in its hiring process. The bill also removes the existing residency requirement for veterans to receive the hiring preference.
SF0039-17LSO-0078 Military department composition.
The bill amends the composition of the Military Department to reflect the current structure of the Military Department. The bill makes conforming amendments to provisions detailing the succession of office within the Military Department.
SF0040-17LSO-0079 Military department recordkeeping.
The bill requires the Adjutant General of Wyoming to maintain electronic access to all current orders, rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. It requires the Adjutant General to keep records of past and present Wyoming National Guard personnel, along with those veterans who declare Wyoming as their residence upon separation from the military. It allows the Adjutant General to delegate these responsibilities to the Veterans' Commission.
SF0038-17LSO-0080 Veteran license plate stickers-repeal.
This bill repeals the veteran license plate sticker program and provides that veteran license stickers sold before July 1, 2017 may remain on license plates.
SF0054-17LSO-0082 Military spouse-hiring preference.
This bill provides spouses of military service members a hiring preference over equally qualified candidates for employment or appointment with a public department that does not use a numerical scoring system in its hiring process and a five percent (5%) hiring preference with a public department that uses a numerical scoring system in its hiring process.
HB0052-17LSO-0083 Governmental immunity-cooperative public transportation.
This bill extends the Wyoming Governmental Claims Act to governmental entities in other states that operate reciprocal cooperative public transportation programs in Wyoming. The bill provides that an agency in Wyoming may enter into an agreement with a governmental entity of another state to transport passengers only on the condition that the other state extend or agree to extent its governmental immunity to Wyoming for purposes of operating the cooperative public transportation program.
HB0064-17LSO-0084 Move over requirement.
This bill requires drivers to reduce their speed by twenty (20) miles per hour, or to move over to the farthest available lane if traveling on a multi-lane highway, when passing a vehicle parked on the side of the road using its flashing lights.
HB0051-17LSO-0085 Borrowing authority for department of transportation.
The bill authorizes the Wyoming State Auditor to borrow up to $200 million to meet the obligations of the Wyoming Department of Transportation which come due prior to the receipt of revenues. The bill establishes an interest rate for the loans.
HB0053-17LSO-0086 Vehicle registration-rebuttable presumption.
This bill would create a rebuttable presumption that a Wyoming resident who is found to be in control of a vehicle owned by a shell business is the actual owner of the vehicle and is, therefore, required to register the vehicle in Wyoming and pay applicable Wyoming sales and use taxes. The bill provides that the presumption shall apply for purposes of vehicle registration, certificate of title and sales and uses taxes only, and it limits admissibility of the determination that a resident is in control of a vehicle owned by a shell business in other judicial proceedings.
HB0095-17LSO-0087 Vehicle registration—penalties.
This bill specifies penalties for failing to title or register a motor vehicle. It provides that unpaid fines become delinquent if not paid within 151 days of the date the fine was imposed, that delinquent fines create a lien on the vehicle, and that subject to certain conditions, the Wyoming Department of Transportation may foreclose on the lien and collect the delinquent fines in a civil action against the vehicle owner. The bill also limits the exemption to vehicle registration requirements for vehicles validly registered in another state or country, requiring vehicle registration when a vehicle is operated by a Wyoming resident.
HB0078-17LSO-0188 Salvage title-updates.
This bill provides a streamlined process for insurance companies to obtain a salvage title for a salvage vehicle when the insurance company has paid damages in a claim settlement for the vehicle and the insurance company is unable to obtain a properly endorsed certificate of title for the vehicle. The bill also allows certificates of titles to be endorsed electronically for the purpose of obtaining a salvage title.
HB0065-17LSO-0189 Public safety communications reorganization.
The bill reorganizes the Public Safety Communications Commission. It reduces the voting members of the Commission from seventeen (17) to eleven (11). It transfers administrative support responsibilities from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security to the Wyoming Department of Transportation. It also requires a biannual report to the Governor detailing the expected costs of implementing the statewide system networking plan.
HB0066-17LSO-0190 Yellowstone license plates.
This bill authorizes the Yellowstone National Park specialty license plate. It authorizes the Department of Transportation to charge applicants an eligibility fee of one hundred twenty dolalrs ($120.00) in addition to the thirty dollar ($30.00) registration fee. The bill directs fifty dollars ($50.00) of the eligibility fee to the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Account and the remainder to the Conservation and Tourism Impact Account within the State Highway Fund, which is created by the bill.
SF0055-17LSO-0191 Antidiscrimination-military spouses.
This bill defines discriminatory or unfair employment practices to include discrimination on the basis of a person's status as married to an active duty military service member.
SF0005-17LSO-0046 Banking revisions.
This bill authorizes the Banking Commissioner to set by rule and regulation fees for: remote electronic terminals; bank charters, emergency charters and interim charters; branch applications; interstate merger filings; subsidiary applications; bank inspections; change in place of business; mergers or consolidations; trust company dissolutions; chartered family trust company applications; trust company to chartered family trust company conversions; certificates of admission; foreign associations; agent, solicitor and salesman licensures; and acquisition applications. It also increases: the number of deputy commissioners that the Banking Commissioner may employ; minimum capital stock requirements for bank organization; and the minimum value at which certain bank acquired property must be appraised by a certified or licensed real estate appraiser. Additionally, this bill: modifies indebtedness restrictions and requirements related to bank director oaths, sworn financial statements, amendments to articles of incorporation and the formation of trust companies; and permits an out-of-state trust company to operate a trust service office in Wyoming if the home state does not prohibit a Wyoming trust company from establishing a trust office in that state. This bill also conforms provisions in the Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act to recognize that, under trust company statutes, a trust company can form as a limited liability company.
HB0002-17LSO-0091 Storage tanks.
This bill amends statutory provisions related to underground storage tanks. It provides licensure requirements for tank operators, installers and testers, and adopts closure requirements for temporarily out-of-use tanks. It also provides rulemaking authority related to licensure and closure requirements. In addition, this bill modifies provisions related to financial assurance coverage and clarifies provisions related to tank fees. This bill requires interstitial monitoring for the lifetime of specified tanks and piping and requires automatic fuel shutoffs for specified new piping interstitial monitoring systems.
HB0004-17LSO-0131 NRC agreement state amendments.
This bill clarifies the scope of Wyoming's nuclear regulatory agreement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It clarifies what materials are subject to state regulation and excludes commercial or independent laboratories from state regulation. It also provides for the reciprocity of out-of-state licenses, amends requirements related to financial assurance arrangements and authorizes the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality to impound materials subject to state regulation.
SF0006-17LSO-0132 Radioactive waste storage facilities-amendments.
This bill updates provisions related to radioactive waste storage facilities. It increases the initial application deposit amount. It authorizes the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality to apply for funds that may become available to the State under federal or state programs for high-level radioactive waste storage facilities. It amends deadlines and public hearing requirements for the siting of high-level radioactive waste storage facilities and removes obsolete language. It also increases penalties and the fee related to feasibility agreements.
HB0003-17LSO-0151 Cease and transfer priority list.
This bill concerns municipal solid waste facilities cease and transfer projects. It authorizes expenditure of previously appropriated funds. It establishes a prioritized list of projects and a maximum expenditure amount for those projects. It grants the Department of Environmental Quality limited discretionary authority to modify the prioritized list and repeals a prior list of priority cease and transfer projects.
SF0007-17LSO-0185 Bank service corporations.
This bill modifies provisions related to the regulation of bank service corporations. It amends the definition of "bank services" to include data processing, mobile banking, electronic bill payments, system software development and maintenance, and security monitoring. In addition, this bill authorizes the Banking Commissioner to enter into agreements with other bank supervisory agencies with respect to enforcement actions, examinations and other cooperative efforts, and to accept another bank supervisory agency's examination report.
SF0063-17LSO-0111 Department of family services-statutory amendments.
This bill amends statutes related to the Department of Family Services. It amends central registry requirements related to child and adult protection reports, amends who has access to central registry reports, repeals the Skills Training Center Pilot Program, makes the operation of adult student financial aid programs contingent upon funding, specifies income limitations for participants in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, specifies circumstances where the Department must report suspected Medicaid fraud, reduces the burial/cremation benefit available to specified welfare program participants, and amends the eligibility verification processes related to public welfare benefits. The bill also updates obsolete references and repeals obsolete language.
SF0069-17LSO-0112 Small employer health reinsurance program amendments.
This bill amends statutes related to the Small Employer Health Reinsurance Program as a result of reduced participation levels. The bill amends how the program's board is nominated, reduces the permissible size of the board, and removes limitations on board membership. The bill allows the board to go dormant and amends provisions allowing the Insurance Commissioner to reactivate the board. The bill also amends obsolete language.
HB0113-17LSO-0128 Medicaid waiver program-military personnel.
This bill requires the Department of Health to seek permission from the federal government to grant new funding opportunities to dependents of military service members who qualify for services under the home and community based Medicaid waivers. The funding opportunities would be available to dependents of active duty military members who are transferred to Wyoming and, under specified circumstances, to dependents of military members who are retiring or separating from active duty service and are returning to Wyoming. The bill appropriates funding.
SF0066-17LSO-0196 Title 25 payment obligations-federal entities.
This bill clarifies existing law and specifies that a county must seek reimbursement for costs related to Title 25 involuntary commitments from the Veterans' Administration, the Indian Health Service, and any other federal agency that may be responsible for the costs, prior to seeking reimbursement from the State. The bill specifies that a claim submitted to these federal agencies may be deemed denied if there is no response within six (6) months.
HB0083-17LSO-0217 Health care facility licensing/bed count limit-exemption.
This bill would make construction or alteration of state owned health care facilities subject to inspection and plan review prior to commencing construction. State owned facilities were inadvertently exempted from this requirement by law passed during the 2016 Budget Session.
HB0112-17LSO-0267 EMS licensure-interstate compact.
This bill would authorize Wyoming to enter into the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact. The Compact would allow Wyoming EMS professionals to practice in other compact states and allow other compact state EMS professionals to practice in Wyoming. The Compact will become binding when ten (10) states join the Compact. If passed by the Legislature, Wyoming would be the 8th state to join.
SF0062-17LSO-0272 Telepharmacy-amendments.
This bill makes amendments to existing law which regulates how telepharmacies can operate in Wyoming. The bill amends the types of facilities in which telepharmacies can operate, removes geographical limits on telepharmacies, adopts new supervisory requirements, and adopts revised inspection requirements.
SF0067-17LSO-0275 CHIP-program amendments.
This bill responds to federal law by requiring specified public health programs to provide managed care to the same extent managed care is already provided in the Wyoming Medicaid program.
SF0085-17LSO-0444 Court automation fee.
This bill allows the Department of Workforce Services to communicate with claimants and employers electronically for purposes of the unemployment compensation program. The bill requires the Department to issue an electronic acknowledgement specifying the date and time when every electronic transmission is sent and received. To determine relevant deadlines, the bill specifies that electronically transmitted information is delivered on the date indicated on the Department's acknowledgment, or if no acknowledgement exists, on the date the electronic delivery is initiated by the party sending the information.
Select Committee on Capital Financing & Investments
HB0060-17LSO-0174 State investment policy.
This bill relates to public funds and removes the restriction on the percentage of permanent funds that may be invested in common stock. The bill requires the State Loan and Investment Board to establish metrics for managing and mitigating the risk of investments and requires the Board to evaluate the metrics annually or when market conditions warrant a change or reallocation of investments. The bill also provides for a strategy to evaluate the risks of investments which is based on the principles of the capital market theory.
SF0049-17LSO-0175 Investment funds committee.
This bill creates the Investment Funds Committee and imposes certain duties on the Committee relating to the development of the State investment policy and the hiring of investment managers. The bill provides that the Committee consists of the State Treasurer, a member of the State Treasurer's Office and three (3) members appointed by a selection panel which is also created in the bill. The bill requires the State Treasurer to report on the Committee and appropriates funds to the State Treasurer's Office for payment of authorized compensation, per diem and mileage of members of the Committee and the selection panel.
HB0055-17LSO-0283 Spending policy amendments-2.
This bill amends the spending policy rates for the PWMTF, the CSPLF and the Excellence in Higher Education Endowment Fund. The bill utilizes a phased-in approach to the new spending policies from the current 5% of the five-year average market value to eventually a 4% spending policy for each account in FY 2021 and beyond. The bill also increases the amount of funds retained in the PWMTF reserve account and the CSPLF reserve account before funds are tipped from these accounts into the respective permanent fund corpus.
Select Committee on Federal Natural Resource Management
HB0070-17LSO-0117 Occupational safety and health administration actions.
This bill recognizes limitations on the regulatory authority of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and makes related legislative findings. The bill also asserts the Wyoming Attorney General's authority to challenge OSHA actions when appropriate.
SJ0003-17LSO-0179 Public lands-constitutional amendment.
This constitutional amendment requires that lands granted to the state from the federal government after January 1, 2019 be managed to maintain or increase public access and for multiple use and sustained yield. Lands granted to the state may be exchanged. However, no net loss or net gain in value of the lands within any county is allowed. The lands may not be sold, except for public purposes.
Management Council
SF0029-17LSO-0144 Legislative employees.
This bill clarifies that the Wyoming House of Representatives and the Wyoming Senate may authorize employees of the respective bodies to continue their employment after the end of the session. Persons so employed shall serve at the will of the presiding officers.
SF0002-17LSO-0145 Legislative appropriations.
This bill reduces the Legislative appropriations for fiscal year 2017 by twelve percent. These reductions are in addition to the three percent reductions included in the original Legislative Appropriation for the 2016-2017 biennium in 2016 Wyoming Session Laws, Chapter 79.
SF0028-17LSO-0219 Revisor's bill.
This bill corrects statutory references and language resulting from inadvertent errors and omissions in previously adopted legislation.
HB0036-17LSO-0220 Obsolete laws.
This bill amends and repeals archaic and obsolete provisions. The 2017 version of the Obsolete Laws bill primarily focuses on removing a section of the Wyoming Governmental Claims Act related to the year 2000 computer change.
HB0035-17LSO-0291 Sponsorship of legislation.
This bill restricts sponsorship of legislation by committees that are comprised of members of both houses of the legislature to only Management Council, the Legislature's joint interim committees, the Joint Appropriations Committee, the Management Audit Committee, and select committees who have been granted explicit sponsorship authoirty by statute, joint rule, or by legislative resolution.
Select Committee on Natural Resource Funding
SF0072-17LSO-0318 2017 Large project funding.
Wyoming law creates an account for the funding of natural resource preservation projects. All projects which exceed $200,000 in funding must be approved by the Legislature. This year’s legislation contains eleven (11) projects, two (2) of which seek funding to support conservation easements. This year’s projects propose to remove invasive species, restore streams, create wetlands, enhance riparian areas, improve wildlife habitats, improve irrigation efficiency, and enhance agricultural production.
Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability
HB0037-17LSO-0034 Teacher accountability.
This bill eliminates teacher accountability provisions enacted as part of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act. It amends provisions related to initial contract and continuing contract teachers. It also repeals a provision whereby any teacher can be suspended or dismissed, or a continuing contract teacher terminated, for inadequate student academic growth over two (2) or more consecutive years.
HB0040-17LSO-0157 Education accountability.
This bill modifies Wyoming education statutes to comply with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. It repeals the requirement for schools designated as exceeding or meeting expectations to submit a communication or improvement plan, respectively. It amends improvemenet plan requirements for schools designated as partially or not meeting expectations and modifies provisions on academic growth, postsecondary readiness and equity. In addition, this bill eliminates the eleventh grade standardized college readiness test as a component of academic achievement.
SF0036-17LSO-0259 Education-leader evaluation and support.
This bill amends provisions on school leader evaluations. It no longer requires longitudinal data systems established by the Department of Education to link student achievement with principals and district leaders. It removes the requirement that the State Board of Education’s (SBE) leader evaluation system must be based, in part, on student academic performance measures and longitudinal data systems. The SBE must instead adopt rules for the system that identify professional standards and define leader competencies and expectations. Districts must establish leader evaluation systems in accordance with the SBE’s system and annually evaluate leaders. In addition, this bill requires the improvement plans of schools designated as partially or not meeting expectations to include a review of the design, implementation and results of the district’s leader evaluation system. This bill also requires the SBE to report to the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability on the status of its proposed rules for the leader evaluation system.
Select Committee on School Facilities
HB0027-17LSO-0149 School facility property insurance.
This bill requires boards of trustees to maintain property insurance for all district-owned or maintained education, administrative and transportation facilities.
Select Water Committee
SF0008-17LSO-0058 Transfer of water funds.
This bill adds the accounts for the Pathfider Modification Project and the Glendo Reservoir to the list of accounts that the Water Development Commission is required to review and for which the Commission must report any expenditures in excess of the amounts required to meet specified obligations. The bill also provides that funds in excess of the amount needed to meet obligations of the Pathfinder modification project shall be deposited in Water Development Account II.
SF0056-17LSO-0303 Omnibus water bill-planning.
This bill is the omnibus water planning bill. The bill authorizes specified level I and level II studies and provides appropriations for those studies.
HB0086-17LSO-0304 Omnibus water bill-construction.
This is the omnibus water construction bill. The bill authorizes the construction of designated water projects and specifies terms and conditions of funding for projects. The bill provides appropriations for water projects. The bill also modifies project descriptions, amounts and terms of appropriations for specified prior projects.
HB0118-17LSO-0465 Purchase of water rights and facilities.
This bill authorizes the water development office to begin negotiations to purchase existing water rights and facilities associated with water storage capacity in Lake DeSmet, Healy Reservoir, and requires subsequent approval of the negotiations by the water development commission, the governor and the legislature.