Administrative Services

Several full-time LSO staff provide administrative support in the LSO main office and bill processing services. Additional administrative personnel are hired on a contract basis prior to and during the session to assist with bill processing, photocopying and custodial duties. The services provided by administrative staff are discussed in the sections below.

Administrative Services

Two administrative secretaries and a fiscal officer work in the main office. We perform a wide variety of administrative and clerical support services for legislators and LSO staff, including: ordering supplies, maintaining hardcopy and electronic records, providing receptionist services, overseeing the sale of publications, photocopying, typing, filing, and providing mailing services for the legislative branch. We also perform some clerical duties for individual legislators, within the limits of staff resources.

Fiscal Services

The fiscal officer handles all fiscal matters for the Legislature including: payroll for legislators, LSO staff, and session staff; travel vouchers; payments for goods and services purchased; and maintenance of records and fiscal accounts. The fiscal officer also maintains a separate budget account for each interim committee. We send an updated budget status report to the interim committee chairman following each committee meeting. The fiscal officer processes vouchers for travel to committee meetings and other authorized legislative activities. The LSO fiscal officer is also available to answer legislator’s questions about compensation policies.

Bill Processing Services

LSO’s bill processing staff is responsible for administrative support services related to processing legislation. We format bill drafts in the bill drafting computer system; we input engrossed, enrolled and substitute bills; and we prepare statute and session law updates. During the session and shortly before and after the session, LSO hires part-time staff to assist with bill draft preparation and processing.