Management Audit Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Management Audit Committee (a statutorily created committee of 11 legislators) selects programs to be evaluated. Once a topic is selected, staff begin the program evaluation process.  The process culminates in a report that is presented to the Committee. At that time, the Committee either releases the report to the public or requests additional work before releasing it. Once the report is released, legislators, agencies, and officials can use the information to improve statutes, policies, and program operations.

The Committee intends that report recommendations be given serious consideration by the executive branch. The Committee may choose to stay in touch with the program informally, request a follow-up, or sponsor legislation related to the reports' findings and recommendations. Approximately two years after the release of a report, the Committee directs staff to conduct a follow-up review to determine what actions have been taken on the recommendations, and what progress has been made towards correcting problems.

How Topics are Selected

Suggestions for evaluation topics come from a variety of sources, including Committee Members themselves, other legislative committees, individual legislators, and LSO staff. however, the Committee makes the final determination as to which programs will be evaluated. When selecting topics, the Committee reviews pertinent facts and issues of concern such as historical, budget, personnel, and substantive policy issues. The Committee looks for topics which are important and timely, over which the state has some control, and where there is potential for improvement.

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