Program Evaluation Reports

Staff research culminates in reports which normally contain the following sections:

Executive Summary

The executive summary, found at the beginning of the report, highlights the contents of the report, summarizing the findings and recommendations.

Scope and Methodology

The introductory section of the report establishes the scope, or parameters, of the evaluation. This section describes the aspects of the program that staff reviewed. It also briefly explains the research methodology (the techniques used to collect and analyze the information) and the professional standards followed in conducting the evaluation.

Findings and Recommendations

The body of the reports focuses on findings and recommendations for improvement. Traditional program evaluation reports, which examine the effectiveness and efficiency of program operations, include specific recommendations to address issues identified during the evaluation. Policy evaluations provide options to assist executive branch officials and the Legislature in establishing a policy direction to address identified issues.

Agency Response

As required by W.S. 28-8-107(c), agencies may submit a written response to the report. This response is included as part of the completed audit report, and can be found at the end of the document.


Appendices often include more specific information than what is provided in the body of the report, expanding upon the contents of the report. Appendices usually contain specialized information that may not be necessary for all readers to review.

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