Summary of Committee Sponsored Bills for the 2015 General Session

The following, except as specifically noted, have been approved for introduction by a Committee. Not all drafts are in final form. Nor have all been assigned a House Bill or Senate File number at this time. If a House or Senate designation appears without a number, the draft has been approved for introduction in that body, but a number has not yet been assigned. For those House Bills and Senate Files and for drafts still under consideration, the number referenced is the 2017 LSO draft number and some changes may be made to the referenced draft depending on the latest Committee action. One caveat – this summary has been prepared solely to provide a very quick overview of bills being sponsored by the various committees. In order to keep the overview short, the summaries are acknowledged to be incomplete and make no attempt to address all aspects of the bills. The entire bill must be read if a person wishes to know its full contents and effect.

SF0013-15LSO-0002 Method of execution-1.
This bill allows for a sentence of death to be executed by a firing squad if the current method of execution is found unconstitutional or a court finds execution by lethal injection cannot be performed within the time prescribed by law.
SF0012-15LSO-0003 Trespassing to collect data.
This bill creates the crimes of trespassing to unlawfully collect resource data and unlawful collection of resource data. The crime occurs when a person enters or crosses private open land with the purpose to collect resource data or collects resource data without permission or other legal authority. The bill provides that resource data collected in violation of the act is not admissible into evidence, except in the prosecution of a violation of the act, and requires any resource data improperly collected and in the possession of a governmental entity to be expunged from all files and databases.
HB0015-15LSO-0007 Restoration of voting rights by department of corrections.
This bill modifies the procedure for the restoration of voting rights to felons and provides that the department of corrections, not the board of parole, shall issue a certificate of restoration of voting rights if the requirements of law have been satisfied.
SF0014-15LSO-0010 Asset forfeiture-2.
This bill expands the requirements for forfeiting property under the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act. Before property can be forfeited, the bill requires that a person be convicted of violating the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act.
HB0016-15LSO-0012 Offenses against public administration.
This bill clarifies and modifies offenses against public administration. The bill provides that limited use of government property or resources for personal purposes is not an offense against public administration where the cost or value related to the use is de minimis or the government is reimbursed.
HB0017-15LSO-0036 Sexual assault protection orders.
This bill provides procedures for a person who has been sexually assaulted to obtain a protection order.
HB0018-15LSO-0037 Drone Protection Act.
This bill would establish requirements for the use of drones by law enforcement agencies and specify limits on the use of information obtained from drones. The bill specifies reporting requirements for governmental entities that use drones.
SF0015-15LSO-0063 Children in need of supervision-2.
Where a complaint has been filed alleging that a child is in need of supervision, this bill would allow the prosecuting attorney to enter into a voluntary written diversion agreement with the child and the parents or guardian where the prosecuting attorney determines that nonjudicial intervention serves the best interests of the child.
SF0016-15LSO-0070 Controlled substances.
This bill adds specified substances to schedule I of the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act.
HB0014-15LSO-0071 Electronic citations.
This bill would allow a city or town that enacts an ordinance prescribing a court automation fee to retain up to one-half (1/2) of the fee solely for the purpose of defraying the costs of establishing and maintaining an electronic citation system.
HB0001 and SF0001 General Appropriations Bill.
The budget bill will be introduced as a mirror bill in the House and Senate.
SF0060-15LSO-0086 Deferred compensation plan-automatic enrollment.
This bill provides for automatic enrollment of new or returning employees of the State of Wyoming in the Deferred Compensation Plan. The bill provides for a contribution of 3% on behalf of each automatically enrolled employee and for participation in age appropriate investment plans. The bill also allows for withdrawal from the program for those employees who are automatically enrolled.
SF0058-15LSO-0087 State park officers-benefits.
This bill provides for limited participation in the law enforcement retirement plan by peace officers employed by the department of state parks and cultural resources if the peace officer suffers disability or death as a result of his duty.
HB0067-15LSO-0089 Wyoming retirement system amendments.
This bill contains various amendments to the Wyoming Retirement Act. Among other provisions the bill: 1) amends a definition to allow local elected officials to decline participation in the retirement system; 2) amends a definition to specify that firefighters in the Wyoming Army National Guard are eligible to participate in a pension plan; 3) amends calculations for past due employer contribution payments and redeposit of contributions under the system; and 4) repeals a provision requiring a written election for employees of the legislature to participate in the retirement system.
SJ0002-15LSO-0090 Investment of state funds.
This constitutional resolution, if approved by two-thirds of both houses of the Legislature and a majority of the voters at the next general election, would allow the Legislature to authorize the investment of nonpermanent funds of the state in the same manner as authorized for permanent funds and funds of the public employee pension plan.
SF0057-15LSO-0127 School facilities appropriations.
This bill would appropriate an additional $13,987,442 for school capital construction for the 2015-2016 biennium, including $3,150,000 for capital construction, $4,005,703 for component level projects and $6,581,739 for unanticipated costs. This bill would provide school district projects with funds previously appropriated for planning, design, demolition, land acquisition and security. This bill would require study by the school facilities department of state funding mechanisms available for maintenance and construction of schools and would appropriate an additional $250,000 to the school facilities department to perform the study.
HB0072-15LSO-0143 Volunteer firefighter and EMT pension account.
This bill merges the Volunteer Firefighter Pension Account and the Volunteer EMT Pension Account into one account. The bill provides for new contribution and benefit levels in the new account. The bill also creates a new board to govern the account. Additionally, the bill increases the funding level drawn from collected insurance premiums.
SF0059-15LSO-0173 Wyoming public television endowment accounts.
This bill creates in statute the Wyoming Public Television Endowment Account. The bill provides that funds in the account can be invested in the same manner as other nonpermanent funds of the state. The bill also creates the Wyoming Public Television Matching Funds Account and provides for disposition and transfer of funds in the account to support Wyoming Public Television.
HB0065-15LSO-0283 State employees'' group insurance-county employees.
This bill would allow a county to elect to participate in the State Employee’s Group Insurance Program. It would provide certain requirements for participation by a county intended to protect the program.
HB0009-15LSO-0047 Alternative fuel taxation.
This bill provides for the taxation of alternative fuels similar to the existing taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. The bill provides for the collection and distribution of the tax and provides exemptions to the tax.
HB0005-15LSO-0123 Property tax refund program-extension.
This bill removes the sunset date for the property tax refund program.
HB0051-15LSO-0144 Excise tax-well site.
This bill revises the definition of "well site" for the purpose of excise taxes to match current practices in the industry.
HB0006-15LSO-0145 Airline companies-assessment.
Due to a change in unrelated statutes, this bill clarifies that the state department of revenue is responsible for tax assessments on airline companies.
SF0042-15LSO-0160 Task force on mineral taxes.
This bill creates the Task Force on Mineral Taxes. The bill provides for a study on mineral taxes and requires a report to the Joint Revenue Committee not later than November 30, 2016.
HB0052-15LSO-0162 Sales tax exclusion-related business entities.
This bill specifies that the lease of tangible assets between related business entities is not subject to taxation. The bill provides a definition of "related business entities."
SF0010-15LSO-0001 Education Administration-1.
This bill would eliminate the position of the director of the Department of Education and restore the duties of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in accordance with Powers v. State, 2014 WY 15, 318 P.3d 300 (Wyo. 2014) and Powers v. State, No. 180-673 (1st Jud. Dist. Ct. Apr. 18, 2014).
HB0011-15LSO-0128 Distance education task force.
This bill would create a distance education task force to review K-12 distance education programs and report findings for the recalibration of the resource block grant model. The bill includes a $250,000 appropriation to the department of education to complete the work.
SF0020-15LSO-0191 School finance-excess mill levy rebate.
This bill would repeal W.S. 21-13-102(g), which provides recapture school districts a percentage reduction in recapture payments to the state if they levy more than the statewide average mill levy for the repayment of bonded debt.
HB0010-15LSO-0220 Education-state authorization reciprocity agreement.
This bill would authorize the Wyoming Community College Commission to enter into and administer reciprocity agreements to license post secondary institutions under specified conditions and would appropriate $30,000 to the Commission to administer the act.
HJ0002-15LSO-0268 State superintendent of public instruction.
This joint resolution proposes an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution eliminating the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as an elected official and charging the Legislature with the general supervision of education. If approved by two-thirds of both houses of the Legislature, the proposition would be submitted to the electorate at the November 2016 general election. If approved by the majority of voters, the proposition would be effective January 6, 2019.
HB0144-15LSO-0346 Education-school safety and security.
This bill would require a comprehensive plan to address school safety and security. It would create the unit of school safety and security within the Department of Criminal Investigation to conduct activities related to a statewide school safety and security plan and require crisis management plans for all school districts. The bill would establish a grant program to be administered by the Department of Education and make funds available to school districts to pay a portion of the cost to hire school resource officers for specified school districts. It would also establish a grant program administered by the Department of Education to reimburse school districts for the cost of certifying teachers as peace and school resource officers.
SF0031-15LSO-0008 Department of health reports-cleanup.
This bill eliminates many of the periodic reports that the Department of Health must submit to the Legislature. In place of the reports, the Department would provide to the Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Interim Committee an annual consolidated programmatic report.
SF0066-15LSO-0011 Medicaid-expansion alternative.
This bill authorizes the Department of Health to implement Medicaid expansion and specifies required and optional elements of the expansion. Any expansion would include cost sharing via premiums and copayments, as well as the establishment of a personal account for each beneficiary similar to a health savings account.
HB0033-15LSO-0016 Workers'' compensation premiums-experience modification.
This bill would amend workers' compensation premiums by increasing the maximum swing limits for experience modification from 65% to 85% of the industry base rate.
HB0071-15LSO-0017 Nursing education programs.
This bill would amend the Wyoming Investment in Nursing program. The bill would amend eligibility and payback requirements for master's and doctorate level nursing education loans, and extend the program sunset date from 2016 to 2020.
HB0057-15LSO-0018 Health insurance-medical necessity reviews.
This bill amends hearing procedures for review of a health insurer's determination that a claimed service, procedure or supply is not medically necessary. The bill also specifies the types of insurance to which the required hearing procedure applies.
HB0058-15LSO-0147 Developmental disability services transition grants.
This bill would create a temporary grant program in the Department of Health to assist developmental disability service providers in transitioning to a new service delivery model under Medicaid waiver programs. The bill appropriates $2.5 Million for the grants, which would be available through June 30, 2018
SF0064-15LSO-0148 Wyoming Health Insurance Pool Act extension.
This bill amends the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool Act by extending the sunset date from 2015 to 2020, and by giving the insurance commissioner authority to terminate eligibility and disenroll from coverage persons who have reasonable access to other health insurance. Affected persons could be re-enrolled if it is later demonstrated that they cannot be insured at reasonable expense.
SF0072-15LSO-0168 OSHA penalties-2.
This bill would increase the range of penalties that may be imposed by the state occupational health and safety program for serious and willful violations of safety standards. The bill also creates a new penalty for knowing and willful violations that materially contribute to the death of a worker, and provides criteria for the waiver or reduction of the new penalty.
HB0034-15LSO-0177 Convalescent care center.
This bill expands the definition of "health care facility," for purposes of licensing by the Department of Health, to include "convalescent care centers." The purpose of a convalescent care center is to provide uncomplicated recovery care services for up to 72 hours after surgery or other acute care hospitalization.
SF0032-15LSO-0328 Small employer group health insurance.
This bill amends requirements for small employer group health insurance policies by providing that coverage for an employee's dependents shall be optional, not mandated.
HB0004-15LSO-0044 Prohibited livestock grazing.
This bill prohibits opening, removing or destroying a fence for the purpose of allowing livestock to forage on the land of another without authorization.
SF0004-15LSO-0045 Dry bean research.
This bill authorizes collection of an assessment from dry bean growers and handlers. The bill creates the Dry Bean Commission and authorizes expenditures of the assessment for dry bean research.
HB0008-15LSO-0046 Landowner indemnification.
This bill specifies that a surface owner is an innocent owner if the source of contamination on the surface owner's land is a pipeline running under the land and the surface owner was not otherwise responsible for the contamination.
HB0027-15LSO-0076 NRC agreement state authorization.
This bill allows the Governor, through the Department of Environmental Quality, to negotiate and enter a final agreement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the State of Wyoming to assume regulation of source materials from uranium mining and milling and the wastes associated with the recovery, mining and milling of such source materials.
HB0055-15LSO-0077 Solid waste program amendments.
This bill amends requirements of the municipal solid waste remediation program and municipal solid waste cease and transfer program to: 1) exempt entities from using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as a requirement of participation in the programs unless already required to use GAAP by statutes; and 2) amends provisions of the remediation program pertaining to credits for remediation and monitoring work performed before the inception of the program.
HB0054-15LSO-0078 Corrective action account distribution.
This bill allows for a yearly transfer of specified funds in the leaking underground storage tank corrective account to the solid waste landfill remediation account.
SF0026-15LSO-0079 Challenge loan interest rate.
This bill decreases the minimum interest rate on a Challenge Loan from 4% to 3%. The bill increases the total available amount of a Bridge Loan under the Challenge Loan Program from $500,000 to $1,000,000 and increases loan guarantees under the Program from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000.
SF0025-15LSO-0080 Cease and transfer priority list.
This bill creates the Municipal Solid Waste Cease and Transfer Priority List as required by 2013 Wyoming Session Chapter 194 for expenditures from the Cease and Transfer Account. The bill establishes a maximum amount to be expended on the projects listed.
SF0022-15LSO-0081 Landfill remediation priority list.
This bill creates the Municipal Solid Waste Remediation Priority List as required by 2014 Wyoming Session Laws, Chapter 26, Section 333(c). No funds can be expended from the Municipal Solid Waste Remediation Account without legislative approval of a priority list.
SF0034-15LSO-0082 Interstate Mining Compact commission membership.
Currently, the State of Wyoming is an associate member of the Interstate Mining Compact Commission. This bill authorizes the State to become a full member of that Commission. It also adopts the Interstate Mining Compact and authorizes the Governor to appoint the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality as his designee to the Commission.
HB0061-15LSO-0093 Wyoming Chartered Family Trust Company Act.
This bill creates the Wyoming Chartered Family Trust Company Act. It allows the Department of Audit, Division of Banking to regulate chartered family trust companies.
HB0060-15LSO-0094 Trust company amendments.
This bill amends the statutes regulating the operation of trust companies in Wyoming. The amendments primarily concern dissolution of trust companies and the appointment of the Banking Commissioner as receiver of a failed trust company.
SF0024-15LSO-0118 Wyoming infrastructure authority amendments.
This bill increases the bonding capacity of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority from $ 1 billion to $3 billion. The bill also authorizes the Infrastructure Authority to bond for a project that is not located in Wyoming.
HB0053-15LSO-0215 Minerals to value added products program.
This bill creates the Minerals to Value Added Product Facility Program. The bill allows the State of Wyoming to provide mineral feedstock to a facility that will convert raw minerals to a higher value product such as diesel fuel, fertilizer or plastic. The State may pay a tolling fee and receive the sale price of the finished product. The bill establishes requirements to participate in the program and requires approval of a contract by the State Loan and Investment Board. The program is administered by the Wyoming Business Council.
SF0023-15LSO-0244 Enhanced oil recovery commission amendments.
This bill amends the name and the mission focus of the Enhance Oil Recovery Commission. The bill provides that, in addition to oil recovery, the Commission shall study and promote the recovery of gas. The bill provides that the Commission shall work in partnership with the University of Wyoming, School of Energy Resources in achieving its statutory directives.
HB0012-15LSO-0026 Game and fish violations-restitutions.
The bill clarifies that restitution penalties for game and fish violations include the economic value of wildlife.
HB0013-15LSO-0091 State parks-use of fees.
The bill authorizes the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to use a portion of fees collected at state parks for the operation and maintenance of the parks.
SF0005-15LSO-0101 Quebec #1 historic site-3.
The bill authorizes the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to accept the Quebec 1 missile alert facility from the United States Department of the Air Force to be administered as a seasonal historic site.
SF0049-15LSO-0059 Initiative and referendum-revisions.
This bill would divide the statutory provisions related to initiatives and referendums into two different titles. The bill makes several substantive changes to initiative and referendum procedures and changes terminology in an effort to better describe the required processes.
HB0064-15LSO-0065 UCC-title I and VII revisions.
This bill repeals Titles 1 and 7 of the Wyoming Uniform Commercial Code and replaces these titles with new, revised titles as adopted by the Uniform Law Commission. Title 1 contains general provisions related to all titles within the UCC and Title 7 deals with warehouse receipts, bills of lading and other documents. Much of the language adopted is identical to the language being replaced. Where language is being amended, added or deleted, the amendments are technical in nature and attempt to make Titles 1 and 7 compliant with modern business practice. The amendments are not intended to change existing business practices. The bill requests that the revised articles be published with the corresponding “official comments” adopted by the Uniform Law Commission.
SJ0001-15LSO-0066 Right of privacy-constitutional amendment.
This bill would amend the Wyoming Constitution to specify that the right to individual privacy is essential to the well-being of a free society and shall not be infringed without the showing of a compelling state interest.
SF0037-15LSO-0067 State protection of data privacy.
This bill requires the Department of Enterprise Technology Services to establish and enforce data privacy policies and standards for the state's data infrastructure.
SF0041-15LSO-0073 Employee online privacy.
This bill prohibits an employer from requesting or requiring access to an employee's or prospective employee's personal internet account. This bill also provides exceptions, civil penalties and a civil cause of action for violations of the act.
SF0036-15LSO-0075 Personal identifying information-definitions.
This bill amends the definition of "personal identifying information" in the identity theft statute and security breach notification statute.
HB0040-15LSO-0108 Insurance adjusters-portable electronic devices.
This bill provides an insurance adjuster licensure exception for persons collecting or distributing insurance claim information for small, portable electronic devises. The person exempted must be supervised by a licensed insurance agent or adjuster who supervises no more than 25 exempted persons.
SF0053-15LSO-0111 Special elections-time limits.
This bill amends time limits for special elections which fill vacancies in the United States House of Representatives. The bill extends the time for holding these special elections but shortens time limits for specified Secretary of State actions and the submittal of nominations and applications. The bill establishes a set time-frame during which county clerks must prepare special election ballots.
HB0002-15LSO-0116 Museum districts-formation.
This bill provides that a special museum district can be proposed and brought to election through a county commissioner resolution, in addition to the traditional petition method.
HB0044-15LSO-0117 Emergency 911 fees-prepaid wireless.
Currently, mobile telephone service subscribers pay an emergency 911 tax on their monthly bill. This proposed legislation imposes an equivalent tax on prepaid wireless telephone service purchasers. The legislation provides for collection of the tax and distribution to Wyoming counties. Other governing bodies that impose and collect a 911 emergency tax also receive a distribution. The legislation requires reporting by counties, local governments, the Department of Revenue and the Wyoming Public Service Commission to assure that the new tax is equivalent to the tax imposed on other mobile telephone users. The legislation also grants rulemaking authority, amends existing reporting provisions, updates obsolete language and provides an appropriation to the department of revenue.
HB0003-15LSO-0121 Department of insurance-fine schedules.
This bill applies insurance fine provisions to insurance personnel who instruct their insurance adjusters or agents to violate the law. The bill increases civil penalties which can be assessed by the insurance commissioner. The bill also allows the insurance commissioner to collect the costs of investigatory and administrative proceedings.
SF0052-15LSO-0122 Elections-vote centers and electronic pollbooks.
This bill authorizes the use of electronic pollbooks in Wyoming. The bill also authorizes the use of vote centers at which electors can cast their vote regardless of their precinct location. The bill establishes a procedure for changing polling locations by requiring notice and a hearing. The bill repeals the prior requirement that pollbooks be certified by election judges and makes a number of conforming and clarifying amendments.
HB0039-15LSO-0124 Aggregate campaign contribution limits-repeal.
This bill repeals Wyoming's aggregate campaign contribution limit.
HB0038-15LSO-0125 PAC-campaign limits and funding.
This bill repeals Wyoming's political action committee campaign contribution limit. The bill also adds statutory language making clear that any organization may bear any portion of a political action committee's administrative costs or costs of soliciting contributions.
SF0035-15LSO-0133 Security breach notification.
This bill requires that notice be given to consumers whose personal identifying information is revealed in a security breach and requires that identity theft prevention and mitigation services be provided to affected Wyoming residents.
SF0043-15LSO-0165 Wyoming Telecommunications Act revisions.
This bill extends the sunset date for the Wyoming Telecommunications Act from 2015 to 2019. The bill adopts a benchmark price for essential local exchange services for use in Wyoming Universal Service Fund (Wyoming USF) calculations and clarifies to which types of service the Wyoming USF applies. The bill allows participating telecommunications companies to choose between a cost-based and price-based distribution from the Wyoming USF. The bill places a cap on expenditures from the Wyoming USF that are caused by allowing companies to choose a cost-based distribution scheme. The bill exempts competitive carriers from receiving benefits from the Wyoming USF. The bill allows the Public Service Commission, on its own motion, to determine whether a telecommunications company is competitive and reduces the regulation of telecommunications carriers found to be competitive.
SF0054-15LSO-0172 Election Code-revisions.
This bill amends Wyoming’s election code. The bill provides a definition for “unsuccessful candidate,” clarifies when actual receipts must be filed in campaign reports, removes term limits for state-wide elected officials other than the Governor, specifies time limits for changing party affiliation, conforms statutory language to prior statutory changes, amends who must deliver copies of the election code to counties and municipalities, requires the signing of an oath by overseas and uniformed service members on voter registration forms, amends notice and acceptance provisions related to the appointment of election officials, amends time limits for the delivery of absentee ballots, amends the format of absentee ballots, removes the requirement that some absentee ballots be initialed by election officials, acknowledges a canvassing board's ability to validate non-initialed ballots, amends provisions related to write-in candidates, removes the requirement to file campaign contribution reports for certain political action committees formed under federal law, amends campaign reporting requirements for those PACs and candidate campaign committees who have previously filed a statement of receipts and expenditures, makes various grammatical amendments and specifies the official who prints names on ballots.
HB0037-15LSO-0178 Telephone assistance program-repeal.
This bill repeals the Telephone Assistance Program which provided low income participants with monetary support for telephone service. Assistance from the federal telephone assistance program is still available and removal of Wyoming’s program does not negate qualification for the federal program.
SF0045-15LSO-0186 Digital information privacy task force-reappropriation.
This bill reappropriates money to the Legislative Service Office and the Governor's Office for authorized payment to members of the Digital Information Privacy Task Force.
HB0041-15LSO-0207 Barbering license requirements.
This bill would allow the State Board of Barber Examiners to set the number of education hours required to obtain licensure and provide a definition for a barber “instructor.”
HB0036-15LSO-0208 Emergency 911 providers-immunity.
This bill adds “text to 911 service” to the list of activities for which emergency 911 providers are granted immunity.
HB0042-15LSO-0210 Unclaimed property-merchant stored value cards.
This bill addresses abandoned and unclaimed property. The bill adds "merchant stored value cards" into the abandoned property program. The bill extends the period of time required to deem gift certificates, merchant stored value cards and credit memos abandoned and establishes the amount that is deemed abandoned. The bill sets a sunset date of July 1, 2019 for the statute.
SF0033-15LSO-0235 Precinct committeeperson elections.
This bill removes specific requirements for the way that a county clerk must certify elections and notify elected precinct committeemen and committeewomen of their election. The bill requires that a notice of precinct committeeperson election be provided to county chairman within 45 days of the primary election. The bill revises the start-date for a precinct committeeperson’s term of office. The bill amends county central committee meeting requirements and specifies those precinct committeemen and committeewomen who qualify to vote to fill vacancies in office.
HB0063-15LSO-0327 Unclaimed property-advertising.
This bill amends the way that the Treasurer’s Office is required to advertise unclaimed property. The bill removes the requirement that unclaimed property be advertised one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the state and that the advertisement contain specific information. Instead, the Treasurer’s Office is allowed flexibility in the manner in which unclaimed property is advertised.
HB0030-15LSO-0329 Deposits and depositories.
This bill addresses the qualifications and procedures guiding financial institutions into which the state is allowed to deposit state funds. The bill would clarify when the State Loan and Investment Board must meet and clarify other time-related requirements. The bill would clarify what depository applicant information must be submitted to the Board by the Board’s secretary. The bill requires that financial institutions applying to be depositories certify their authority to become a depository and amends language related to the types of financial institutions which qualify to be state depositories. The bill would amend the procedures followed by the board of deposits and provide for a continuing depository designation. The bill would require that depositories disclose certain disciplinary actions taken against them. The bill would amend provisions related to the revocation of depository designations. The bill would amend language regarding the handling of collateral that secures the deposit of state funds and amend requirements related to joint custody agreements that help secure deposits. The bill would liberalize the format and language required in forms submitted by depositories.
SF0029-15LSO-0060 Motor vehicle driver''s license exemptions.
This bill amends driver's license classifications by providing the same exemptions from heavy vehicle non-commercial license requirements as for commercial drivers' licenses. The bill would also create a new exemption for recreational vehicles.
SF0030-15LSO-0105 Camp Guernsey-range management fund.
This bill creates a new account for the deposit of proceeds from grazing leases on non-school lands owned by the Military Department at Camp Guernsey and other training facilities. The proceeds are continuously appropriated to the Department for the purposes of maintenance and improvements on the leased lands.
SF0028-15LSO-0228 Highway entrance right-of-way.
This bill amends the motor vehicle law regarding operation of vehicles on highways to clarify that the driver of a vehicle entering a controlled access highway shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles already on the highway.
HB0022-15LSO-0230 Disabled veteran license plates.
This bill clarifies that disabled veteran license plates are available for passenger cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles. The bill also clarifies that an applicant for a renewal disabled license plate must continue to demonstrate Wyoming residency.
SF0051-15LSO-0109 Water development-amendments.
This bill clarifies the authority of the Water Development Commission on accepting federal funds. The bill clarifies use of the sponsor's contingency fund and clarifies Water Development Commission authority for certain interstate projects and programs.
SF0055-15LSO-0246 Omnibus water bill-planning.
This bill contains the annual authorization for Level I and Level II water development studies and provides appropriations therefor. Please see the bill for the numerous appropriations it contains.
HB0070-15LSO-0259 Omnibus water bill-construction.
This bill contains the annual authorization for the Level III construction of water projects which have previously completed the Level I and Level II stages. Please see the bill for the numerous appropriations it contains.
SF0050-15LSO-0035 Tribal liaisons.
This bill requires the Governor to select a Northern Arapaho tribal liaison and an Eastern Shoshone tribal liaison and specifies duties of the selected tribal liaisons.
HJ0003-15LSO-0214 Free-roaming feral horses.
This bill requests federal, state and local authorities to remediate and minimize the environmental impact of free-roaming wild horses on rangelands in the West.
SF0056-15LSO-0336 Study on management of public lands.
This bill directs the Office of State Lands and Investments to commission a study addressing the transfer of management and control of public lands in Wyoming from the federal government to the state.
SF0008-15LSO-0141 State education accountability and assessment.
This bill would modify the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act, refining Phase I (School Accountability), specifying additional details for Phase II (Teacher and Leader Accountability) and would require a separate school accountability model for alternative schools. This bill would also modify various assessment and graduation requirements and would require that the State Board of Education conduct a review and evaluation of the statewide assessment system and report recommendations to the Select Committee. This bill would continue the operation of the Select Committee on Education Accountability and the Advisory Committee.
HB0020-15LSO-0157 Clarification of duties of treasurer''s office.
This bill reassigns statutory duties of the State Treasurer's Office to the agencies or entities that are actually performing those duties. The bill also requires certain agencies and entities to provide direction to the Treasurer on the allocation and distribution of funds.
HB0019-15LSO-0158 Registered investment advisers.
This bill requires that a state fund investment manager be a registered investment adviser under federal law if the investment manager is required to be registered by federal law. The bill repeals conflicting provisions.
SF0044-15LSO-0311 Large project funding.
Wyoming law creates an account for the funding of natural resource preservation projects. All projects which exceed $200,000 in funding must be approved by the Legislature. This year’s legislation contains five projects, one which seeks funding to support a conservation easement and four which fund improvements to real property. This year’s projects propose to enhance agricultural production, preserve wildlife habitat, improve stream function, reduce flooding and sediment deposit and support wildlife population research.