2001 General Session

ENGROSSED Senate Files

Please note:
Every effort has been made to make the bill text located on the Web site look the same as the actual bill. There may be some bills with minor differences in format, but the text is accurate.
[document] Senate Files [document] Joint Resolutions

[document] SF0002 - State parking garage appropriation-2.

[document] SF0004 - Service dogs.

[document] SF0006 - Liquor law amendments.
[document] SF0007 - Property tax redemption-attorney's fees.
[document] SF0008 - Sales & use tax-local option extension.
[document] SF0009 - De-earmarking modifications.
[document] SF0013 - National teacher certification program.
[document] SF0017 - Railroad regulation-amendments.
[document] SF0018 - WCDA-financing care facilities.
[document] SF0026 - State law enforcement retirement-amendments.
[document] SF0027 - Motor vehicles-open containers.
[document] SF0030 - Uniform municipal fiscal procedures amendments.
[document] SF0034 - Public records-natural diversity database.
[document] SF0036 - Minimum wage.
[document] SF0038 - Medication aides.
[document] SF0039 - Uniform Principal and Income Act.
[document] SF0041 - Additional district judges.
[document] SF0042 - Child Protection Act-amendments.
[document] SF0043 - Department of transportation rulemaking.
[document] SF0044 - Long-term care reform.
[document] SF0045 - Industrial road program-amendments.
[document] SF0052 - Partnership challenge loan program-amendments.
[document] SF0053 - Unemployment compensation.
[document] SF0055 - Preschool programs.
[document] SF0059 - Insurance producer licensing.
[document] SF0060 - Insurance-privacy regulations.
[document] SF0061 - Criminal records-confidentiality.
[document] SF0062 - Law enforcement measures.
[document] SF0064 - Railroad train crews.
[document] SF0068 - Communication interception.
[document] SF0074 - Special malt beverage permit-university.
[document] SF0075 - Park rangers-peace officer status.
[document] SF0076 - Highway right of way-permitted use.
[document] SF0078 - State land leases.
[document] SF0081 - Publication of county and municipal salaries.
[document] SF0083 - Wyoming Pharmacy Act amendments.
[document] SF0087 - Retirement-Wyoming air guard firefighters.
[document] SF0090 - Workers' compensation-death benefits adjustment.
[document] SF0091 - Fire suppression account.
[document] SF0092 - Reading assessment and intervention.
[document] SF0096 - Charter schools-amendments.
[document] SF0097 - Brand inspectors as peace officers.
[document] SF0103 - Mental Health Professions Practice Act-requirements.
[document] SF0110 - Schools-professional development funding.
[document] SF0117 - Administrative rules & regulations.
[document] SF0120 - DEQ permitting process-award for bad faith objections.
[document] SF0124 - Wyoming deferred compensation program.
[document] SF0127 - Green River/Wind River water storage.
[document] SF0131 - Fuel tax-agricultural purposes definition.
[document] SF0133 - Prescription drug assistance program. (Sub #1)
[document] SF0134 - Property tax relief-eligibility.
[document] SF0135 - Misdemeanor-length of probation.
[document] SF0142 - County clerk fees-increase.
[document] SF0143 - Sales & use tax distribution-2.
[document] SF0148 - State revenue diversions.
[document] SF0151 - Unemployment compensation-amendments.
[document] SF0153 - TANF block grant funds.
[document] SF0154 - Election code amendments-2.
[document] SF0157 - Real estate subdivision requirements. (Sub #1)
[document] SF0160 - Fishing bait.
[document] SF0162 - School districts-building fund.
[document] SF0167 - School capital construction select committee.
[document] SF0170 - Real estate agents-errors and omissions insurance-2.
[document] SF0178 - Utility rate adjustments-gas. (Sub #1)
[document] SF0181 - State miner's hospital board-2.
[document] SF0184 - Community college endowment fund-2.
[document] SF0185 - Wyoming energy commission. (Sub #1)
Joint Resolutions
[document] SJ0001 - Grizzly Bear & Gray Wolf National Conservation Trust. (Sub #1)
[document] SJ0002 - Governor's partial veto authority.
[document] SJ0007 - Special legislative sessions.

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